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MMM Nigeria ( & 30% monthly interest palava explained

The latest information/updates about MMM in Nigeria are;

  • MMM  Founder, Sergey Mavrodi dies at 62 in Moscow, Russia
  • MMM is put on Pause mode after the  Serge Mavrodi death, yesterday.
  • MMM Nigeria is resuming  on/before January 14, 2017.
  • change of Guider are now available on participant’s PO. Participant can now change his/her Guider by clicking on my page and then  change Guider once he/she have the new guider’s email address.
  • MMM Call centre representative’s number is now available. Participant can now call if need be.
  • PROMO task button is now available. Participants can now promote MMM in many ways.

MMM Nigeria is taking a new dimension in 2017.  Participants are advised to disregard any information not seen on his/her PO.

About  MMM Nigeria; WHAT IS MMM?

The abbreviation MMM was believed to be coined from the names of the 3 founders of MMM Global; Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova.

MMM is an acronym which means Mavrodi Mondial Movement .

MMM Nigeria

MMM Nigeria is a ‘subsidiary’ of MMM Global. The Main official MMM Nigeria website is  A fake or cloned MMM Nigeria site which is; registered by one ERNEST MBANEFO in South Africa now exist.

MMM Nigeria took full effect in Nigeria, October last year. Despite, its wide bad publicity and criticism; MMM Nigeria have continue to thrive well in Nigeria with over 600, 000 registered members.

How does MMM Nigeria work?

How MMM Nigeria worksParticipant provides Money & Participant gets Money in MMM Nigeria (Win-win)

MMM is not a bank.  MMM does not collect anybody’s money.  MMM is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM Nigeria is NOT even a ponzi scheme as described in Wikipedia  and wrongly explain by the guy in Nairaland. At least, I can say that MMM Nigeria does not work on initially principle of MMM. MMM is a community where people help each other. MMM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. All funds received on get help from another participant are the benefits of your good will. In MMM you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps

Who provides help or pledge? PARTICIPANT!

Who then gets help with Interest? PARTICIPANT!

Does it mean that MMM does business with participant’s money to pay them interest at the end of the month? No!

Who provide the 30% monthly interest and all the bonuses received by participant/members who provide help? PARTICIPANT!!! How?

How does the 30% Monthly Interest and all Bonuses received by Participant come about?

The 30% monthly interest received by participant in MMM who had provided help comes from another participant who wants to provide help.

Still not understood, Ummm?

A simple illustration of what happens is this;

Participant A provide help of N100, 000 to Participant B, Participant B provide help of  N169,000 to Participant  C, Participant C now Provide help of N130, 000 to Participant A.

You will simply see in summary that what really happened is that Participant A has gained an interest of N30, 000.

By means of referrals and registering of new participants/members who provide help regularly; the interest of N30000 and all other bonuses is maintained. The system is sustained via this means.

This is how it works on the site: you declare the willingness to “Provide Help”; you click on provide help, after which your account will be rewarded with mavro (internal “currency”/scores of the System). Mavros will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 30% per month. The sum in Mavro shows how much you can get as help for yourself, so you click get help.

Let say you provided help of N10, 000; you will be rewarded in your personal office with 10, 000 mavro. And they will immediately start growing! A month later, these N10, 000 will become 13, 000 mavro. Accordingly, you will be able to get help of N13, 000.

You may not really need to wait for a month. Help can be requested at any time, but this is only after confirmation of your mavro (i.e. after you actually provided help to another participant.

Remember, the provision of help is based on trust and honest by the members. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it

WARNING AND RISK: This system is regulated by MMM in such a way that they will be no flaws but it belongs to the people. But, it is likely bound to collapse one day.

That is why there are these warnings on the website;

  1. “There are no guarantees and promises! Neither explicit nor implicit.
  2. There are neither investments nor business! Participants help each other, sending each other money directly and without intermediaries. That’s all! There’s nothing more.
  3. There are no securities transactions, no relationship with the professional participants of the securities market; you do not acquire any securities. (Do you need them? :-))
  4. There are no rules. In principle! The only rule is no rules. At all! Even if you follow all of the instructions, you still may “lose”. “Win” might not be paid. Without any reasons or explanations.
  5. And in general, you can lose all your money. Always remember about this and participate only with spare money. Or do not participate at all! Amen. :-))”

Are you an ordinary participant or guider in MMM Nigeria, Let’s know your experiences so far.

