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  1. Emma,
    Please do you know anybody that tried the work-around you posted about GTB before and that was successful? I have a Savings Account with GTB and a DOM but with this policy dollar cannot be deposited into my dom. How do i go about this letter to the manager and do you have a template. I need $37K in the US and don’t mind doing the wire transfer from my dom to my account in the states in batches. How can i get the naira in my savings account over to the DOM with the manager assistance? Can this be done online?

    1. Hello Oyewole,
      Let me start from your last question. This can’t be done online. You can only do this at any GTBANK Office. I have personally tried the work-around and it was successful.

      Here is a sample template request letter to GTbank manager to get the naira in your savings account over to your DOM account.

      No. 32 Oba street,
      Ogui Urban,
      9th October, 2015.

      The Manager,
      Guaranty Trust Bank,

        Request to Sell My Naira to USD

      I humbly request to sell my Naira from my savings account to a domiciliary account(YOUR DOM ACCOUNT NUMBER HERE)

      Amount to be sold: ₦500, 000


      Yours faithfully,
      Emma Onwuka.

      1. Emma,
        Please as a follow up to what Mr Oyewole asked. Are you saying that the request letter for the transfer from my Naira account to my Dollar Dom account to the manager, must be submitted to the manager personally? Meaning I have to travel down to Nigeria to give him the letter.. Please expecting your response soon, as I am in the same predicament as Mr Oyewole .. Thanks

        1. Hello Henry,
          if look closely to that letter, you will discover that your signature is needed. Your signature is needed for authentication of the transaction. This is money matter! No body can sign for you. If even there is somebody who can sign for you, sometimes you passport photograph or picture might be needed. It is not that you have to submit it personally to the bank manager, the marketing desk accepts the letter and treat it accordingly.

  2. I’m John from Ghana ,I have a Ghanaian friend who is based in Nigeria now and wants to send money to me here in Ghana how does he go about it.Thank you

  3. Hello
    I have been reading through all of these comments and I’m not sure of this information is up to date but as far as I can tell I would have to open a domiciliary account. if my dad opens a dom account in Nigeria how will I get the money in USA? I had posted another question saying that he was told he can only transfer 1000 every 3 months, I need a much higher amount right away. Is there some business bank account he can open that is easier? Also I don’t think he uses pay pal but I have a pay pal account. Thank you For your help.

  4. I found your article on money transfer from Nigeria through Google. My father says you can only transfer $1,000 in $500 increments and only every three months is this true? How can he transfer money to me in USA over $1,000?

    1. Hello Emenyi,
      your father is right in saying that only $1,000 can be transfer to you in every three months but the $500 increment is wrong. To transfer money to you in USA over $1,000; you and him need to open a PayPal Account or he can use wire transfer via Domiciliary account. However, he needs to open the Domiciliary account before this can work.
      If you need further clarification on this let me know.

      1. Hello
        I just saw your response. I’ve finally scroll through a lot of the comments
        1. so please explain the Dom account procedure. I am not familiar with this? I am very familiar with PayPal.
        2. if you can tell me what the maximum if you can transfer through PayPal?
        My father can not go on the computer which would require someone else to go on there for him. I believe he would be more comfortable with the dom account but how I am in USA now so how will that work?
        Thank you so much! God Bless you!

      2. please someone one to send money to me and then i need help what is the best way to get the money money gram or domicillary account without having problem what is the best way what is the way i need to follow please help out

  5. Hi I ask if this is true…my fiance wants to send money for me here in Abu Dhabi but he said I need first to pay here the documentary charges before I receive the money as he said im hoping that any one here answered my question thanks

    1. Hello Angan,
      There is NOTHING like documentary charges. You do NOT need to pay any money for your fiance to send money to you. As for the transfer charges, your finance should be the one to pay for that. If he is to send $10000 to you for example, let him deduct the transfer charges and send the remaining money to you.

      Invite your Fiance to read this post or send the link of this site to him to read.

  6. Want to buy some goods from china,am traveling down myself to see the goods before payment,the volume of the payment is huge. I am restricted to withdraw only $300 per day with my ATM card down there in china or europe,can’t carry cash up to $10,000 when leaving Nigeria shore,can’t deposit money into dollar account(restricted for now).Even the bank Exchange Rate is no where to be found in Nigeria banks anymore accept black market.Tell me which best option I can used in achieving these transaction.

