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  1. Hello admin. Pls I own a gtb account in Nigeria n another in Ghana as a student, I wish to transfer the funds in that of Nigeria to that in Ghana.

    Pls which option would be the most preferred?

    Do I still need a USD dom acc?
    Can Internet banking be a viable option?
    What of ATM transfers?

    Pls Emma, How can I fund my SKRILL account using any of this gtb
    Bank accounts?




    KIP IT UP.


    1. Hello DnkyGh,
      You can use your GTBank Naira MasterCard to fund your Skrill account INSTANTLY anytime.

      You need a USD domiciliary account for the Money transfer. ATM machine and internet banking will not work for savings and current account, unless you are transferring the money to a bank within Nigeria but you said Ghana.

      I sent you an email base on this. You can kindly donate to us. Thank you for your anticipated generosity.

      Feel free to ask more questions.

  2. Good day, please, let say 150000 k naira is sent from Nigeria to Kenya, please how can one withdraw all at once,also, which option can one use to minimize the ATM charges and lastly, how much would one get let say some one is using Eco bank ATM

      1. through bank transfer and using their ATM card for the withdraw, please also, how can one get to withdraw a transfer in less 280\dollar?

  3. i meant “can travelers check be address to some one out side Nigeria, let say i am in Tanzania , can i receive a traveler check ” if yes how please,.

  4. please, can a travelers check bee address to some outside Nigeria, if yes, what are the procedures?…God bless you

  5. Emma, I have a large sum of dollars in my GTB dom acc and would like to send all of it to invest in a property portfolio in South Africa.

    $1,670 000 usd to be precise.
    Seeing that liquidity is a problem here in NG…
    What would be the best channel?
    What does CBN say about Transaction limits?

    1. Hello Donald Penn,
      Use your Gtbank domiciliary account to transfer money bit by bit to South Africa. Usually, the maximum transfer limit is $10,000 per day.

  6. Good morning Emma, thanks for your blog. Can I have idea of dollar rate in parallel market in Abuja (so called Aboki market)

  7. Thanks for sharing all of this. Gave me a better understanding of it.

    But I still have a question.
    Am in California, USA and I someone is trying to send money to me and is very difficult for them due to western union limits. To go straight to my question. Can I open a domiciliary account from USA?

  8. hi i learnt that bank can now make exchange by them selves, please, does this means one can now exchange money through banks, if yes how

          1. OK thank you once more, please, does that means form A transfer is not currently available, also, what bank ATM can i use here in Tanzania to with draw money as Diamon bank naira card stopped working and what could be the exchange rate .God bles

          2. Hello Limse,
            Form A transfer is temporary not available. If Diamond bank Naira MasterCard no longer work, I believe, that of Firstbank, GTBank, Fidelity bank will work. The bank exchange rate today is N282.75 per dollar. At black market, it is up to N330 – N340 per dollar.

  9. Hi Mr.Emma,
    Thanks for the solutions you have created here.
    I want to transfer Euro into my USD Dom account with GTBank in Nigeria,let me know if this would work down there or do i need to convert my Euro’s into Dollar first?
    I would appreciate a candid response.

    1. Hello Mi,
      You can NOT transfer Euro into USD Domiciliary account. You have to convert the Euro to dollar before it can be transfer into USD Domiciliary account.

  10. I’ll have to appreciate your work, Mr. Emma, this blog is very interactive. Please, can you help on how to get a PTA(personal travel allowance)? Probably, the requirements and the duration for processing. Thank you.

    1. Hello Ka,
      Visit Access bank or Stanbic bank.

      Requirements for Personal Travel Allowance

      . Valid international passport
      •Return air ticket
      •Valid visa of the country of destination
      •Maximum amount allowed is 4,000 US Dollars per quarter

      •Customers cannot purchase both PTA and BTA on the same trip, but may purchase both within the same quarter
      •Customers travelling to West African countries and places that do not require visa will not be allowed to purchase BTA/PTA
      •Only current account holders who have actively operated their accounts for a minimum of three (3) months are eligible to purchase BTA/PTA and the account must have a registered Bank Verification Number (BVN)
      •Customers can only purchase PTA for members of their immediate (i.e. nuclear) family which includes husband/wife and a maximum of two (2) children over 12 years old.