If you have any question or comment, you can use the comment box below.

You can also register through this site;, but before you register make sure you call us  on this phone number 2348099493028 or send an email to us that we can guide you through. We are committed and ready to attend to you 24/7


134 thoughts on “MMM Nigeria ( & 30% monthly interest palava explained”

  1. Hello Emma Onwuka Goodevening pls when will mmm begins to pay for 2016 movros accrued to member. it is 4 -5months now since they unfrooze members account what is their plan? thanks

    1. Hello Kingsley T Obi,
      A lot of programming work and new strategy to pay the 2016 mavros are on going. Visit your PO and click on your Mavro; you will see that it has been slash down back to 30% growth. Check you PO daily for updates. Keep PHing and GHing while you wait for your 2016 mavros to be release.
      Thank you.

  2. Hello Emma Onwuka, Happy New Year, Please when will MMM sustain the system just as they claimed so that the rich and advantage participants that pledge to GH will receive their money. I mean for how long will MMM sustain the temple will it take more than 3months or more

  3. Can i change my existing mmm po bankdetail from Gozu james gtbank to Obi joy ecobank? bcos my gtbank is having issue now dol i have gh wit d gtbank b4 diz bank issue came up

  4. fuck this sh*t hustle for your money don’t let anyone fool you, hustle well, pray well and you will be rich, don’t believe in any fucking stuff, believe in yourself.

    1. Hello Aguzie mary,
      MMM has not Frozen but Participant accounts are frozen for one month. This is to savage the system from Threats and too upgrade is being done for sustenance and sustainability in 2017 .

  5. Good day Emma Onwuka. I applied for GH on 8 December 2016. Was matched same day. The marched participants due to some reasons didn’t make it to bank in time and banks wont be open not until 13th.
    They called apologizing to me, hence they uploaded fake tellers to avoid being blocked.
    Since I’vnt confirmed their fake uploads. What implications lies on my part since am expected to confirm a tellers on upload.
    Urgent reply please

    1. Hello George,
      Those participants that were asked to pay you should have pleaded with you to extend time for them since there is a provision for that and Not to upload fake tellers. Fake POP is against MMM rules. However, you are not to worry whenever they pay you, you confirm them.

        1. Hello Mr George,
          You can be penalize if you are found guilty. You are expected to confirm after receiving payment but whereby the participant that suppose to pay you uploaded fake POP; you are expected to report that to support.


    1. Hello Ralph,
      Please, just try to pay so that your account will not be block. On the other hand, the matching is normal. Available withdrawal can not be zero if you have not withdrawn your money, all you need to do is to refresh the page.

  7. morning. I made payment and uploaded receipt buy payment later reversed and recipient could nt confirm, now Number:
    R36228140759 Recipient reception of payment period expired (Request to provide help Z35545129409)
    wah should I expect or do

  8. Pls answer to this
    If I have different bank accounts with my name for example if I have gtb account, Skye account and the likes,,can I use them to open different mmm account

  9. If I have different bank accounts with my name for example if I have gtb account, Skye account and the likes,,can I use them to open different mmm account

  10. Can I register or refer another person the same day in did my own registration and still get my 5% referal bonus before they match me?

      1. I. Just want to know if I can register myself and at the same time refer or register another interested person under my link and still get the 5% referal bonus. Or do I have to wait until I render help before I can register or refer anybody

  11. Pls what about a situation whereby someone is matched or merged on a Friday evening and he was given 48hr to pay the money to someone that needs help? And banks don’t open on Saturdays and sundays. What will the person do? @ EMMA

      1. Pls what about a situation whereby someone is matched or merged on a Friday evening and he was given 48hr to pay the money to someone that needs help? And banks don’t open on Saturdays and sundays. What will the person do? @ EMMA

        1. Hello Mike, you can’t be given 48hours on Friday. 72hours are usually given on Fridays. if your time expires on weekend, you can ask the person you are suppose to pay to, to extend time for you.

  12. People are saying is rather too late to join mmm especially now that exmass and new year is approaching that participant might run away with your money without rendering any help!! How true??? I really wanna join mmm!! But scared of loosing my cash! What is your take on new participant dis festive season?

