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    Hello Emma,i appreciate your good works here, i went to first bank yesterday to tranfer money to Liberia,i know their limit is 190000+16800 for charges, ie 206800 naira, when I asked her how much will I be expecting in Dollar, She said it will around 700 USD or more but not up to 800 USD. Honestly am not comfortable with that, it is as if am buying dollar in black market.
    Secondly my husband who is in Liberia could not withdraw with his naira master card, what other means should we use, He is stranded.
    Lastly First Bank said my turn for the wicked transaction will be by month end. Pls turn us Sir. My name is Joy.

  2. Hello Emma.I want to commend what you are doing here.I have read through the comments and your answers have been very helpful.Well done.I want to know if it is possible to transfer money from my Nigerian account to my US account without having to open a dom account.

  3. Hi Emma, my sister went to first bank yesterday for western union and was told #190,000 will receive $750 not $1000 with charges for #16,800 and you must have an acct with them because they will debit directly from your acct.

  4. Hello, I Have account with diamond bank,I’m presently in Netherlands,a friend wanted to deposit cash in my account it’s quite a lot more than 100million naira to purchase goods for him here what are the possible way to withdraw the cash here or the best way to transfer it here ,I don’t have PayPal or domicilary account.thank you

    1. Hello Oyewale,
      The money is huge. Your friend have to transfer the money to you, bit by bit. Let you your friend open domiciliary account and or PayPal account otherwise he/she can go through CBN form M. I will not suggest to him/her to go through any third party money transfer agent.

  5. Hello Emma
    I have a training in India and it costs 91,000IRs. How best can I make this payment at a near official exchange rate? How much naira would be the equivalent? If I open an Account with standard charted bank and deposit 300,000NGN, can I withdraw over there in India at official exchange rate? Your response is highly needed. Thank you.

    1. Hello Edet,
      9,000INR is equivalent to 272131.63 Nigerian Naira. If you are making the payment to an individual account, I will suggest you use MoneyGram and Western Union Transfer (this will be done at official exchange rate). If you open account with standard charted bank in Nigeria and deposit money into it, you will be charge excessively when withdrawing it in India. Using anything third party money transfer agent to make the payment will lead to the payment being made at black market rate or near to it.

  6. Hi, if I am making a PayPal transfer from my Nigerian account to a uk bank account what will be the rate at which the bank will charge

    1. Hello Morey,
      You can transfer up to $5000 at a transfer charge of about $250 via PayPal account. However, Firstbank told me that if I am transferring via my firstbank PayPal account, I will be charge at black market rate. I didn’t up till now understand them.

      1. Wow………..blac market rate? dat is what we’ve bin trying to avoid,does that mean that firstbank paypal account is not a good option to use in transfering money outside nigeria?
        How about a normal paypal account………………..do they still charge at black market rate?

  7. Wow,its amazing what u’re doing here,may God bless you
    Please,i want to fund my payza account,but am scared of what the exchange rate is and payza charge might be,i believe somebody out here must have an experience with PAYZA,please what are the charges involved,and what do you advice?
    cuz i want to send money to Ghana.Tankz.

    1. Hello Victory,
      I have not used Payza before but here is what I can make out from Payza website; ‘You can send and receive funds in your own currency or in any of our supported currencies for a low 2.5% spread over the daily exchange rate’.

  8. I could not make it to the bank this morning dur to the Lectures I have to take my students, but can I still run the transfer in midday or tommorow morning. Thank you Emma.

  9. God bless you EMMA for the great work you are doing here,from your response to some comments it seems like first bank has began sending money out of Nigeria again through western and money gram . my problem now is what I want to recive (in italy)is way more than the limit first bank can transfer through western and money gram. Is PayPal transfer presently working and if it’s working what is the maximum amount that can be transferred. Thank you expecting to hear from you.

    1. Hello Christopher, please i would like to know if you were able to transfer the money to Italy via western union..i am also in the same situation. Thanks

    1. Hello Abdul,
      As of today, exchange rate for first bank sending through western union is about 1 Euro equivalent to 226.76 Nigerian Naira. Please, the exchange rate is NOT stable; it can change slightly tomorrow or any moment. If you get to the bank; ask them the current exchange rate.