  11. Finally a responsive blog!
    A friend of mine wants to send money here in Philippines. But he mentioned that the rates are very high. Do you have any suggestions for this? His account is gtb and with access. The rates will be so much higher if we exchange it to dollar then ph peso.
    Help please.

    1. Hello Pink,
      Your friend did not tell you the exact exchange rate? He didn’t tell you the means he intend using to send the money to you? He just said the rate are very high? Did you confirm that yourself? I just want to know how you want me to be of help.

  12. wow thank you so much, let say she sends 200k using pay-pal, how much would i receive in US D, also, how would i process RIO money transfer,how does it works, will the money come in local currency and what would be the exchange rate . PLZ REPLY .God bless

  13. wow thank you so much, let say she sends 200k using pay-pal, how much would i receive in US D, also, how would i process RIO money transfer,how does it works, will the money come in local currency and what would be the exchange rate . God bless

  14. thanks alot EMMA ONWUKA, she went to first bank and they said they don’t issue any outbound transfer currently, please, is their any other bank that offers the service(western union). also, how would she transfer the fund to my pay pal account here what information would i provide to her, would she need to open an account , cant she just provide my pay pal account to them instead of her opening another account or she goes to any third party provider?, lastly i have been trying hard to receive transfer for the past two months, but tried all the options available but still could not

    1. Hello Limse,
      You are talking about Western union and at the same time talking about PayPal. You said Firstbank Western union is currently not available, I will confirm that. Meanwhile, you have to check UBA moneyGram. Remember, what I said currently about using moneygram.

      For her to use PayPal, she has to open a PayPal account and verify it or she open firstbank account and go through Firstbank PayPal. With this, she can send money to your PayPal account which you can withdraw to your local bank account if your PayPal account is linked to your bank account or verified.

  15. please, how do i open a Paypal account here in Uganda and also, how do i fund the transfer from Nigeria ,?,my sister went to all the banks around, most of them refused to make the money gram, they all complain that their are so many people online, please, is their any other cheap and Good way to make transfer to here in East Africa

    1. Hello limse,
      To open a PayPal account in Uganda, open a local bank account in Uganda that issue international Visa card and then go online to open PayPal account. After opening the account verify and link the PayPal account to your bank account. However, it maybe easy for you to withdraw money from your PayPal account in Uganda.
      Did she also try the Western Union money transfer?

  16. if I would like to transfer money from my domiciliary account must I deposited in dollar before I can I get to transfer to ather country

  17. My Name is Emmanuel, I am planning to pay my school fees into University College Dublin but am worried about the payment. Am confused. Is it compulsory I have to convert my naira into black market Euro currency of N364/€1 or the official bank rate N224/€1. These two rate are contradicting. Which of the two am I to use. The school fees for first semester is €6000 and this is what I need to pay first. If I use the black marke rate of N364 the fees will be outrageous (N2,184,000) if I use the bank offical rate of N224 I will pay (1,350,000). Please help me out by explaing how to pay my fees in Euro in a cheaper rate.

  18. Money was sent from the UK on 27 of March and was delayed due to the Easter celebration. But ought to have gotten to Nigeria by now, I will like to know how many days in maximum does it take for an international bank transfer to get to a gtb dom account.

  19. I have a friend in Canada that needs to pay me for services rendered. He said he is not sure of how to do that.

    I am intending to open a dollar domiciliary account. How can he do the transfer? Thank you Emma.

    1. I ask this because it is almost impossible to receive any payments here in Nigeria through PayPal. Please help me out.

      Can he just do the transfer directly through his account there in Canada to me here in Nigeria?

  20. hi Emma, please how much does gt bank charge for an international money transfer through a dormiciliary account??

