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LINDA IKEJI BLOG Death & Resurrection Generated 20000 Traffic Boom

all about Linda Ikeji Blog story of blog shutdown
Linda Ikeji Blog

I was less busy today, so I decided to check out what is happening on facebook; it was all ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ on how the popular Nigeria Entertainment and Gossip blog, Linda Ikeji blog got shutdown.

Why such a popular and one of the successful Nigeria entertainment site should be shutdown was what arouse my interest to deep down into root cause of the incidence.

There is doubt that such a story or news will always go viral. Within 24 – 72 hour period of the incident, the news spread across facebook, twitter, whatsapp, 2go etc and even those who had never heard of Linda Ikeji blog; I believed was forced to click through the story link to get a flimsy of the drama.

Yes, I am popular fan of the Linda Ikeji blog right from mid 2011. As a Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing specialist; I have been studying Linda Ikeji blog traffics and how this blog, hosted on free blogger platform was able to attain that level. I wrote an article about this in past which spikes up some gossip and criticism by  

Whether, this is scandal or trick to revitalize the already dying blog is an issue to be clear but there is clear evidence of traffic boom to the blog as result of this. Over 20000 hot searchers were recorded on Linda Ikeji blog as I inquired.

LINDA IKEJI BLOG STORY BY SAHARAREPORTERWhat are the end results of this? One of them is instant cheap popularity and huge visitors to the site. Even the first time visitor will visit again as Linda Ikeji will ever remain a memorable brand name.
One person, in a twinkle of some hours got what many online business owners and companies spend thousands of dollars to acquire in years just for free.

Wait a bit! Did I sound jealous?

No, I am not. Every internet marketer will agree with me that the incidence is a bit suspicious and call for investigation and clarification.
Saharareporter gave me clue to the true story

Were we all faked or decieved?

Just like what Kunle Olomofe of saharareport says, “I feel as though we were all played and all this noise was created to force millions of people to pay attention to the Linda Ikeji blog. So, did Linda and/or her friend Aye Dee see this constant declining trend and then plan a fictitious reason to regain the lost attention to Linda’s blog and even catapult it to greater fame than it had in the past? You have to agree this is a possibility especially in light of the “confession” by Aye Dee and a clarification of whether or not

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