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List of 57 most used Cars in Nigeria; make best choice

This article contains List of most used Cars in Nigeria and  you can make your best choice from the list. If you want to buy a car in Nigeria or let say, you were ask to buy your dream car; you can select from the cars below to buy. Make your best choice of car. I will talk about each of these cars in more detail  later

Pictures of Popular and Most Used Cars in Nigeria

List of 57 most used cars  in Nigeria

Here is the most used cars in Nigeria.  These Cars are rugged  and they can withstand the poor Nigerian road network. The list is made of cars used as private and cars for commercial purposes in Nigeria. They are as follows;

Most Used Volk Swagen Car in Nigeria

  1. Volk Swagen Golf
  2. Volk Swagen Jetta

Most Used Toyota Camry Car in Nigeria

  1. Toyota Camry big daddy
  2. Toyota Camry Tiny-Ligh
  3. Toyota Camry Spider
  4. Toyota Camry Muscle

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Other Most Used Toyota Cars in Nigeria

  1. Toyota Avenza
  2. Toyota Avalon
  3. Toyota Tacoma
  4. Toyoa 4Runner
  5. Toyota Tundra
  6. Toyota Rav4
  7. Toyota Prodo
  8. Toyota Sienna
  9. Toyota Hiace Bus
  10. Toyota Corolla
  11. Toyota Yaris
  12. Toyota Matrix
  13. Toyota Highlander
  14. Toyota Land Cruisser
  15. Toyota Petfinder

Most Used Acura Cars in  Nigeria

  1. Acura MDX
  2. Acura ZDX

Most Used Honda Cars in Nigeria

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Honda CRV
  3. Honda Element
  4. Honda Crosstour
  5. Honda Pilot
  6. Honda Pullet
  7. Honda Civic

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Most Used Nissan Cars in Nigeria

  1. Nissan Pathfinder
  2. Nisaan Amanda
  3. Nissan Exterra

Most Used Infinity Cars in Nigeria

  1. Infinity Jeepfx.
  2. Infinity FX45
  3. Infinity QX4

Most Used Peugeot Cars in Nigeria

  1. Peugeot-406
  2. Peugeot-407
  3. Peugeot-407

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Most Used BMW Cars in Nigeria

  1. BMW 3-Series
  2. BMW 5-Series
  3. BMW X5
  4. BMW X6

Most Used Mazda Cars in Nigeria

  1. Mazda Tribute
  2. Mazda MPV
  3. Mazda A6

Most Used Lexus Cars in Nigeria

  1. Lexus-GX 460
  2. Lexus RX350
  3. Lexus GX470
  4. Lexus-RX300
  5. Lexux-ES360

Most Used Ford cars in Nigeria

  1. Ford Escape
  2. Ford Explorer

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Most Used Rangerover Car in Nigeria


Most Land Rover Cars in Nigeria

  1. Land Rover Discovery
  2. Land Rover Frealander

Most Used Mercedes Benz Volvo in Nigeria


The MODEL/YEAR OF MANUFACTURE of these cars  is between 1996 to 2014

Here is a list of sites to buy New and fairly used cars in Nigeria and Cotonou. You can also buy or sell new and fairly used cars in Nigeriaplatform Autos section of Nigeriaplatform .

What is your main reason of choosing a particular car your driving now or you want to drive? Have you use or drive of these cars?

let’s know your mind. You can use the comment box below for your response

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  1. Pls wich car is better for taxi transport business in Port Harcourt?
    How much should I budget to get a good one that will serve purpose and generate return on investment.

    I want to actually go into transportation business but want to start gradually.
    My budget is between 500k to 600k.

    Pls reply, I need urgent advice.

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