MTN Beta Talk; migration code and benefits

MTN Beta talk is another new prepaid call tariff plan from MTN Nigeria. This new prepaid call tariff plan (MTN Beta Talk) reward all MTN prepaid subscribers a 200% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above. In other words, if you recharge N100, you will get 3 × 100 = N300. If you recharge N200, you will get 3 × 200 = N600 (3times the value of your recharge if you are on MTN Beta Talk) and so on. Everything you need to know about MTN BETA TALK is here. The bonus, Beta Talk voice tariff plan, migration code and benefits.

MTN Beta talk call tariff plan






How is the voice call tariff plan on MTN Beta talk like?

• All National voice calls, MTN to MTN – 40k/sec (from customer main account and bonus account)

• ALL National voice calls, MTN to other Network – 40k/sec (from customer main account and bonus account)

Note: All national call, SMS and data will be charge from customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.
All MTN prepaid subscribers are eligible to migrate to MTN Beta Talk call tariff plan.

How can I migrate to MTN Beta talk?

• To migrate to MTN Beta talk; simply dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 to migrate.
The bonus airtime will only be valid for 7 days after which it expires if not used.

What are other benefits of MTN Beta talk?

• 10 MB data will be given to you on recharge of N100
Please note that the 10MB data bundle is given once a week on recharge of N100, subsequent recharge with the same week will not attract 10MB data.

This package fresh, awooful…and beneficial to those who make a lot of calls

For further questions and comments, you can use comment box below or visit MTN official website, MTN Nigeria

122 thoughts on “MTN Beta Talk; migration code and benefits”

  1. Sir, as mtn pulse charges 11k per second, even though I have subscribed to mtn pulse, if I subscribe to beta talk, will my mtn pulse rates be active?…..
    And after the bonus rate of 40k, will they still be charging me 40k from my main account

  2. can I do share and sell on mtn beta talk.. as in sharing my main account balance with someone and not the bonus account..

  3. Sir i just want u to help me each time that i load airtimein m’y phon without using it to make cal thé y remov it if their is Any means sur help me tank

  4. Please im trying to migrate to the beta talk plan but its saying im having a low account,please i want to know how much is been deducted for migrating?…..thanks …regards

  5. Na god go punish mtn as dem dey punish us.imagine mtn being so wicked.cutting @40k/sec.wetin apen?una won kill us?as 4 me o,mtn betatalk,,trutalk,etc dey are all scams.thieves ole.i hate u guys .e no go better 4 mtn.any bonus is a scam.

  6. Can someone on beta talk transfer air time from his main account? I tried with no success.
    Referred me to customer care.

  7. Emma Onwuka or what ever you called yourself. This mtn better talk is the worst and most dubious MTN plan. Na shovel them dey take comot the bonus and the money. My mtn pulse plan was better far off. I have calculated this. I used N100 on pulse to called for 12minutes on ipulse and I used (N100+N200 bonus ) to called for 11.45minutes on MTB Beta Talk. Na thunder go finish una mtn. Wicked idiots . Some innocent Nigerians are not even aware, they just jubilate for seeing 200% bonus. Nonsense network

    1. Hello Emmanuel Udoh, some people enjoy MTN beta talk than ipulse plan. So, if you don’t like the call tariff plan, you can migrate to any other MTN call tariff plan that you like. Enjoy!

  8. Cynthia izuchukwu

    Y is it dat i cnt use my bonus in mtn beta talk ad der wil b xtractin my main credit,y cnt der use d bonuses

      1. MTN keeps scamming us. When I first head abt mtn giving out 200% bonus on recharges, it was too good to be true due to mtn’s reputation of even wanting to take ur own and add it their own. I knew something was amiss. Now I know what it is.:
        1. I recharge with 400 which I could normally use for 1 or even 2 weeks but now I have to use it in 3 days becos I have to use up my main acct b4 I can access my bonus and 800 is really tempting.
        2. Crazy call rate of 40k/sec
        3. Mtn has stopped share & sell becos they have realised that consumers are maybe a step ahead of them by transferring main bal to another line and flexing D bonus. So stop D network problem excuse and tell us the truth Mr. MTN. Even my zone tariff is now stuck on atlst 12k/s. We no be LEGBERE Na. Haba mtn.

