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We have and The true story is that these two blogs are not owned by one person. One (www. pretends to be the other ( and scammed people in the name of that.

 I decided to write about this because I am somehow affected; and before I end this story you will see how I am being affected.

Before I precedes to the let the cat out of the bag; for your information, this “fictitious” was a “clone” of This site ( uses several servers (different IP address), who knows how many of this such site it clones to steal from them.lindaikejiblog

Now, hear the true story,

“linda ikeji laments that is NOT me! Don’t let them scam you please. Quite a number of people have used my name to open blog which is not right but okay, but when you start using my name to dupe people then it’s a problem.

There’s a blog called that has been pretending to be me and duping people of thousands of naira. The person is collecting money from people with a promise to post their material on my blog. When you call him he says he’s Linda Ikeji’s business manager and sends you an account number to pay money into. People pay him expecting to see their material on LIB but he posts it on that blog that has no reader.

So far he has duped at least 3 people who have since contacted me wondering why their material has not been posted on my blog. God knows how many others he has duped.

I got someone to call him asking for advert rates, and while pretending to work for me, gave out his info. I do not know this guy. He does not work for me and I have nothing to do with that blog.

His name is Chudi-oji Chukwuuka. His number is 08060565721. His account number is Chudi-Oji chukwuka, 0044157183, GTBank. Please don’t let yourself be scammed!”




I came to know about the ‘fictitious’ the day I receive a newsletter titled, “Linda Ikeji Newsletters” in mail box. The topic of the newsletter was totally unrelated to Linda ikeji’s blog I use to know. I am a popular fan of Linda ikeji blog but I know quite well that I have never subscribed for anything like newsletter from the blog. I was totally amazed how the email sender managed to harvest my email address and send me that unsolicited mail. This is how Chudi-oji Chukwuuka go about duping people claiming to be linda ikeji’s manager.


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