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  1. Good Mr Emma am here in senegal and my dad want to send money to me from nigeria true
    westernunion with out an account with first bank is it possible

  2. Good day Mr Emma, pls with nigeria ecobank master can someone withdraw CFA in Benin republic (Cotonou) because I used to withdraw it before ,now with CBN issue I don’t known weather its still possible. Thanks your sir

  3. Hi my name is DeeDee,
    I am in the US. I was wondering is western union working in Nigeria right now ? I am waiting for large funds to be sent to me from Access Bank and they are telling me to pay them a fee Of $5,000 usd that amount seems high to me the amount is for $45,000. Does this sound right ? They also told me it can be sent all at once.

    1. Hello DeeDee Pusley,
      they told you it can be sent all at once through what means? If they said it is through western union then note that they are not telling you the truth. However, Western union is still working in Nigeria. You can only send out $1000 in 3 months. This is what is obtainable for now.

  4. Hello, my name is Precious. This is really a nice write. I have a little problem on how to send money out of Nigeria to the United States. I have a publisher in the US that needs to be paid but most banks told me they don’t send money out. So which is the best way to send money out? And what’s the cost like? Thanks

  5. please i want to pay for an application fee in canada from Nigeria here. The amount is 100CAD but my debit is declined, please which other way can i make these payment. Is it still possible through western union or paypal and how can i go about it.

  6. Thank you for all the information you have provided. I am trying to have money sent to me from someone in Nigeria. I live in the U.S. They have been trying to send money since February, with no success. He has a dom account but the transfers that have been made have all been declined. He says PayPal is not working either-something about his account not being verified. Do you have any idea what the issue could be here? Are there any other methods of sending money outside of Nigeria besides the dom account and PayPal?

  7. Hi Emma,

    Is it still possible to send money from Nigeria to the uk via PayPal? And if yes, what banks are available to use. Thanks

  8. If someone leaves Nigeria and has money in a financial institution, can they access their money? How does someone who has left Nigeria get their Nigerian bank to transfer their funds to the bank in the country they now reside? Any advise or the steps the need to be taken would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Teena,
      Nigeria bank can not do that for you. You will be the one to do that for yourself. If you have you ATM card (naira or dollar mastercard), you can withdraw from your account outside the country (this depends on your location or where you reside outside the country). Otherwise, you have to come to Nigeria to do the transfer yourself.

  9. Hello Sir…
    My name is faraz Ahmed baloch…
    I’m from Pakistan karachi…
    I have a friend and he’s from Nigeria and he’s need to little money and he’s want to I send the for her…she have United bank of Africa…and here Pakistan is nó available uba…so then can you tell me how I send the money for her?? It’s my phone and whatsapp number please contact me…+923222737336

  10. Hello sir, please i need ways to send money to my children who are in Canada, they cannot collect dollars from their mastercards anymore because of the new rules imposed by the government i’m not sure if western union or money gram will work because of the amount i need to send, also i’m looking for a way to deposit directly into their accounts or if not, anything close to this option, there are 4 of them btw. Thank you sir.

      1. Hello Sir…
        My name is faraz Ahmed baloch…
        I’m from Pakistan karachi…
        I have a friend and he’s from Nigeria and he’s need to little money and he’s want to I send the for her…she have United bank of Africa…and here Pakistan is nó available uba…so then can you tell me how I send the money for her??please

  11. Hi Emma,

    We are a UK foreign exchange company and we have a client (international company) based in Nigeria who need to sell Naira to Buy USD, our collection Naira account is in South Africa, can you tell me please if it´s possible for my client as a company to Send Naira outside Nigeria to another Naira account in South Africa ? Many thanks

          1. Ok Emma, and what is the max volume autorized to be send for a nigerian based company owning a naira account to another naira bank account in South Africa ? Thank you

      1. Emma, FANTASTIC work on the insights to the possible ways for sending money from Nigeria. Especially to update on the effectiveness of the methods since 2015.

        Can you advice
        1. which bank can one use to send Naira from Nigerian bank to South Africa Naira bank account?

        2. Which bank in South Africa has Naira bank account?

        3. Is there a max limit on the South Africa ‘s bank, Naira debit card for online foreign transaction?

          1. Emma, thanks for responding.

            I read that you replied “yes” to Samuel’s question

            “We are a UK foreign exchange company and we have a client (international company) based in Nigeria who need to sell Naira to Buy USD, our collection Naira account is in South Africa, can you tell me please if it´s possible for my client as a company to Send Naira outside Nigeria to another Naira account in South Africa ? Many thanks”

            Help me understand this please.