  10. Wow wow wow
    Your work is extremely commendable
    Jazak Kumllah khairan(May Allah reward you) amin
    Please; i want to send money to morocco though its a very small amount within the range of 30euro-50euro
    which is advisable? Money gram based on what have read.
    And how much do you think the charges will be? Thanks as i anticipate a reply.

  11. okay, thank you. Do I need to have an account with firstbank as many banks demand that you have an account with them and run it for at least six months before one can run Western union transaction.

  12. Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate. This is a very good forum. keep the goodwork going. I will be there as early as possible on Monday….. How much is the highest transfer limit for first bank.

    1. Hello Abdul,
      the maximum transfer limit is $1000 in every 3months or 190,000 in naira. The transfer charge for moneygram is about N14,800 while the transfer charge for Western union is about N16,400

  13. If anybody can give me information about the most reliable bank through which I can transfer money abroad with ease.

  14. I just opened an account with zenith bank hoping to send Money to Europe(Macedonia). They said the highest amt that can be sent is just 34.9euros and besides the transaction was not possible as the banker told me that Western Union transfer there is unavailable indefinitly because of the exchange rate. Can anybody help me on how to send money there either through Moneygram, Western union or any other means. Thanks.

    1. Hello Abdul,
      Firstbank Moneygram and Western union are now available.

      Sending Money out through Firstbank MoneyGram Now
      To send money out through Firstbank MoneyGram, you have to visit any Firstbank close to you as early as 8:00am. Try to be at the bank as the bank open their office in the morning. If you miss the time, they will definitely tell you that MoneyGram is not going through.

      Sending Money out through Firstbank Western Union Now
      To send money out through Firstbank Western Union now, you have to book it. It is usually best to go for the booking at the beginning of new month or early in the month. If you miss the beginning of new month, you will end up receiving this kind of response from firstbank, “we have exceed our monthly transfer limit”. So, try to be there earlier.

  15. Hello Emma. . .I really count myself blessed to have seen this article. I have a few questions:
    My situation is slightly different from most I have seen in the comments above.
    I am doing an online investment (not much money at a time – about $500 for now) and the options for payments are Payza, Bitcoins, AdvCash, SolidTrustPay, Payeeer and PerfectMoney. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with these payments methods but it seems I understand Payza the most at the moment.

    The only payment options available to us here in Nigeria (while using Payza) are through Bank Wire and Credit Card.
    If I were to use the Bank Wire method, I’d make a print out of the instructions to give my bank (bank name, bank address, IBAN Number, Swift Code and some other details are on the document) or do the transaction directly online.

    I went to the bank (GTBank) and was told that I’ll have to open a Dollar Credit Card account, though I did not get any much information on the Bank Wire method.

    I would like some clarifications on this matter as I am slightly confused on what to do.
    Do you think it will be possible for me to make these payments via Western Union?
    Or would it be easier and faster using any of the other payments options (Payeer, SolidTrustPay, etc.) I mentioned above?

    Thank you in advance Emma.

    1. One more thing: I saw on First Bank Western Union that you can only use them for only person-to-person transactions. But mine is a person-to-company transaction.

      Please how do I make this payments from here in Nigeria?

      1. Yes, First Bank Western Union is only meant for person-to-person transactions and Not person-to-company transaction.
        See the answer on your first comment. You can ask further question(s) if you are still confuse.

    2. Hello Grace,
      Using Western Union or MoneyGram will NOT be possible because you can’t use them for payment or funding an account on third party website or company.

      I will suggest you use the bank wire method by opening a domiciliary account and requesting for dollar credit card. With you dollar credit card, you won’t be visiting your bank all the time as you can make payment via online using your dollar credit card. If you need any further information concerning the bank wire method let me know.

      However, whereby you were not able to open a domiciliary account; you can use either PerfectMoney or Payza as they are popularly known than others that you mentioned.

      1. Thanks.Plz is there no other means of undertaking a bank wire without opening a dom account?
        With regards to payza wat is the best and easiest way i can add funds to my payza wallet from nigeria?
        i only have mastercard not visa.

        1. Hello Mac’Odo,
          Western Union and MoneyGram are also form of Bank Wire Transfer.
          To fund Payza wallet in Nigeria, you need to have VISA debt card or even domiciliary account.

