How to write a killer post title; push visitors to click through

The essence of the killer post title is to push readers to click through your article. Webpage may be rank high by Google yet the number of visitor to page maybe low because the post title is not ‘captivating’. In other to push visitors to click through your article when index by search engine, you have to write a killer post title. They are many ways of writing a killer post title;

  • Item-hyper formula
  • Finality formula
  • List post formula
  • Curiosity formula

The item-hyper formula

            In this formula, the subject you’re talking about is the item and this is follow up by what make people want to read it.

Example 1; How to write a killer post title; push visitors to click through

Example 2; The Latest Movie production Guide; Last Solution to Movie Production

Example 3; Get Thousands of Links to Your Blog Post; Real, No Magic

Finality formula

Learn how to use the “end of search concept” in your post titles. Words like Ultimate, Ever, Need, Greatest, Top, branded, Guaranteed are use in end of search concept post title.

Example; All You Need to Know About Twitter Timeline; Guaranteed!

The List post title formula

In this killer post title formula, numbers are assigned to the post title or headline. Of course, putting a number in your post title alone won’t help you make post a success, think of using a list heading for an idea that already has chances to fly. You can article can fly if you are able to apply the list post title formula effectively

Example; 10 Simplest Ways of Achieving Your Life Goals

Example; 101 blogging tips; ultimate bloggers’ guide


The Curiosity formula

Here you invoke curiosity; the reader is force to read through to see how true your post title is. Chances are that you’re taking your reader somewhere of which they will never regret after reading your article.

Example; How to Feed South-East of Nigeria with Milk from 8 Cows.

You can use any of these killer post title formulas to make comment in this blog. I will score you if well written. You time Starts now!!

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