    1. Hi Samuel, can you share if you have successfully sent Naira from Nigeria to South Africa?

      Which bank did your client used

  12. Hello sir, your blog is doing a great Job. Please I have a question. My GTB master card has refused to pay saying technical issues. I go to school in canada please how else can my parents send me money, I read through the comments you said to use moneygram, western union and paypal. Do they still work? Thank you and which of them is the cheapest and fastest to you.

    1. Hello Juanita Jerry,
      Western and Moneygram are not working properly. In fact, let me put it this way, they are temporary not working.
      If they have domiciliary account or PayPal account, they should use it to send the money to you. These two method are fast but they are not cheap. Like the DOM Account, they have to exchange their naira at the black market before depositing to their Dom account to transfer to you. PayPal charge at the black market rate.

  13. thanks sir. but I’ve already tried with it even with my naira mastercard but no work. please help me if you have another possibility.

  14. Hello Emma,
    Great job here.
    Out of the Western Union, Money Gram and Paypal, which is the easiest and cheapest to send money to Australia.
    I am considering sending less than 1000 AUD at a time.
    Please advise the best means with respect to the amount, security, easy transaction, etc

    1. Hello Prepdc,
      MoneyGram is the easiest and cheapest in terms of low volume transfer (less than $1000 transfer) but the problem is availability. The same thing is applicable to Western Union which is also cheap with low volume transfer. There is currently bank issues like windows for transfer have not been open with MoneyGram and Western Union Money transfer. So, you have to queue until it gets to your turn. PayPal is a third party, if you have a verified PayPal account; you can transfer as much as $5000 at a time to Australia but their transfer charge is high.

      1. Thanks Emma,
        Kindly also answer the ff qtns;

        1) Since the window for Western union and Money gram is not open for now, we are left with Pay pal I guess?

        2) I understand PayPal charges about 3.9% borne by the receiver is that correct?

        3)Are there other charges by the Nigerian banks as well?

        4)Any ideas what the exchange rate will be using Pay Pal?

        5) Is there any benefit or difference registering on Paypal website or registering Paypal with first bank or GTB?

        Thank you

  15. Hi emma i just spent half my day today going from branch to branch and it was the same story “we dont send” i was frustrated walahi, the only bank that seemed promising was Zenith but they told me that the max per day was $50 nd that thier link was not up…i dont understand what that means so can u enlighten me on it nd wen possible will it b up…Secondly i want to know the best branch in abuja here that i can send this money its really important……Thanks

  16. Hello Emma. I’ve got to say first Bravo u hv helped plenty…… i want to know more about this whole Firstbank Westen 8am sturv and booking also more about the moneygram method(Which Banks Moneygram is still operational). i want to send as little as $190 to someone in US. will it attract more than a $50 charge also what r d restraints in recieving as high as $2000

    1. Hello DSQ
      If you visit Firstbank which I know is currently no.1 when it comes to sending out money through western union, any time from 8: 15am down till closing hour; they will tell you that they have exceed their maximum transfer limit for the day. You will just be wondering whether they have done any transfer at all for the day. Sometimes, they will tell that they stop western union money transfer. So, to be able to make you transfer; you have book and queue up until it is the turn.
      UBA and Firstbank’s MoneyGram is still operation but it is just the same story.
      Sending out just $190 to someone in US, will not attract a transfer charge more than $50.
      There is no limit to how much you can receive. You can receive more than $2000.

      1. No, you are misinterpreting my question. Let me rephrase, whats the cheapest method of sending money from Nigeria so i can recieve outside Nigeria.

        1. Hello Joseph,
          All the means of sending money from Nigeria to outside Nigeria are fill with Hassles. The cheapest means which are western union money and moneygram are not always available. You have to queue to use the system.

  17. Hello sir, please with the recent cbn policy changes I will like to know maximum amount that one can receive per day from US or UK via money transfer companies like money gram or western union. Someone said the cbn have moved it from 5000$ to 10,000$ for individuals. Am expecting about 25,000 from my brother who lives in US.

    1. Hello Philip,
      You can receive up to that amount in as much as you can provide evidence of ownership or prove of earning of such amount. There is no limitation or restriction to any amount to be received.

  18. Hi Emma. Its been a while.
    The progress made so far is not much. I have been trying hard to get at least three companies to work with, but most of them, don’t allow/accept transfers from/to Nigeria.
    The other method I currently have (which is working perfectly), will require us to sell Dollars at around N390/395 per $1. This is due to the current exchange rate of the dollar to Naira. If things improve, the rate might drop. More so, I am still working on my won personal fail proof system of money transfer, but it will get operational around September and mid October, and we will be able to sell cheap.
    Let me know how you want us to progress.

