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How to track Ria transfer (with customer care details)

A tracking system is used for observing of object on the move and supplying a timely ordered sequence of location of the object (data). All money transfer can easily track. International Money Transfer Operators like Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria etc. provide a tracking system for money transfers in Nigeria and globally.

Today, I will show you how to track Ria transfer. Tracking Ria money transfer” is a process that enables you to know the exact position of Ria money transfer as well as its status at any time. With Ria money tracking, you can ascertain if a transfer has been picked or still available for pick-up.

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How To Track Ria Transfer

Follow the below steps to track your Ria transfer at any time


  • Click on “track transfer”

Track Ria Transfer; enter your PIN

  • Enter your order number/PIN in the column provided, this is the Ria reference or code given to you by the sender
  • Click on search, then wait few seconds to see the location or status of the transfer.

This is very easy. With this, you can draw your judgment on the exact location and status of your money.

Ria Customer Care Support/Numbers

Just like any other business that needs to provide solutions and feed back to its customer’s puzzles and enquiry, Ria had put up necessary structures to meet these demands.

Kindly contact Ria for your complaints and enquiries using any of these channels

Worldwide offices

Austria/Luxembourg Phone: 0-800-265-000-00

Australia: (+6) 1-800-701-488

Belgium: 0-800-99-325

Chile: 600-586-7777

Demnark/Finland/Norway: 00-800-265-00000

England: 0-800-1830940

France: 0-800-777-858

India: +91 22 3939 7357

Malaysia Kuala lumpur central:1 800 88 2077

UAE: +971 4 4332322

Senegal: +221 338 590 890

Spain: +34 917 613 760

UK: +44 845 6008537

Italy: 800 940 004

Germany: +49 30 221 52 1950

Switzerland: (0) 800 372 372

Netherland: 020 262 4088

Ireland: 1 800 930 169

Sweden: +46 8234010

Norway: +47 2396 0260

USA: +1 562 345 2100

Canada: +1 905 238 4915

Mexico: +52 55 5523 2781

El Savador: +503 2507 2222

Puerto: +787 729-49102104

For questions and enquiries as well call 0800 085 5955

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Frequently Asked Questions on Track RIA Transfer

Ria Money Transfer Service Locations near me?  

As a customer who wants to use Ria money service, finding any of its location near you should be of utmost interest

In Nigeria to be precise, there’s no Walmart store for Ria services, rather the Nigeria commercial banks are always at your service.

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You can pick your Ria transfers in any of these banks: Polaris (Skye) bank, Access bank, UBA, Union bank, Diamond bank, Ecobank, First bank, GTBank etc as the case applies here. If you’re in the United States or Europe and environs, kindly visit Walmart stores around you to access this service if you choose not to send online via your debit/credit card on Ria money transfer portal.

How many digit is Ria money number?

Ria money number is usually eleven (11) digits, starting with 123******** as the case may be.

Final note

You can Track Ria transfer today with ease from the comfort of your home from your mobile device any time any day. By tracking your money, you will be at peace having known the transaction destination and status. I’d really want to believe that this guide has help you.

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5 thoughts on “How to track Ria transfer (with customer care details)”

  1. I sent money thru RIA to my son in the Philippines who needs to buy medicine for his severe pain.
    i sent my last money to his mobile wallet to be received in minutes. Now is 3 days and not receive the money.
    I would like to call the attention of the RIA management to send my money to my son.

  2. My name is syed Muhammad Ayub shah l am from gujrat please help me my customers is send me the money through ria butt l am not received the payments when l am go to the pakistani HBL bank gujrat he is advised me to money is not recive

  3. A friend sent me money from Denmark and I got to the bank to pick up the money through Ria after giving all the informations I was told my money has been paid out from another location.
    Please I want to get the information about the bank that paid it out, the location it’s paid and the name of the cashier that paid it out for proper investigation. Also try tracking it but they just said it’s be paid out without giving information about i

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