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One of the Nigeria top entertainment and fashion blogger, Linda ikeji has indirectly reveals the secret of huge website traffic generation and online money making process.

Caption: Getting your share in the online market

Every blogger is optimistic about increasing traffic to their blog and making more money by converting this traffic. When you think of increasing your income, you may be someone who has lots of ideas but doesn’t know which one to start with or perhaps you don’t have a clue on what do.

Too many ideas can leave you feeling overwhelmed and you can end up not taking actions that will make you achieve that dream. On the other hand, lack of ideas can leave you frustrated and lot. When you have too many ideas or not enough, the first place to start is to know that there are only 3 strategies that can increase your business income.

Now you may be thinking that there are many more ways than the 3. In some respects you are right; however this is a confusing strategy with tactics.

A strategy is the overall approach that you’ll take to increase income and the tactics are the specific things you’ll do that will make it happen.

The 3 strategies are very simple;

  1. Increase your number of clients-in this case your subscribers or average site visitor
  2. Increase the average size of each sale-in this case influencing them to take action that will result in your money making. Example; buying from affiliate
  3. Increase the frequency of purchase that clients make with you. In this case introduce interactive sections that will make them always come back to your blog.

Now, they’re the simple strategies and they are not rocket science. They are powerful in two ways. First, you can simple look and see which one you most need to focus on now to increase your income.

Secondly, when you’re ready for more dramatic growth in your business then you work on all three at the same time to produce outstanding result.

You can do all this by adopting email marketing, yes! Don’t be surprise, just take action and get free traffic coming to your blog and increase income

                This lindaikeji Newsletter was sent to my mail box, I never subscriber for that!

this is linda ikeji blog newsletter

 I was asked to click on a link for more information on email marketing campaign at the end of the email message. Please bear with me; I can remember if I click on that link.

These are my analysis of lindaikeji Newsletter on blog traffic generation and money making

Blog traffic generation and money making

To generating traffic and make more money from a blog or website is more than the above mention strategies. Email marketing is infinitesimal to the success of your online business though it may contribute but not as it is being preached. Like I said; it is infinitesimal!

The first step towards building huge blog or website traffic is to understand who your audience is or target market. Who are your audience? Do you send email to those who will be annoy on seeing your mail on their email box and will angrily delete the mail. Do you think these people you are sending this mail to will like to visit your website for more information. These and many more questions you have to ask yourself before sending mail. I know with your attractive and killer email post title, you may force them to your site but I know you wouldn’t like to tell me what will happen when they visit that your site and they couldn’t see what they are looking for. Every blog should have a targeted audience whether it is a dynamic blog or a niche blog and if you don’t know, it is the content of your website that will determine whom your audience will be. This boil down to next step to towards building blog traffic

The second step towards building blog traffic is to build quality, interactive and engaging blog content. Linda ikeji blog is a powerful entertainment and engaging blog with a target audience, The Youths and few Adults. Content is key to high blog traffic. Content is money! Search engine like quality content and people like it too. If you build quality and special website content; you will automatically build a brand name for your blog.  As a guide towards quality blog content, below are few things you should do or know when writing a blog post:

  • Pick the topic that makes you squeamish
  • Try to be simplest.
  • Apply humor,
  • Step into another person’s shoes,
  • Be a solution solver: treat the disease, not the symptom matter,
  • Rebel; write an the opposite story of the trend,
  • Deep into experience and practice descriptive reflection,
  • Envisage the future,
  • Compare and contracts (not just obvious)


The third step towards building high website or blog traffic is to apply simple search engine optimization tips (SEOs) for better search ranking of your blog. Talking about the Email marketing as preached in the lindaikeji newsletter above; how will you harvest the email address of the people you will send your mail to? The lindaikeji newsletter cannot answer this question. Organic search from search engine is the only answer to this question and to receive a better search engine ranking for search engine organic, you must apply simple search engine optimization tips. The search engine optimization tips include things like;

  • Developing a search engine friendly website
  • Writing a killer post title
  • Writing quality, interesting and detail post articles
  • Deep linking (off-page and on-page linking)
  • Proof reading and editing blog articles before publishing,
  • Using a light theme for blogger like wordpress blog, blogger blog, etc
  • Using images and applying <img> tag alt text description,
  • Adding Meta description tag to your website and so many others.


People who visit your blog from search engine because your blog contains what they are looking for are likely to come back again; and the tendency that they will subscribe to your blog posts are there if you make a provision for your blog post subscription. Did I need to tell you that this is the only way you can harvest their email addresses. Therefore, let your blog contain quality content that will meet peoples’ need and for better search recognition.


The fourth step towards building high blog traffic is to join social networking sites.  Joining Social networking site like facebook, twitter, Google+, linkdin, dig, etc can help boost your online presence and earn you  high blog traffic. In fact, one means by which Google may use in ranking your website is in website’s social media status. Your fans and followers in your social networking page are very important as they are your nearest customers. Build fans and followers on social networking site and you’ve build your blog traffic.


The fourth step towards building huge blog traffic is to join the big forum (related to your blog topics) and make you known. Forum is a place where you can establish your online presence. Leave link and comment there, one day your audience follow you to your blog from your link. When joining forum, try to join forums that are related to your niche.


The fifth step toward building a high website or blog visitors is by guest blogging. I assumed you know what guest blogging is. If you don’t simply visit our guest blogging page at the top of this site. If you are viewing this page on mobile phone, use our search box to locate the page


Summary, the amount of money you will be making in a month is dependent on your blog traffic. Blog traffic=$$$.   These top five ways I have listed above are the most important steps toward generating blog traffic and making money.  The linda ikeji email marketing can only work for your if you have high blog traffic and large data base of email subscribers.


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