      2. Hi! Emma, thank you for your response. I forgot to mention that I was told in the GTBank bank that I could not get a dollar CREDIT card unless I was earning at least a million naira per month (which sounded weird to me). Is that true?

        I was told that I could only open a dollar DEBIT card. Now I’m not sure of the differences between the two and the advantages/disadvantages of having either. I would appreciate an explanation.

        If I were to use Payza, would I ask for a visa or Mastercard?

        Thank you again.

        1. Hello Grace,
          I will suggest you open domiciliary account and demand for dollar debit card. It will serve you.
          The major difference between dollar credit card and dollar debit card is that with you dollar credit card, you can still make payment or fund your “online investment account” even if you don’t have money on your dollar account. However, the maintenance is high.

  16. Hello bro,
    Am really impressed by all the post and comments………………keep up the good work.
    Please,with regards to nigerian student in ghana,i know u’ve spoken about RIA,Paypal etc .
    Do i have to open a nigerian paypal and ghana paypal,if yes how do i then withdraw it(if i don’t have a ghana account)?
    How best should i go about using Ria?
    Honestly,i need your help.
    if i transfer 100k from my nigeria paypal to ghana paypal………please what is the exchange rate?

    1. Hello Mac’Odo,
      Since you are in Ghana, you have to open a Ghanaian PayPal account. Once done, if you wish to withdraw the money from your PayPal account into bank account, you have to open local bank account there in Ghana and link it to your Ghanaian PayPal account. Transferring of $5000 via PayPay account from Nigeria to Ghana can cost you up to $250 of transfer charge.

      Firstbank RIA money is temporary not going through.

      1. Thanks bro,
        Should the ghana local account be a cedis or dollar account?
        When transfering funds from my firstbank account in nigeria……………….how would the conversion be like? is it from naira to dollars then to cedis or directly to cedis.
        not withstanding,who is doing the conversion,is it paypal of first bank?
        if its firstbank …please,what its there exchange rate?
        if its payoal…please,what its there exchange rate?

        1. Hello Mac’Odo,
          The Ghana local account can be cedis or dollar account. However, if you want to withdraw the money as dollar(foreign currency) in Ghana then you have to open a dollar account.
          You don’t need to be border on how the conversion is being done. Bank to bank transfer, the exchange rate is at official rate of N199.05 but once third party like PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union etc comes in – you will incur certain amount of transfer charge.

          1. Ok thanks,i really appreciate your counselling.I believe you must have use paypal recently for one transaction or another,so if i may ask……….how much are you being charged……….Let me say i want to fund my paypal account with $100 through my firstbank saving account….how much do you presume would be debited from my account (with regards to firstbank exchange rate(199.05) + paypal charge ). Please i really need your help on this.
            Thankz bro.

  17. Hi Emma, please how can I send money (naira) to cameroun and get it with cfa, I normally send huge amount through GTbank and sometimes firstbank to a business client and he receive and withdraw in cfa, please how do this work?.. Will really appreciate your feedback.

    1. Hello Darlington,
      You can send the money through domiciliary account. With domiciliary account, you can send up to $10,000 per day.
      if I may ask; what means do you use in sending the money through GTbank and firstbank?

  18. Good day Emma,
    Am in Kenya and expecting to receive about 1,000,000 Naira (i believe this is equal to US$5000) equivalent in Kenya Shillings from Nigeria. Would Firstbank RIA money transfer be the best option to have this money sent? Is this option still available? What are the transfer charges? Thank you.

      1. Thank you Emma. Western Union and Moneygram charges are crazily high. Appreciate your response. When will Firstbank RIA be reinstated?

  19. morning, thanks for good work

    just wanna ask a question about the WESTERN UNION, you said in one of your comment that Western union and Moneygram agents in Nigeria have temporarily suspended their outbound money transfer services till March, just wanna ask if we can send money now since is march already

  20. You have been amazing financial educator. May I quickly ask you to revisit the question of DOM account. My question is, can one open Dom account with Naira? U walk in to bank and say I want to open Dom account without foreign currencies?

    1. Hello Chibuza,
      I appreciate your compliments!
      You can NOT open a domiciliary account with Naira. Domiciliary account is a bank account dominated in foreign currency. Naira is a local currency NOT a foreign currency.