    1. Hello Ayeni,
      N390/395 per $1 should be black market rate and NOT the official bank rate. This will not be favourable to us. At least, getting the transfer at official rate with charges then added will be better. Most importantly, I am particularly concern with high volume transfer. Lets keep working and as soon as you get your own proof system of money transfer, let me know.

      1. Yes Emma, its the Black market rate as the govt, CBN and banks are collaborating seriously (I mean seriously) to frustrate ALL means of FX transfer out of the country. Even for Multinational corporations, FX is no longer available.

  19. Hello sir ,

    A friend in India wants to send $5000 to me via Western union .Am also expecting $500 from my uncle in Turkey .Please I want to know if I can receive this different amounts the same day .Please reply to me soom

    1. Hello Cyril,
      Yes, you can receive the different amounts the same day and you can also not receive them the same day. The route (India and Turkey) where those money are coming from are not the same, so you don’t expect to receive the two amounts the same day assuming the money was transfer the same day. However, the discrepancies in days will not be much if they were sent the same day.

  20. Hello Emma,

    My Dad wants to send money from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria to me in U.K. Please what can you suggest. He used to send money via Zenith bank until they suspended international a.t.m transactions in June.

    Best regards

  21. Can i transfer naira from nigeria and get it as dollars in another country at normal rate
    Or is there any organization or bank that will sell dollars at normal rate for me

    1. Hello solaogedengbe,
      1. You can not transfer naira from Nigeria and get it in dollar in another country.
      2. there is no organization or bank that sell dollar at normal rate.

  22. Hello Emma,

    I just went through the threads and noticed you are working on cheaper ways to send money from Nigeria abroad for students.

    I trade forex and can send money to most part of the World apart from Asia and other African Countries.
    We always prefer to transact business from a bank branch which gives both sides peace of mind.
    Pls do get in touch.

    1. Please Funmilayo.
      I love to speak with you.


      Hello Nathan,
      We have deleted your email address from this comment because you didn’t state why you want Fumilayo to contact you. We protect the interest of our readers. You are expected to reach the admins privately if there is any need for that.

  23. Hello bro..I want to know if the FORM A is back working as of today…..and if there is any hope that it will be bback anytime soon…so my dad can pay my fees from nigeria

  24. Hello Emma.
    Please we want to buy some things worth about 2M NGN from USA. What is the best way to go about it? I am convenient with any method that gets the money to USD or GBP at good value.

  25. Gud aftunun emma,pls wat is d current exchange rate for naira to cedis bcos am seeing 100naira is 1cedis 40pesewas….pls is dis true

  26. Hello, Ayeni and Emma. I currently have a strong market of about 400 students and counting who would make use of yor service of cheap money sending if it works. Do contact me please.

    1. Thank you Mayowa. Please, kindly be patient, as myself and Emma are working overtime to provide a solution to these problems. The options available right now are not that efficient. We want to be able to send money today, and the recipient receive the money today (within 20seconds to 6hrs).
      Once again, please be patient.

      1. my email address is [email protected].
        Whats yours?

        You have to seek the permission of the admins of this site before posting your email for any purpose outside helping our readers here. We strongly protect the interest of our readers here.

  27. Hello ayeni and Emma onwuka, id like to be keyed into this modality as i currently have over 400 students in Rapid demand who would gladly utitlize these avenues if it works.

  28. Hello Emma. I am interested in helping Nigerians solve this problem of sending money abroad, either for tuition, or upkeep etc. I am currently looking at the modalities, as I don’t want to be arrested by the CBN for money laundering.
    I already have a way CHEAP to send money abroad, but the limitation lies on the limit my bank placed on my debit card. The method is easy, fast and secure.
    I will like you to send me a mail, and possibly your phone number so we can discuss this further.

  29. Hello,pls am in ghana and my mum wants to send my school fee thru western union bt dey keep tellin her they av reach dia limit for d day,pls my question is if she has to queue for d transfer will she fill d form nd also drop d money with d bank..tanx

    1. Hello Nike,
      Yes, she has to fill the form, drop it and the money with the bank. She can asked them when to come back to confirm if the money has been transfer.

  30. Hi Emma,
    I just stumbled on your page because of the difficulty in getting money out of nigeria.
    Am in netherland and it’s so frustrating as my dad gets stranded in sending me money.

    Please if you can send your contact to me ( my mailbox )so I can send to my dad to meet up with you in person.

    Thank you

  31. Thanks boss, so what payment method am I going to use with the calculation , is it western union or money gram?

    1. Hello Gafar,
      That’s Western Union money transfer. Remember, exchange rate is Not stable these days; it changes every hourly and that can affect the amount you are sending.

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