    1. The maximum transfer via DOM Account is $10,000/day.
      Transfer charge or fees via DOM account (outflow) is based on commission and it goes this way: 2% commission on every transfer, 5% of 2% commission on VAT, N4000 for Teles (optional but necessary).
      Transfer charge via Domiciliary account (inflow) is 0.5%.

  21. Hello admn. I appreciate ur effort here. seriously the exchange rate is killing things here. I’m unable to pay some certain fees. Pls I’ll appreciate if u can recommend a suitable means of me transferring more than 300k naira to nearby African countries like bénin republic, ghana, togo. Or if there’s any suitable bureau de change/bank here in Nigeria where i can change cedi and cfa at a normal or near to normal rate. Admin also I’ll love to have online conversation avec toi.

    1. Hello Prosper clint,
      I understand your predicament and the pains most Nigeria students outside the country are passing through right now. First, I will suggest you read this post; How to send money from Nigeria to another country and its comments. There are many suggestive means of sending money outside Nigeria in that post and its comment. Diligently go through it. After that, if you still need my suggestions then let me know.

    1. Hello Gift,
      From the comments in this post; how to send money from Nigeria to another country; “RIA MONEY TRANSFER– Ria Money Transfer is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc. It is an international money transfer organization that allows funds to be sent and received directly to the recipient’s account or agent location as specified by the sender. Apart from money transfer, Ria money transfer are also into Bill Payment, mobile top up, cashing cheque, currency exchange and money order.

      Ria Money Transfer is Similar to Western Union transfer and MoneyGram but NOT as popular as Western Union and MoneyGram. Ria money transfer agents covers over 137 countries. Ria money transfer can be done online or at any agent location

      In Nigeria; Firstbank, Diamond bank, Skybank and some others bank are agents to Ria Money transfer.

      The Requirement for sending money through Firstbank Ria Money Transfer is quite similar to that of Firstbank western union. However, to use Firstbank Ria money transfer to send between two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) and above; Firstbank expect you to be firstbank account holder or be identified by a firstbank account holder.

      The maximum transfer limit through Ria money transfer is $5000 in naira equivalent to any receiver elsewhere. CBN guideline does not permit company to company transfer through RIA money. All transfer via Ria money transfer must be person to person.

      Ria money transfer charges are fairly reasonable. Receivers’ don’t need to identified themselves if the money is wired into their bank account

      To send money via Ria money transfer, visit any Firstbank near you and request for Ria money transfer. You will be given the forms to fill. Requirements are similar to Western Union transfer”.

      1. Hi Emma,

        Like ur replies & comments, very helpful and straightforward. So here’s my question to you. Sending money out of Naija at cbn exchange rates is hell. Using money gram, Western Union (and probably Ria money) is next to impossible cos the whole country has faced that direction. Now I have noticed that this whole exchange rate issue is on the 3 major currencies. Is there a way to send out other currencies like AUD, CAD, etc? So that the receiver abroad can make changes and get a reasonable value.

  22. Hi,
    Please am planning to travel to Canada for my masters, but I don’t know how to transfer funds to Canadian bank. The fund am talking about is the $10000 estimated fees for my upkeep for a year as requested by the embassy. Please help me, am running out of time

  23. Hi guys my sister in Nigeria wants to send me money through my bank here in USA but I don’t have no bank account in Nigeria, so how is she gonna transfer the money?

    1. Hello Elora,
      you don’t need to have an account in Nigeria before your sister can send money to your account in USA. She can send the money through MoneyGram, Western Union money transfer, RIA money transfer, etc

  24. Hello sir, I heard that western union has been stopped is that true? Money gram has very limited spaces to send money out of Nigeria. Is there any other way or advice?

    1. Hello Gentle J,
      Western Union has NOT stopped and Moneygram does NOT have limited space. You can still use any of the two to send money out of Nigeria. The maximum transfer limit still remain the same; $1000 in every 3months. You can as well try Ria money transfer depending on the country you are sending the money to

  25. Please can I transfer money from a NIGERIAN savings account to a Ghanian account so I can withdraw using their atm since there’s a new rule about the inability to use NIGERIAN atm outside . Maybe NIGERIAN eco to Ghanian eco

    Thank you

      1. I can transfer money from Nigeria to Ghana and Africa countries and any countries in the world serious person who is ready for transfer should contact me

  26. Please if someone can help me. I just found out there has been a new order under Nigeria’s new president that no one can send money out unless it’s for school fees, and the school must be verified and it has to be sent to the school account directly is this true?

