MMM Nigeria Now Releases 2016 Mavros of its Participants; latest!

MMM Nigeria is now releasing old mavro using a define formula. This is a welcome development for its participants. Since four months now, participants December 2016 accrue mavro has been frozen.

However, today MMM Nigeria participants can smile again, the implementation for payment of 2016 mavros is being done.

MMM Nigeria pays old Mavro

Here is the implemented formula for retrieving of your old Mavro if you are participant

PH + (30% of PH) + (10% of PH for old mavro) = GH

This is how it works

You get extra 10% of your PH which would be financed from your old Mavro.

For example, you have N50, 000 as old Mavro and you PH N60, 000.

During GH you get: N60, 000 + N18, 000 (30% of N60, 000) + N6, 000 (10% of N60, 000) = N84, 000.

Therefore, rate of reward is 40% for those with old Mavro till their outstanding is exhausted or following a review.

According to Jude in MMM Whatsapp group, “its simple Maths just adds a zero (0) to your existing Mavro to know how much you need to PH in other to GH everything at once. e.g to GH 1,000,000 (1M) Mavro you have to PH 10,000,000 (10M)”

But the good thing is you don’t have to GH everything at once. It’s bit by bit

For MMM Nigeria starts again!

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