    1. Hello Ivy,
      If you want to join MMM, simply go-head and register. Nobody will run away with your money. However,
      in terms of being scared; you are advised to contribute with your spare money

  13. Gud afternoon Emma Onwuka,pls I want to join d community but on my own but those that make me a guider if that helped, because I have many people that I will register. Or must I register under some one I known before I can be guider to people.

  14. Interesting! Emma Onwuka, thanks for the jobs well done so far.
    Please, I would like you to throw more light on the MMM. I mean how to become a member, and, the necessary information that a proposing participant needs to know.

    1. Hello Ibeabuchi,
      MMM is a community of people helping each other on the principle of gratuitousness. it doesn’t take you anything to join MMM. Registration is free! Someone can register you or guide you on how to register.

  15. please I provided help for someone, but he is yet to confirm it and the period has elapsed, showing me a question mark. please am I still safe?

    1. Hello yo-yo Nani,
      You are not safe again, you have to write to support but you can start from the message box initiated by CRO. You can reach me on the phone number you see in this comment section.

  16. Guys of too now I’m confused about the write of, who among the people really provide the 30%interest?
    And if it’s not a business firm how can interest be given

  17. Kudos to you for the great job of enlinghtment and empowerment you are doing. I want to be clear about the story of Mavro and his two brothers who were said to have duped the Russians in the 1990s with their ponzi scheme and also jailed.How true is the story so that people do not fall victims of same. Thank you.

    1. Hello Olatunji Sunday,
      The story is NOT true, they never duped anybody. Those are fabricated stories and besides the story of Mavro and his two brother in Russians in 1990s has nothing to do with MMM Nigeria. Times and time has change. MMM Nigeria is not a ponzi scheme. I don’t know what you want me to explain.

  18. Hello ,
    I have registered with MMM on Friday 4th Nov. 2016 so how long does it take to get me merged with another person that probably had asked for help?

  19. Hello, please what if the person u rendered help_ decides to have ur huge withdrawal and vanish… how will I get my own money??? this is Nigeria you know

  20. Pls I provided help and the recipient is yet to confirm and her no and her guides numbers are not going. I wrote to support, and support wrote back saying it has been confirmed. Now instead of a full green on the ‘good’ symbol. It’s a yellow questions mark. Saying the recipient is yet to confirm. And my marvo is still red (unconfirmed ). I wrote to support again. No response.

    1. Hello Somto,
      Sorry I responded to you comment late. Be patient, it will be confirm since you have write to support. In case of next time, for fast confirmation, use the message box initiated by CRO.

  21. please I transferred money to someone via mobile banking, I was debited without crediting the person,,, the recipient reception time expired what should I do?my guider said I did still pay that he will confirm it

    1. Hello Valentina,
      It is your own time that expires not the receiver’s time if you didn’t upload your prove of payment. However, you have to work with your guider to rectify the issue.

  22. I have deleted your comment because one of the word you used irritated me and we wouldn’t want to find such word on this site. Thank you for understanding!

  23. Good evning, please how can I know the exact date for the guidian registration because each time I see it it’s closed. My number is 08033614962.

  24. please sir my down liner provided help to a participant but couldn’t upload within the specific period, her line was blocked. I wrote to the support dialogue and uploaded the Teller which they replied that the Teller was not clear, I sent it again, but noting has been done. Meanwhile the recipient received the payment.

  25. Good morning Sir. please I requested to get help on the 17th October 2016 and I received a call from my office for outside official work which I don’t know how long it will take me, I quickly cancel the order not to be blocked out. When I came back I requested it back on the 18th October 2016. up til now I’ve not been merged to any participant for payment. I’ve also written to support dialogue for the merger, still to know avail. pls what do I do? my phone no is 08131941883. Bless you.

    1. Hello Chime Ify,
      Dear, you have to wait patiently to get match to be paid. They will definitely merge you. But if you ask me when, that is what I can’t tell. Had it been you know you will be back on 18th, you would have not cancel the order. Patient is another name for MMM

  26. Please for over two months now my 2 million has been on monatorium. I have written several times to support all they say is CRO.
    Can you help?

  27. Please for over two months now my 2 million has been on monatorium. I have written several times to support all they say is CRO.
    Can you help?

