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I need help in Nigeria

What type of help do you need in Nigeria? Are you interested in getting help in Nigeria on anything you can think of? Do you need help in any of these areas below?

Need Help in Nigeria
Here are likely list of areas people need help in Nigeria. Our major goal of setting up this site is to assist in these areas. These are areas include;

• Financial assistance and ways of sourcing for fund in Nigeria

• Need help on how to send money to another country

• Need Help on Small and Medium Scale Business Ideas to start in Nigeria

• Online Property and sale support

• VISA and Travel Assistance

• Tourist centre in Nigeria and location help

• Best Hotels in Nigeria and their location

• How to Importation of goods and services in Nigeria

• Shortest routes to different location in Nigeria

• Need Names of Top universities in Nigeria and their location

• Need Names of top secondary schools in Nigeria and location

• Need names of top cars purchase by most Nigerians

• Need Help… searching for latest social network in Nigeria

• Need  Names of Best hospitals in Nigeria and location

• Need the top paying professional Jobs in Nigeria

• Name help on the Postal code of your house in Nigeria

• Love-making and Dating Tips

• Need Medical and health tips

• Need investment tips

• Need help on how to make money in Nigeria

What help do you need in Nigeria? We are ready to assist you on this site.
You can use the comment box below to state what type of help you need in Nigeria. We are here to help out.

2 thoughts on “I need help in Nigeria”

  1. Hi Mr Emma,
    Given the current situation of exchange rate in Nigeria. where is the best place to convert money from naira to pounds? Do people still change money at CBN? I need this to travel by January

    1. Hello Kachi,
      Things have change. Banks now finds it difficult to convert naira to any foreign currencies and even our so called CBN. The only thing Nigeria banks can easily do for you now is to convert your foreign currency to naira and NEVER vice versa. The way forward for you is black-market. Go to black market and change your naira to pounds, though the exchange rate is usually higher (it fluctuates with the capital market exchange rate).
      Another option: If you have pounds domiciliary account and a saving account, you can sell your naira to your domiciliary account to convert the naira to pounds at the normal capital market exchange rate.

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