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Let me first correct an impression, you can still deposit money into your dollar account here in Nigeria. The only thing you can say is that you can’t deposit dollar into dollar account because banks in Nigeria are no longer accepting dollar. Now, how can one still deposit money into dollar account in Nigeria when Nigeria banks are no longer accepting dollar?
      My answer is still the work-around process which I have taught about in some comments here. Here is the work-around process: if you have a dollar account with Diamond bank, GTbank, Firstbank, Zenith bank or any other bank in Nigeria; open additional account either savings or current account in the same bank if you don’t have any already. First, deposit all the money you would want to deposit in your dollar account to your new savings or current account in Naira equivalent (find out the exchange rate from the bank). Once you’re done, go back to them and tell them you want to sell your naira currency to your dollar account. This involves writing a letter of request to the bank manager telling him/her to sell your naira currency to your dollar account. Authentication is done within 30 minutes and your dollar account will be credited. So, this is work-around process of depositing money into your dollar account.
      Now, since you’re going down to China to see the goods; the easiest way to pay for the goods there is via bank transfer payment instead of withdrawing $300 per day with ATM card.
      NB: for the bank currency exchange rate now; one dollar fluctuates between ₦198.99 to ₦200

  7. Hello Emma pls I want to ask if as of today it is possible to send 2000$ to Ukraine from Nigeria using either First bank Western union or Moneygram ? Thnx

  8. Hey Emma, I’ve been going through your blog and it seems interesting but I’ve a question to ask I’ve a friend studying in Dublin and he’s been sponsored by his parents unfortunately due to the current situation happening in Nigeria, it’s hard to send money to him for his tuition fee, accommodation and feeding, he met the college and explained to them they current situation and ask if his parents can pay in all the whole money for the tuition fee, accommodation and personal allowance money to the college account so they college can give him but to his surprise the college said no that they can only give him bank reference letter for tuition fee other than that there’s nothing they can do for him and they boy is required to pay for his accommodation fee annually which is up to €6000 and his stranded because they banks in Nigeria won’t transfer to his European account because it’s an individual account. Please is there any solution or any way they parents can transfer money to him. Thanks

    1. Hello Steve,
      option A. Use of Domiciliary account and Savings or current account.
      Step1. Your friend’s parent have to open 2 accounts; domiciliary and savings account in the same bank here in Nigeria, if they have not done so before. The Domiciliary account should be operated in Euros preferably or dollars. Either GTbank or Diamond banks is OK.
      Step2.Once these two accounts are active, they have to go back and deposit a naira equivalent of €6000 or more (as against bank charges) into the savings account.
      Step3. After the money had been confirmed deposited into the savings account, they have to go back again and write a request letter to the bank manager asking them to send the naira equivalent of €6000 or more from the savings account to the new domiciliary account.
      Step4.Once the money drop in the domiciliary account (bank authentication may take up 30 minutes); it is now time for them to transfer the €6000 to their son in Dublin.
      Step5.They have to go back finally and request for bank wire transfer via the domiciliary account to so so…. account in Dublin. The bank may not let them transfer all the €6000 at once, so they can do the transfer part by part. This is just a workaround that work like magic.
      Option B. Use of PayPal account
      You friend should open a PayPal account (Online)there in Dublin. His parent here in Nigeria will also open a verified PayPal account with either GTBank or Firstbank. Once, the two side sides of the account are active; your friend’s parent should follow the above protocol and send money from their PayPal account to their son’s PayPal account. Your friend can easily withdraw this money there by sending it to his bank account.

  9. I’ve never tried Qatar before but I’ve use dubai and china. Send to your PayPal account then withdraw into your bank account there. You can send up to 5000$ daily limit. Every bank has their selling rate and there are also merchants who sell such services online.

  10. Mr. Joel
    Good morning sir, sorry please I did not know you were referring to me. To your questions; yes I have bank account in contry of my residence, not in China but Qatar.
    Dear Emma, thanks for your observations as well.

  11. Mr john you are in china or which country sire and do you have a bank account of your country of residence? Let me know your response sire

  12. Respected sir,
    For business reasons my friend want to send to me approximately 5000 $ to my Indian Bank account… But now he asking to me I should pay that sending fee ? Is this right?
    Any other options to get money from Nigeria ?
    Please reply

    1. Hello Jhon,
      to send money from Nigeria to India, your friend have to pay for the transfer charge. However, rather than asking you to pay for this transfer charge which is what I felt he meant; I will suggest you ask him to deduct the transfer charges from the 5000$ depending on your business with him. I feel you will be on a safer side by asking him to do so.
      In terms of any other options of getting money from Nigeria; if you can list the ones you know then I can suggest others for you.