      Thank you for dropping your comment/question.

      We have build strong reputation and authority on different means of sending, receiving and transfer money locally and out of Nigeria; we have also help thousands of Nigerians and non-Nigerians on issue relating to money transfer across Nigeria. We have in so ways help to bridge the gap between banks in Nigeria and their respective customers.

      This is just but few; see for yourself

      How to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria with GTbank, Firstbank & Zenith bank

      How to send money through Western Union & Recent CBN Guideline

      How to receive money in Nigeria from abroad

      how to open a GTBank verified PayPal account for free

      How to send money to a Domiciliary account

      How to open PayPal account with Firstbank

      CBN’s Ban of foreign exchange Sale to BDCs & its Implications

      Naira to Dollar exchange rate – black market today

  21. Hi

    I have a normal current account with Zenith Bank ( not DOM account).

    Can I send money to Europe(Italy to be precise)? Via bank to bank or Western Union/Money Gram?


    1. Hello Opal,
      you can’t send money outside Nigeria via current account. However, you can receive money from abroad to Nigeria through current or savings account. You can send money to Italy via Western Union or MoneyGram.

  22. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for enlightened us about the new money transfer policy in nigeria. From your response to some comments, that the major banks will start sending money outside nigeria through western union and moneygram.but my brother in benin went to first bank on March 15th to send money to me in italy the problem still remain that is still unable to send it. Pls has the period of the banks to start sending money to foreign country be extended? Or no hope at all.

  23. Hello Emma,
    Please I need your advice, I will be traveling to South Africa for a medical treatment which would cost up to 80k rands =1.1 million Naira ..how can I make this payment at a good rate and avoid anything to do with buy the dollar off black market.

    Thank you.

  24. hello ,thanks for the good job.i did an online professional course and i had to pay 14 euros to get the certificate and the only means of payment is pay pal,money gram,western union and bank transfer.the only means of payment i cad do is western union.please is it possible to send 14 euros through western union.i will be glad if you can provide answers to my question.thanks

  25. One quick question, if it is against the law, why then is the President encouraging people to buy from the black market? I mean when He said the Govt could no more fund school fees abroad.
    I thought the bdcs bought their forex at govt rates from the CBN?

    1. The President does NOT in any way encourage people to buy from the black market. When he said the Govt could no more fund school fees abroad; what it means is that, you DON’T need to go to abroad to study. Study here in Nigeria! Patronize our local educational system and help Nigerian NAIRA to appreciate. Our external reserve has been depleted because you go to abroad to study.

      BDCs bought forex from CBN close to interbank exchange rate (official government rate). Currently, CBN has ban sale of forex to BDCs; this is one of the reason why we had surge in the parallel market exchange rate for naira to dollar.

  26. Hello Emma,

    I will like your advice pls. I want to embark on the sales of forex in Nigeria and will prefer to sell directly to end users rather than bdc’s but my friend said the only way is through the bdcs.

    When I tried placing an advert with the punch newspaper , I was told that only bdcs are allowed to do that.
    I have read the Foreign Exchange Act and thought it will be allowed.
    Your input will be appreciated.



    1. Hello Funmilayo,
      If you want to embark on the sale of forex offline in Nigeria to sell directly to end-users, it will NOT work. You have to register as BDCs agent or through BDCs. It is only the BDCs that sell forex to the end-users in Nigeria. They pay certain TAX to the government to do forex trading in Nigeria and they have association as well as Union. So, if they discover that you do the business without being registered as a member; you will be sue for violating the rule of forex trading in Nigeria.
      However, you can do your forex trading online and nobody cares but you need the best forex broker.

  27. Hello, my name is Muhd I am studying in India, my brother what to send 110,000 Naira , using Moneygram what will be charges and how much will I receive here in Indian rupee

    1. Hello Muhd,
      You can do the conversion yourself. Approximately every 190,000 naira sent out from Nigeria, Moneygram charges 14,400 naira. 1 Nigerian naira equals 0.34 Indian Rupee. The 110,000 Naira; you are expecting from your brother equals 37230.37 Indian Rupee. With this, you can do the necessary mathematics yourself.

