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  1. Hi, one of our client from nigeria sent us funds through DOM account at our indian account. I would like to know usually how long it take for money to be transferd.
    #Note transection was made through access bank and bank told us it would take 24 but so far it has been 48 hours.
    Need your kind advice.

  2. Hello Miss Emma. A Nigerian friend is asking for my help regarding to his finances. He is a nursing student here in Philippines. Here’s his text mo me: “our government stopped sending money abroad cos of money laundering and corrupt leaders so it affected our remittance. So the only man who does money changer for us here travelled home. And for almost 2months i cant receive any thing from home.” Is this true?

    1. To some extent, it is true but there is new guideline. However, one can still send money out legitimately. In other words, our government has not stop the sending of money out.

  3. Dear sir,
    May i know is it neccessary to pay advance COT amount by the reciepant for recieving donation amount from Nigeria through NGO Bank Account in India ? What is the law in Nigeria relating to COT ?

    1. If I understand your question; COT has gradually phased out in Nigeria. Central Bank of Nigeria said “in the interest of stability, of the banking system, a negotiable current account maintenance fee not exceeding N1.00 per mille (1/N1,000) may be charged in respect to all customer induced debit transaction” This is to say that for every N100,000 leaving a current account in Nigeria, deposit money banks are permitted to take N100 for account maintenance.

  4. Someone message my daughter on twitter that she was going to give my daughter as part of her sacrifice every year she was an international pastor..she said the money was from nigeria from her crude oil company there amounted to $10,000 and her financial assistance email my daughter that he already send the money through money gram and we had to pay $160 for COT because according to her financial assistant thats the law in nigeria the reciever will be the one to pay for COT before we know the transaction number of the money transfer..Is it true? please we need immediate response for these..Thank you and more power

  5. Some Nigerian bank account can frustrate someone with if not thousands of questions and will still decline the dom account opening….

  6. Hello EMMA, please can I contact you directly so you could help me send $140 to someone in India for me, I don’t have an active Dom account now and it’s kinda urgent.

  7. Hi emma, i want to send some money to my friend in philipine, and am interestd in that gtbank dom account,hope they wont charge me for the account opening and the money transfer?..

  8. Hello Emma,
    My buisness patner in China requires telegraphic transfer payment method for goods to be supplied’ what’s the best way to go about it, the money is about 2000 dollars”
    P.s I don’t have a domicillary account

  9. Hi, we come from Europe and is planning to sell turnkey website solutions in Nigeria in the price range of 150 – 400 Dollars. What will be the best payment solution for them when we need the payment send in Dollars.

    1. If they are coming to pay into a personal account; then they can pay via western union transfer, moneyGram or wire transfer via domiciliary account, that’s if they have one.
      If they are coming to pay into business or corporate account, then you need to provide them with your accepted payment options

  10. Hello
    Please how can my mom tranfer 100K from Nigeria to Italy using Western union or Moneygram?
    Which bank please cos UBA ?

  11. Hello admin, plz what is the best way for me to save money here in Nigeria before traveling to Ghana and get my money other there ??….Thanks

  12. Dear, my brother have a fund in African Development Bank Nigeria, need to transfer the fund to Bangladesh, would you please write how it can possible, thanks, Chowdhury

  13. Hello Emma, I just started a buying and selling business with a Ghanaian partner. I am expected to remit as much as $10,000 per day. How best do you advice I can remit funds, at affordable charges from Nigeria to Ghana?

  14. Please can I get PTA/BTA to travel if yes the amount on each of them please.

    Also what is the western union and moneygram limit amount I can send from Nigeria to dubai. Thanks.

    1. Hello Paul,
      Yes, you can get PTA/BTA to travel. Consult your issuing bank for the charges and amount for each.
      The transfer limit is $1000 in three months for both western union and moneygram.

  15. hello emma,which bank is best and faster to perform money gram or western union transaction and at what rate pls.I mean sending out not receiving

  16. Good morning sir I want to ask is it possible to send money through western union without receivers bank details

  17. Thanks for your help so far. I also read where you wrote about the Form M been difficult to get or go through the process.

    Please can you highlight me more on it and how i can apply for it and how long it takes to get the money each time i need to wire the money from Nigeria to sweden

  18. Thanks Emmanuel for your quick response,
    The mastercard is what I use here in Benin republic to withdraw Cfa from Atm. Believing it will withdraw Naira in Nigeria.
    Pls can’t I pick the “Cbn m form” you once advised someone instead of opening a domiciliary account to send back to my account in Benin republic. Thanks.

  19. Hi Emmanuel,
    I’ll be in Nigeria this week, I want o know, Pls will my Benin republic Uba Mastercard work in Nigeria?
    Pls how will I be able to send money to my account in Benin republic

    1. Hello Bambam,
      In what currency is the mastercard dominated at? It can only work if it is naira Mastercard. If you have domiciliary account, use it to send the money to your account.

    1. Hello Ivan,
      You are in US and you are sending to domiciliary account in Nigeria? Why talking about cheaper rate again when the transaction will be done at official bank exchange rate.

  20. Thanks for your quick response.. can you explain me to how it works the CBN form M.

    How long does it take to get the money here in my account.


  21. Hi Emma,
    am expecting 15m from nigeria to sweden. Am exporting stockfish to nigeria. do you know how i can get the money from Nigeria to sweden.

  22. Hi Emma,
    can i transfer money from nigeria to my bank account in Norway? please advise as norway dont use dollar or euro.


  23. Hello,
    To transfer dollar frm domiciliary account from Nigeria to overseas…do i havevto exchange the naira from black market rate outside or bank can exchange it the naira into dollar in bank rate which is cheaper.
    Please reply

  24. Hi,
    I am non residence of Nigeria, only working there. I have a domiciliary account and want to transfer money (my salary) to my overseas account. Do I have to exchange naira to get dollar outside in black market (which is naira 498/- for 1 usd) before deposit on my domiciliary account or I can change the naira from bank itself in bank rate (which is 315/- for 1 usd).

    Pls reply as frm bank told me to exchange it outside black market and then deposit the dollar in my domiciliary account..pls advice.
    Thank you….

  25. Hello Emma,

    for some days now, i have being going through tough time to transfer 300 pounds to uk. what can i do without using DOM option? i need your help pls

  26. Hello emma,
    I was able to link and verify my gtbank mastercard and access bank visa card to paypal. I was able to send $100 at 32000naira with the gtbank card and not up to $5000 as i read previously on the thread. I think there is a limit of $100 per month on gtb mastercard. However, i was unable to send money with my access bank visa card. I keep getting errors but i have funds in it. Dont know what could be the problem? But a friend was able to link his own access bank and was able to send up ti $200 as monthly limit for access. Please i need help as paypal presently seems to be the cheapest method for now. I need to send up to $2500 monthly to my brother in the us. He has a us paypal account. Can i also use skye bank master card or which other bank has higher limit at this rate of $1 to 320-325.

    1. Hello Funke,
      The GTBANK current limit for funding any international third part account (e.g skrill, PayPal, Payoneer etc) is $100 per month. Find out from your friend how he was able to link his access bank to his PayPal; otherwise, this will be a topic of another day.
      You can try Zenith bank.

  27. Hello Mr Emma is it possible now to send money from Nigeria to India by western union and if possible how long does it take for the receiver to received the money and which currency will be used in times of deposit from Nigeria?

  28. Why I have been told by banks that we are not allow to send money abroad now? Even with money gram.. I’ve been told to come back on the 16th of January because they are only available to do transfer abroad that day:

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