  13. Joel,
    Please I’m desperately needed help here.
    Which bank or agency do you use for this transaction?
    Are they available in all state capitals in Nigeria?
    The interest charge is of no issue compared to travelling to Nigeria for 10k dollars as my last option.
    Please I will be very grateful for your guidance.
    God bless you.

  14. This article has been helpful but it didn’t solve my problem fully. I can still transfer a 5000$ limit per day to China but the total accrued charge is around 250$ which is so unbearable to me. Will surely find a way out not giving up

    1. Hello please I need an urgent reply from you. How much does it cost to withdraw to Dubai Account? What were you required to submit to verify your dubai paypal account? Whats the process and how do you source paypay here in Nigeria?

  15. Dear Emma,
    I’m really very grateful for your reply and advice, but it’s rather unfortunate that the Chinese immigration law of 100000rmp is against Nigerian’s only, students from other African countries aren’t affected. Though is rp has been extended by one month so as to make up his account statement. I have directed him to contact Nigeria embassy in Beijing for assistance while efforts to procure this amount for him is in progress even if it demand visiting Nigeria which is my last option.
    Not that I’m losing faith in our system but my prayer is that God should safe innocent Nigerian’s abroad from being victims of bad governance and image back home.

  16. Dear Emma,
    Good morning please I want to be enlightened the more on this money transfer. My son in Fudan university China needs immediate assistance as his RP expires today, the immigration demand 100000rmp in his account. Please I want my daughter in Nigeria to remit to his account in China 10000dollars , could this be possible through first bank as an account holder ie one time remittance. Please advise.

    1. Hello Friday,
      transferring up to 10,000 dollars to CHINA at an instance through firstbank Western Union Money transfer will NOT be possible now due to the new CBN guideline. If you have had a domiciliary account, it could have been a better option. Though, you may not be able to transfer up to 10 000 dollars but at least close to that. I can’t believe that immigration will just demand 100000rmp in your son’s account just because his Permanent resident (PR) is expiring today. For sure, they should have been warning him for a long time now. I think you need to explain the situation of things to them and then transfer the possible amount to his account.

  17. Hello
    I am trying to make payments for my goods to Poland,Turkey and UK, amounting to about $3500. I don’t have money in my Dom account and the banks are not collecting dollars… These companies don’t have online payment options…. What do I do?

    1. Hello Esther,
      if you have gone through the comments above you would have come across the answer I gave about a case similar to yours.

      Banks in Nigeria finds it difficult to accept dollar in this recent times due the current CBN Guideline but if you have an existing savings account or current account in that bank with money , write a letter of request to the Manager of the bank authorizing them to send certain amount(amount required for payment of the goods) from your savings or current account to your DOM account. The transfer will be done within 30 minutes after authentication. Even if you don’t have savings or current account, open one and do this. Once, there is money in your DOM account; you are set! Go back to them and tell them you want to do bank wire transfer or just transfer to so..so..so account in so..so..so place. Play according to their rules of the bank. This is just a work-around and I believe it will work fine.

      1. Hi Emma,

        Many thanks for your comments. I am in the process of searching for a way to send dollars to China from Nigeria and at the moment we have not been allowed to deposit cash into our Diamond DOM account. You have suggested that we write a letter to the bank requesting a transfer of funds to the DOM account. Does this only apply to GT Bank or will it also apply to Diamond Bank. We have DOM accounts for both but prefer Diamond Bank because the transfers can be done online and are a lot easier.

        Please advise.

        Many thanks

        1. Hello Rose,
          this works fine with GTBank and I believe it will work with any other Bank’s DOM account. If you are going to use your Diamond Bank DOM Account, ensure you have an existing savings account or current account with DIAMOND BANK and also money on the saving account or current before you start this work-around.
          Also, ensure you hide to their terms of money transfer.