    2. Hello Muhd, am presently studying in India too but so far, all means of sending money to me from Nigeria has been unsuccessful. Did your transaction with Moneygram transfer go successfully? thanks

  28. A loan transaction was initiated by Dreamlighloans and the bank being used is Springland Bank. I received several documents from the Nigerian Government and the bank, Springland Bank. I was told by the director Mr.Glenn Chibueze that the bank stipulated that the transfer is 80% finish and that I should pay the 920.00 local currency to convert the Naira to my local currency in order for funds to be deposited in my bank account. I need to have this clarify. Is it possible that I can have a refund?

      1. Hello Junior,
        You want people to contact you for what?. This article is about how to send money from Nigeria to another country Not about your so-called Dreamlighloans. No scamming or spamming here. This place is NOT for laying Complaints on Loans.

  29. I apply for an online loan I payed several hundred dollars in fees but now I cannot received the money because I was told that Forex have to convert the Naira to my currency.I have to pay a further 920.00 local dollars for this facilitation. My arrangement of transfer is bank to bank. Is this information correct to your knowledge?

  30. Hi Emma,
    Sending money through western union, the bank converts the Naira you wish to send to the dollar the receiver would get at the official CBN rate right? For instance if you go to the Nigerian bank and tell them you wanna send N200,000 is this amount is converted to USD at the official rate of 199 or so?

  31. Hello Emma, due to the increase in dollar rate recently it has been very difficult for me to shop online with my mastercard as I’m being charged over 300 Naira to a dollar. This is really making business difficult for me at the moment. I have families in the USA. How can I send money to them at the CBN exchange rate. Thanks

  32. Hello Emma,
    1. Pls if I’m sending money (naira) from Nigeria to America through either of money gram or western union, does the receiver in America get the dollar @ the rate of 200 naira to 1 dollar (pls explain) and does the sending cost and other terms still remain the same as of present for both avenues
    2. And how exactly does someone in America get to send dollars into a dom account here in Nigeria,
    N.B I’ve bn reading the responses from top, I simply don’t understand fully, kindly take out time to explain to me. And ure doing an excellent job here. Cheers! 4.2

    1. Hello Dayo,
      Let me start by informing you that Major branches of banks (Firstbank, UBA, Fidelity bank etc) that are Western union and Moneygram agents in Nigeria have temporarily suspended their outbound money transfer services till March. So, it may be hard for you to send money out by either WU or moneygam until March.
      1.The receiver receives the dollar equivalent of the naira you sent. The bank does the exchange conversion which is usually almost same with interbank exchange rate. Western Union money transfer charge is N16,800 per $1000 or N190,000 sent out of Nigeria while Moneygram charge N14,400 per $1000 transfer.
      2.There is NO special way of sending money to a domiciliary account in Nigeria from America. All you have to do is to provide the sender the necessary domiciliary account information such as Routing number, Sortcode, account number and the account name ; and he/she will do the bank wire transfer.

  33. Give us your naira and get USD in Dubai and China instantly. Only for business tycoons and for business purposes. No money laundering pls!

    1. Hello Lola,
      The information reaching us today says that some branches of the major banks (Firstbank of Nigeria and UBA in Nigeria) that are into outbound money transfers services (WESTERN UNION and MONEYGRAM) have temporarily suspended money transfer services till March. Their reasons seems not to be official as some of their other branches in some states are still working. Some branches in these states are not working; Enugu, Lagos, Akure, Abia, Abuja etc. So, Lola, you can ask your friend to try other means or wait till March.

  34. Good day Mr Emma, please my brother in Nigeria want to transfer €650 to me in Germany but it looks like it’s impossible. He has been to all the Firstbank and Accessbank Branches in Akure but they said it’s not possible even with western union and moneygram. Please is there any available means to send the money to me…maybe through paypal or other means?
    Thanks in anticipation

    1. Hello Samuel,
      Some branches of the major banks (Firstbank of Nigeria and UBA) that are into outbound money transfers services in Nigeria (WESTERN UNION and MONEYGRAM) have temporarily suspended money transfer services till March. Some branches in these states are not working; Enugu, Lagos, Akure, Abia, Abuja etc.

      Your brother can try PayPal. However, for him to use paypal; he has to open a paypal account first and you over there has to open one too.

      Using a domiciliary account would have been another best option if he operates one.

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