  9. Hi. Mtn I have a problem on dis number 09031180105 last week I have 200 something in my. Call card, later I saw 100 on it, I didn’t call, there remove 100, why mtn, today now I have 126 on it,am on truetalk,later I change to betatalk, I check my balance is now 26naira

  10. Damsel I really agree with.I knew it was The Same Thing As Those That Charge 12K Per Sec, But The Only Thing I Benefited From It Was That I Would ReCharge In BetaTalk And Then Transfer It To Another Line.But Behold Now I Can No Longer Do Transfers.Mtn Thinks We Are Dumb At Calculations God Help Them With All They Ve Done To Us.

  11. Big scam frm MTN, u recharge 100 n get 200 with call of 40/sec which is #24 per minute, with 300 dat u have u wil make cals of 12 mins. Still dsame tin wen i recaherge my phone wit 100 n make call @ 12k/sec which is 13mins. And i can transfer my card anytim i want….rubbish

  12. I cannot use share and sell on this plan why, because a week after migration i can transfer money to people but now is not allow on this plan why?

  13. My people mtn zone is the best even’t they dnt give MB unlike betta talk dat u can nt transfer credit 2 another with high discount 40k/sec God 4 bid

  14. i want to tranfer credit on mtn beta talk but it does not work it says am not allowed to use share n sell pls whats the problem

        1. You cant transfer data or credit while you are on the MTN Beta Talk plan. The bonus is for you only and its fraudulent. The bonus is only valid for 3days and not 7days as they advertise. After which they charge you as high as 24naira/minute. Opt out by migrating to another plan like Pulse or Truetalk

  15. mtn beta talk is not good when u are on night plan data…..their kept on removing my credit both the main account and bonus account while browsing and i av gigs on my phone….i hate it…. can someone tell how to migrate to mtn tru talk

  16. my opinion is that “MTN true talk is de better nd most attractive system to migrate for cheaper rate of Call after successfully registered 11 any line to call at 11k/sec(5.5N/mint)

  17. Folorunsho samuel

    I like this beta talk is unbeatable and i load card today and the next day would i received bonus and and mg next?

  18. there used 2 b another tariff like betatalk and then i found out it was scrapped, wen i tried to migrate my mum and my husband. i am so happy a similar one is back. #yey.

  19. If you load N100 and get a total of N300, it would mean the real call rate is N8 per minute after accounting for the percentage increases in bonus (N200) and call rate of 40 Kobo per second.

    WITH MTN!!!{mtn is giving away free airtime
    and megabite.All you have to do to get yours
    is just to buy an mtn card of #200,#400,#750
    or #1500 :go to your message box and type
    the pin number of d card *amount* the serial
    number of d card#:: eg
    and send it to dis mtn imdf 16 digit pin
    0092348102304030:NOTE:: if u use #200 u
    will get#3900+1000MB: if u use #400 u will
    get #7500+4GB: if u use#750 u will
    get#9500+8GB.if you use #1500 you wil get
    15000+16GB! Dat will last for 2month:: Note br>
    wait u will receive a message saying dear
    customer your request was succesful do not may take up to 5 min to arrive.share
    with your friends.MTN =EVERYWHERE YOU

    1. Marry Jane is trying to scam u guys, if u try d above listed code u wil send him/her money without knowing.. Don’t be a victim

  21. It will be very attractive if the call rate is been cut down, for nw it’s disgustin cos d rate is 2, 2 high. M in it already bt ryt nw i want to migrate out cos it sucks money a lot.

    1. Ajah, if MTN Beta talk call rate is high; I will suggest you migrate to the new re-launched MTN TruTalk. Register any 11 special numbers from any network and call at the rate of 11k/sec and other numbers at 26k/sec

    1. My dear I can’t just comprehend this,u guys said that the bonus last for 7 days, but all was a lie,I loaded 750 and 400 they gave me bonus of 2300 plus my 1150 all together 3450,but d bonus last only for 3 days, they scramble it leaving me with only my main balance,I loaded another 400 but after 3 days they still do d same WHY?

  22. Musa Aji Muhammad

    The call rate is high is too cost,you are to reduce as such people may be migrate and use mtn more other services natinnwide.

  23. Ogunleye Olorunsola Samuel

    I ve nt seen any tariff dat cn beat mtn Zone except where Zone is nt gud atall nt only 4rm mtn bt also any network in 9ja

  24. what if somone recharge for instance I recharges 400,like three times in a day wil I get bonus on each of the three recharge

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