  18. Hello Mr. EMMA my name is Manjit & i want to transfer money from Nigeria to my account back home in India say $600 per month so i want to know how can i transfer this amount to India & what would be transcantion charges & what are charges for converting Naira to Dollar

    1. Hello Manjit,

      1. The best option to transfer the money to India is through Firstbank Western Union Money transfer service since you are just sending $600 per month.
      2. Usually the first Western Union transfer Standard charge/fees is approximately 16,500 naira for every $2000 (which comprise of a variable transaction fee, fixed VAT and Tax).
      3. There is no charge for converting Naira to Dollar. However, As of today, $1 = N199.05, It may be a bit high in black market. $1 fluctuate between N198 and N200.

  19. Thanks for the reply. I actually fund through my dom account before this law came into play. I had new investors and I wanted to add their fund to the trading account that was when I fund out that there is a new law in town. I’ll try the procedure u suggested, I hope it works..

  20. good mrn mr Emma. I appreciate ur good work here. I am a Forex trader and I want to fund my trading account. I have a Dom account with Gtb. Now I was told at the bank that I can’t make deposits into my Dom account. And that even if I do, They won’t be able to make the transfer because it is not an inflow. And this trading account can’t be funded through third party. It has to be through me. Pls bro, any way out of this? Thanks and God bless

    1. Hello Shola,

        Here are possible options I know might work

      1. Use of Credit or Debit card payment:Some Forex brokers accept card payments which can be Visa, Mastercard or any other acceptable card. Most banks in Nigeria now issue credit and debit cards supported by these global names, you can fund your Forex account with it. Confirm if your broker accept such method of payment.

      2. Bank wire transfer: GTBank may not easily allow you to deposit money into your DOM account (due to the current CBN guideline). But if you have an existing Gtb savings account or current account with money , write a letter of request to the GTB Manager authorizing them to send certain amount (amount you need for the forex trading) from your savings or current account to your DOM account. The transfer will be done within 30 minutes after authentication. Even if you don’t have savings or current account, open one and do this. Once, there is money in your DOM account; you are set! Go back to them and tell them you want to do bank wire transfer or just transfer to so..so..so account in so..so..so place. Play according to their rule. Your Forex broker should be able to provide his/her account details required for the transfer. This is just a work-around and I believe it will work fine if both currencies are the same.

      Warning: Be sure of your Forex broker, if this is your first attempt. How have you been funding this account if this is not your first attempt?

      3. Bank Deposit: this work for some brokers. You can confirm yours.

  21. I want to pay some money to a company in China for services I want them to render to me. It’s about 500 dollars. Is it possible? Am in Nigeria. Please tell me how I can do it. And which payment options is best. Thanks. Reply

    1. Ekene,
      You have to first inquire about the company’s payment option. The company could have a way of receiving an international payment for their services. They could possibly be receiving payment via online payment platform. If they don’t have any payment option, then using western union transfer will be a good option since the money is about 500 dollars . Paying them via western union transfer like using firstbank western union transfer should be based on trust that they will render the service.

    1. Hello Joe,
      you can use your credit card for online payment(local and international) but using it to transfer money from your bank account here in Nigeria to another bank abroad is NOT possible as of now. Maybe, it will be possible later.

  22. hi emma. My cousin need to send me money for his child hospitalization before. But he said it is hard to send money outside nigeria. He also said that his bank need my registration first and i need to pay that bank for the registration. Is it true that i have to send money to that bank first before he can send money to me? Tnx

    1. Dear Jiellene,
      *Sending out money outside Nigeria is not so hard as it is painted.
      *You DON’T need to pay, send money to his/her bank or do any registration first.
      *All you need to do is to provide him/her with the detail of your bank account he/she will paid in the money.
      * Firstbank western union transfer service is now available. so, he/she can use firstbank western union money transfer service to sent the money to you. He/she will be the one to bear all charges.

  23. I am trying to send money through bank wire transfer to the usa I am requested to obtain a form M number which I have to follow a very long process to do that before I could import goods to Nigeria is there any bank whose domicillary account still functioning?

  24. Hi EMMA,
    I need a solution, one of my customer wants to import readymade garments Fri Bangladesh , but he is telling that Nigerian bank does not allow to send money through wire transfer, is it right ? If it is right how Nigeria imports goods and make the payment?

    Pls advise the solution of import in to Nigeria and how to make payment.


    1. Hello Ismail,
      Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) permits only wire transfers through domiciliary account. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said, according to the circular signed by Olakanmi Gbadamosi, director, trade and exchange department only wire transfers to and from domiciliary accounts are permissible.
      What this implies is that your customer need to open a Domiciliary account for him/her to make the payment of the goods via wire transfer. In other words, banks in Nigeria still allows you send money via wire transfer but this is possible ONLY through Domiciliary Account.

