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MTN Virtual Top UP Plus – How it Works & How to Do it

The MTN virtual top up plus service allows you to load not only airtime but also logical pins and all existing MTN data services including the BIS, Fastlink, mobile bundle plans and simple surf plan or time base time plans) directly to your phone or devices from any virtual top terminal or agent nationwide

MTN Subscribers and customers using MTN enterprise products(Hynet, fixed landlines, SIMs in vehicle tracking devices etc.) can also load airtime directly into their devices from any virtual top up terminal or agent nationwide.

How MTN Virtual Top Up Works and How to Do it

For instance, to purchase an MTN blackberry service;

• Visit Virtual Top Up terminal; any ATM Machine close to you is a Virtual Top Up terminal

• Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine

• Select the option to recharge your MTN number

• Select the option to load MTN BIS for N1, 500

• Enter your phone number

• Confirm the transaction

• You will then receive SMS confirmation that the BIS has been activated on your number.

Learn to backup your MTN your SIM and Phone Contacts

Other MTN Product and Services that you can access via MTN Top Up;

• Transferring of Airtime (any airtime amount) to any mobile phone number
• Buying MTN Blackberry Subscription (all MTN Blackberry Absolute & complete plans)
• Buying MTN Data Bundle Plans (all existing Data bundle Plans)
• Buying logical pins ( N100, N200 and N400 airtime denomination only)
• Loading airtime on Hynet OCS (any airtime amount)
• Loading airtime on fixed GSM Line (any airtime amount)
• Loading airtime on non-conventional GSM line (any airtime amount).G

GTBank Virtual Top Up & Code

If you have Account with GTBank, you can comfortable recharge or load airtime on your mobile phone at the comfort of your home or any where you are with just one click dial GTBank code.
NB. The mobile phone number should be the one that is associated with you GTBank account, it doesn’t matter whether it is your MTN number, Glo number, Airtel number, Etisalat number or Visfone number.

How it works

Simply, dial *737*amount#. That is the code. In less than a minute your mobile line will be credited.


Next tomorrow, I will tell you about MTN Auto Top Up and How to check your MTN Top Up balance
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