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Make Money Online In Nigeria Quickly As Student

make money nigeria blogging as student

Are you are a Nigeria student or undergraduate looking for easiest and quickest means to make money online? Or maybe you’ve searched throughout all web pages in internet containing information on how to make money online in Nigeria, but all you could get are the set of stories. Instead of showing you  the right steps and action to take, you are present with eBook PDF to download (claiming that everything you need to make money online in Nigeria is the PDF) either for free or to pay but I tell you they more interested in your email address. I know that some will directly demand for your email address by asking you to subscribe before you can receive the so called online money making article.

What I am about to reveal here to you are unique ways I have seen students make money online in Nigeria. It is not the same as those things you see out there. So, I want you to read this article in between line to grab all details.

There is no special secret about online money making in Nigeria but when you learn the easiest means of making money online it becomes a special secret. I would have become a millionaire when I was a student if I had known the things I know now. I am more particularly concerned with students because most students suffer a lot especially those that their parents are not buoyant enough.  Again, I shouldn’t be telling you this; there is massive unemployed graduates therefore becoming self employed has become the only solution.  Let me inform you that internet offer vast opportunities for self employment and beginning earlier as a student to tap from these opportunities is the key to self employment. Anybody can make money online in Nigeria by following what I’m about to share now. It is not question of; you are not a student. Wait! Did I say anybody can make money online in Nigeria by reading this article and practicing the steps I gave? Yes!  It is not a joke, you can.

I know by now you are keen to know these easy means of making money online in Nigeria, you can’t wait to grab these opportunities. There are several means of making online in Nigeria quickly but which of these means best suit a student.

Here are the quick means of making money online in Nigeria as a student

  1. Use of free classified ads site

Does this sound new to you?  Have you had of making money online in Nigeria as a student by using online free classifieds sites?

When I was in the university as a student, I know one of my colleagues who were known as a land agent. He goes out there, meet land owners he knew that want to sell their land, he add money to price of land and sell the land to his customers and through the registered land agents. At a point he was doing better than registered land agents. The online Nigeria free classified ads sites offers student such similar opportunity but unlike a land agent who will undergo the stress of scanting for land buyers, you don’t undergo such stress looking for customers.

How do you use free classifieds site to make money online in Nigeria?

Few weeks ago, my friend who was a student of UNIBEN bought an Ipod from his colleague at N15, 000. He placed the Ipod at N25, 000 in Nigeria classified ads site for sell. Two days later, he received a call from somebody that bought the Ipod from him at that price. Look! It didn’t end there; he kept receiving calls from buyers who want to purchase the Ipod until he has to bring down the ads. Tell me, if he had placed five such ipods on the site, how much he will be realizing at the end of the day.  Is this difficult? Do require money for setting up anything here? No! This is quickest means of making money online I have ever seen.

So, don’t wait any more; look for those selling this kind of things cheap offline, buy them, add money to the price you bought them and post them ads on free classifieds site. All that you needed is to buy and post what you think people will like to buy from you. Things like ipad, ipod, tablets, special phones, softwares, etc

I assumed you know what free online classified ads site are, but if you don’t I have written extensively on free classifieds sites in Nigeria  and how to post free ads on OXL Nigeria. Grab all the necessary information about free classified ads sites in Nigeria from there.

  1. Blogging


Blogging in Nigeria is another easy means of making money online but not as quick as using the free classifieds site. I know you must have heard of Blogging one million times in web. Yes, it is not bad if you hear it again. Blogging is a big door that when opens; online money making begin to flow out.

Did I hear you say, how?

Let me not start bordering with the different types of blogging or blogging platforms like video blogging, wordpress blogging, blogger blog etc and getting traffic to the blog. let’s get to the point.

How does one make money online blogging in Nigeria?

There are so many ways to monetize your blog;

When you join Google adsense program, Google will be placing merchant’s (advertiser’s) website link on your blog if visitors to your blog click on that link will pay you such click. Advertisers pay Google a predetermine amount for each click, and Google then forwards a share of this amount to you via check or international wire transfer. Such check or payment is usually made at monthly basis. Google will always provide a tracking tool with which you can monitor your earning from each specific ad. In this way you can track which specific ads are generating the most revenue.

  • Other similar advertising network like Google to you join include;

AdNation for publishers,

ads by Dynamo for publishers, and yahoo media-net Ads for publishers.

You join any of them to make money from blog


  • Through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to meet your goals. It is simple and easy program through which you earn a lucrative income. It is a simple agreement between advertisers and you. You promote the advertiser’s product or service on your website and you earn money visitors click on the product to reach the advertiser’s site and a sale is made.


  • Through advertisement

You can accept advert banner, link advert and place on your blog from advertisers. Those advertisers pay you at certain rate per week, month, or yearly.


  • Through selling of your own product.

You can sell your own product on your blog to make money.


In conclusion, you can make money online in Nigeria quickly as a student by following all methods I have mentioned above

4 thoughts on “Make Money Online In Nigeria Quickly As Student”

  1. This is about the best informtation i have read for a while. I would have loved to start blogging, but my friend said getting google adsense act is almost impossible now.

    1. Stella,
      Getting Google Adsense is very easy now. Your friend should not scare you from starting blogging because to me blogging is one of the best way to make money online. If there is any way I can be of help, I am here to assist you.

  2. I think blogging is the option i prefer more. Pls how can i register a website and start earning through the google adsense now.

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