      As for the importation of Goods into Nigeria, payment of goods and services; I advice and suggest that every Merchant and business owners to have ONLINE PAYMENT SOLUTION. Your customer(s) should not find it difficult in accessing the online payment solution. It ease stress and reduces difficulties in sending out money.

      NB.The new government is bent on combating money laundering and seeing Naira Appreciate.

  25. please, am in malaysia someone want to send money to me here i don’t have account here. what easier means can he use what is the estimated charges and if open account here with a bank would it still be possible and what is the estimated charges? God bless you for enlighten us in fact you deserved one carton of Gulder hahahah

    1. You need to open a bank account there if you want a faster result because some of the means of sending money outside Nigeria has been stop by the new government (to combat money laundering). One easy way he/she can send the money to you in Malaysia is through Firstbank MoneyGram and UBA Naija sends, provided he/she is NOT sending a huge sum of money to you. The transfer limit for this means is $1000 in every three months.
      Another means he/she can send the money to you is through Domiciliary account but he or she need to open a domiciliary account here in Nigeria. From his/her Domiciliary account, he/she can transfer the money to your account in Malaysia if you provide he/her your bank details. He/she can send large sum of money through this means.

  26. Greetings bro Emma,I am really glad u have enlightened us on the tips of sending money outside our beloved country Nigeria. Please these are my questions : Is the “Naija send“ with UBA ,First bank Moneygram or Western union still working? how much is the limited amount one can send?

    1. Hello Cletus,
      UBA Moneygram ‘Naija sends’ is still working. The limit amount you can send is $1000 in every 3 months (new Government).
      Firstbank Moneygram is still working. The limit amount you can send is $1000 in every 3 months (new Government).
      Firstbank Western Union Money transfer services is temporary NOT available.

      If you have more questions feel free to ask. I hope, it helps

  27. Pls what if excess money is transfered abroad to Ghana..would the balance be returned to sender or given to recipient..

  28. Hello, good I landed on this page is I was searching for the means to send money to Philippine, I have tried Western Union and Moneygram to no avail.
    Please apart from Western Union, Moneygram, and DOM is there any other means online which one can use to transfer money to Philippine.


    1. Emeka,
      Firstbank MoneyGram will work. However, you can only be allow to send $1000 in every 3 month that is their transfer limit for now. Another way you can send the money to Philippine is through PayPal Account. Firstbank PayPal account used to be superb but currently it is temporary not available. So, try other PayPal account. Again, you can use your friend’s DOM account to do the money transfer.

  29. Hello There. I love this article BUT i have one question which is…..Is it possible for one to receive money sent through Money Gram and western Union if the person is having a bank account in that country?? I want to send to Ghana and its not that Huge. Lol

  30. Someone is trying to send me money via First Bank Western Union or Money but he was told that there are restrictions and that Western Union is now restricted and limit on MoneyGram is $1000 in every 3 months. This is ridiculious and they requested tones of documents when the person wnated to use DOM account to send money, they said that it’s only available for students and can only be paid into a university account. Please help out, because they said it’s need stupid directive from the GO Slow Buhari government. Thanks.

    1. Hello Michael,
      this is actually TRUE. Use of First Bank Western Union Money Transfer service to transfer or send money abroad is temporary NOT available as of today. In fact no any other bank can transfer money abroad via Western Union Money Transfer. There is a temporary restriction in use of Western Union Money transfer service in transferring money abroad. To use MoneyGram is $1000 in every 3 months, this is CBN directive to Firstbank (Buhari government).
      However, GTBank DOM account is Not only for Student; it can be use to send money anywhere outside Nigeria but the only thing is that you need to open the Domiciliary account first with GTBank. HERE IS HOW TO OPEN GTBANK DOMICILIARY ACCOUNT. He can also try using PayPal account.

      1. Hello Emma,
        Thanks for your response. The problem is taht First Bank has restricted using of their DOM account too, I don’t know if that is true?
        The client that wanted to pay me also has a DOM Account with UBA and I don’t if they have restrictions too? Is GT-Bank the only option available that supports both everything including sending pocket money to the student personal account overseas? Please advise, thanks.