  28. i provide help to mmm participant and i request for help, mmm paired me with somebody to pay me but the person upload bank transfer form that she has paid me and time frame to transfer such business has expired but i have not receive my money and i click that i have not received my money and went to the support option to chat with CRO that i have not received my money i even uploaded my bank statement to prove that up till now going to 5days now the CRO have not paired me with someone else what should i do?

  29. Kingsley Chimezie Godfrey

    If you invest on this, is it that you will be receiving 30% every month or just for that month that you played? Pls reply I really want to know.

  30. good day sir. pkease how do I know my mmm guider?? I know who referred me but he told me he is not my guider..

    How do I know my guider???


    1. Hello Ola,
      There are many ways to know who your Guider is.
      1. Ask the person who referred his/her own guider. That person’s guider is your guider unless he/she change it during the time of registering you.
      2. if you have ever GH or PH and you are matched/paired, your guilder’s details will shown when click on details.
      3. if you referred someone, check your referral details; you will see your guider’s detail

    2. This is networking, the first set of people wins the money. You remember all those clubs back in the days….. Luke getaway club and others. Don’t be fooled.

  31. i am a rererral. i registered a member on and not when i login to my account what i see in my participant referra is under site column.pls why is it like that

    1. Hello Obed,
      You are not a referral but rather a participant. The real MMM Nigeria website is; every other one are clone Site. Meanwhile I don’t actual get your question.

  32. My dear, thank you for answering all my questions. I appreciate. This is not a matter of who registers who but I think, it is a matter of interest. continue the good job of putting people through, God must surely grant our prayers. ” Together we change the world”

  33. Thank you Mr Onwuka. please, how, where and when is the Guider school being thought. how is the payment Teller uploaded?

    1. Hello Chime Ify,
      Currently, there are Guider’s school going on since two weeks ago, batch 68,69, 70 and 71 MMM Nigeria Guider’s school. By the way, Who referred you to MMM? I mean who registered you on MMM.

  34. please, I have questions that needs clarifications on mmm Nigeria. How do I know who is my Guider? I registered three participants, I noticed that, my own Guider automatically became his, on second and third person no name entered as their Guider, how do I know whom to add? How will I download the payment Teller? what qualify’s person as a Guider or Guardian? How many participants can one registers as a referral?

    1. Hello Chime Ify,
      If you want to become a Guider in MMM, you must go through Guider’s school.
      I registered three participants, I noticed that, my own Guider automatically became his, on second and third person no name entered as their Guider. YES! That is how it is.

  35. hmmmm, the explanation given about this mmm of a thing is not clear to me AT ALL, how. could money be growing or having interest when there is no BUSINESS that it is invested in? .logic, if money is not coming I. as an interest on a particular investment but only goes out , my ppl it won’t take up to 3 month to crash.. hmmmm hope each MMM does not stand for a numeric number …if u calllam (6) na you sabi….

  36. I have suffered lots of these businesses oooo!!!! Fall victim to another again? Anyway, we’ll get to know about the truth of it sha. Una try well-well.

    1. Hello Kenneth,
      You can start with two thousand to PH in MMM but you will not get registration bonus. Call me at any hour (24/7) if you have challenge with your MMM account, if you register through this site; Call me before registration; PHONE NUMBER: 2348099493028.

  37. Daniel I. Ebubechukwu

    what is the meaning of mmm ? what is the ambition of the founder?where does he come from?how does he get pay or make his money?which religion does he belong to?what is his full name?how do i become a guardian in my community?

    1. Hello Daniel I. Ebubechukwu,
      MMM can mean many things to many people, typical example are Money Making Machine, Money Making Movement etc.

      MMM is a community of mutual fund Donation. However, MMM was believed to be coined from the names of the 3 founders of MMM Global; Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova.
      The abbreviation MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Movement.
      His ambition is to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. To force both the rich and poor to work by distorting the financial system.

      He is a citizen of Russia, a professor in Mathematics, Accountancy and programming. A formal member of Russian House of Parliment.
      He is rich already. He does not need to be paid because MMM is not a business.

      MMM is NOT business; it is a community where people help each others. How do you expect him to be making his money from such a community, he doesn’t even have control of? What MMM does is to regulate the activities of this community, to see that things work out rightly.

      His full name is Sergei Mavrodi.

      To become a guardian in your community, I have to register you to get started.


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