  27. Hi sir, I want to transfer funds from Nigeria to India. As you have said we can open a domiciliary account and transfer but the problem is that we cannot transfer naira funds from savings to domiciliary account nor we can directly deposit the dollars in cash to domiciliary account. Bank people say that domiciliary account is for foreign inward remittance only.
    Pl help me with a solution.

  28. Hi,
    My name is Ojukumbe Nguano. After reading your post here i decided to tell you how I was able to make it. I had 150,000,000USD in full hard cash to move from Nigeria and have been fighting like a mad to get it moved from there for nearly 3 years. Until recently i came across a company who helped me a lot in moving the funds to an LLC company account. All went very well and perfectly smooth and my money is 100% safe. Nothing to say.

    Like me I am sure there are a lot of people who are desperate about moving there funds and who may be having a lot of trouble with that, ok I’m sharing the solution with you. Contact them on [email protected]

    I simply love these guys.
    O.N. – Nigeria.

    1. Hello Ojukumbe.N,
      I DON’T believe you and I wouldn’t want anybody here to believe you. LLC is a United States-specific form of a private limited company. LLC is a hybrid type of legal structure that provides the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational management. LLC companies are NOT bank neither are they third party that are involve in anything concerning money.
      So, don’t deceive anybody here.

  29. Please tell me..

    I have a friend who wants to transfer money to me.

    from nigeria to south africa, cape town..

    we have been struggling for the last 8 months to get a perfect solution.

    please help us .

    Kind regards

    DJ Van Rooyen

      1. but does that mean that an individual cannot send money in naira to a dollar account on gtb?

    1. Drop your email address and we will discuss about how to transfer money from Nigeria to South Africa. I am presently in South Africa and I am a Nigerian. Working here for the past two years now and I have my own ways of receiving money from Nigeria. Also send from South Africa to Nigeria.

      I will email you full information.


      1. Please get in touch with ways of moving money from Nigeria to South Africa. The Black Mrkt FX rate is too expensive.

        let’s have your phone number NOT email.

  30. Please can I receive money with the account, I’m a graphics designer and to receive money here from foreign clients has really been an issue for me

  31. Pls i want to knw, if i open a dom accnt here in nigeria and transfer d money in savings accnt into it before travelling to UK. When i finally get to UK can i transfer what i already have in my dom accnt into d bank accnt i now open in UK? Tnx

    1. Hello Bright,
      YES, If you open a domiciliary account here in Nigeria and you get to UK and open a new bank account;you can transfer the money you have in your DOM account into your new UK bank account.
      You can also withdraw money from your domiciliary account in UK depending on the Bank you open the domiciliary account with.

  32. Please explain better on the conversion from naira to dollars. Is it that GTb don’t sell dollars? Or what?. Thanks

    1. Hello Jerry,
      GTBank neither sell currencies (dollars, euro, pounds etc) nor do currency conversion. So, if you want to transfer money from Nigeria to abroad (let say to USA) through your GTbank dollar domiciliary account and you have less money in that account than you want to transfer; GTBank will NOT accept or allow you pay in any currency other than dollar into your DOM account. If you ask them to convert the money you are having which is in Naira to Dollar, they will tell you they don’t that.
      Firstbank of Nigeria sell currencies and they also do currency conversion. With their outbound money transfer service, you are sure that you can transfer money from Nigeria to in any country around the world.
      For more information and other options on how to transfer money from Nigeria to any country in the world, check this article; how to Transfer Money from Nigeria to Another Country Abroad

      1. @ emma don’t mind this old legend , FX transfer in gtbank only convert your dollars to Naira at the bank current rate , not the other way round

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