        1. UBA and GTBank Domiciliary Account support sending money abroad now. First Bank DOM account is temporary not allowed. For First bank, the only way now is to use MoneyGram.

  31. i have been trying to send money via western union and money gram since last week and it hasnt been successful up till now. All the banks kept saying they have exceeded their limit and there limit eachday is too small. am just fed up. is there any way out apart from using dom account or paypal cos the money is a bit huge.

    1. Hello Pat,
      No bank will exceed its daily transfer limit. I will suggest you transfer the money bit by bit since it is a huge sum of money. You can use Firstbank Western Union money transfer service.

  32. Someone from the U.S.A sent me a huge amount of money but I haven’t received it yet because the bank(Fidelity Bank) told me that I should pay a transfer fee of about $200(USD) before the money could be transferred to me. Now I want to know as to whether, should I send the money to the bank or not?

    1. How can Fidelity bank ask you to pay about $200 for money that is sent to you? Any money that is sent to you should reflect on your bank account. Don’t send money to anybody or “bank”. I don’t believe you are dealing with the right people.

  33. Please I want to send a large amount of money to canada but please is. There a. Way I can sendd In naira and the person receives the equivalent in Canadian dollar. Cos buying US dollars now is expensive. Would have prefer using my GTB Dom acct

    1. Dare, the money( in naira) must be converted to its equivalent dollar before it can be sent to Canada. Bank’s conversion rate is cheaper than black market.

  34. I read your article because I am in the United States and have a customer that lives in Nigeria. He is telling us that the government there makes it very difficult for him to send money to the states. Just wondering if that is true or not?

    1. Hello Stacy, there are many options of sending money from Nigeria to United State. Possibly, your customer is NOT aware of these options. I will suggest you refer your customer to this article on how to send money from Nigeria to another country. Let him/her read the article and choose the best option that suit him/her.

  35. It possible and practicable to send PayPal fund from Nigeria to another non PayPal bank account (oversea) ?

    1. Hi Ayinla, It is NOT possible and practicable sending money from Nigeria PayPal account to non PayPal bank account (oversea). However, You can buy or shop items online (oversea) via your Nigeria PayPal account.

      1. Hello Mr Emma Good Afternoon sir

        My name Is Ibrahim A Ahmad

        Pls can I operate my Nigeria Eco Bank Account in Cameroon

          1. Hi,i am from kenya and my friend tells me that sending money to me in kenya the bank only does the western union transaction between 8.00 am and 8.05 a.m is this true?and what other means can we use from nigeria to send money to kenya ?please help its urgent

          2. Hello Iilian,
            Did he say between 8.00 am and 8.05 a.m??? This is not true. He would have rather say that western union transfer is not working. For other means, please go through the comments.

          3. Helloo sir emma,, i just wanna know cause im here in taiwan, and i want to send money to my husband in nigeria.. and i did try western already but nigeria is not in the list country, how its happen???
            And if its not possible, can you please give me another way to send money… please give me feed back. Thank you.. heres my email [email protected]

    2. Good afternoon emma,
      I am an international student presently in the US. Due to recent restrictive CBN rules, it has been difficult for my father to send money to me. Please advise on the best option for him to send money monthly for amounts below $2,000 to a US student account. Thank you.

      1. Tobi,
        Bank Wire Transfer via Domiciliary Account will be the best option.

        Your father need to open two accounts; domiciliary dollar and Naira account here in Nigeria for this to possible. With domiciliary account , your father can send more than $2000 to your US student account monthly. Read through the comments here, you will see how it works. If after going through the comments and you still don’t understand let me know.
        Another better option would have been PayPal account.
        However, this will not work because you need to be the one to open the PayPal account here in Nigeria before traveling to any country outside Nigeria.

        1. Hello Emma, thanks for the reply. I still would like to confirm where you stated it “will not work because you need to be the one to open the PayPal account here in Nigeria before traveling to any country outside Nigeria”. I’m trying to send funds for an educational material in the UK, and i’m trying to cut down charges using the DOM account. I came upon your article which i find knowledgeable, i have to say thank you. What i’m keen on knowing is, is it possible to send money to a party in the Uk having a paypal account from my Nigeria paypal account?

          1. Hello Cornelius,
            I’m sorry in delay in my response to your question, I took a short break but I’m back to work.

            What do you mean by “a party in the UK”?

    3. Hello Mr. Onwuka, is it possible to receive a money that has been deposited in naira in dollars from China?

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