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Nigeria Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert wanted


This is not just other advert but it is in disguise; and sticking on your eyes wide on the screen of your laptop, desktop or mobile phone to read this advert may worth the pain.

Why need for Nigeria SEO expert?

Now that big search engine like the Google and Bing partly argued that SEO is dead and no longer key to successful ranking of a website.

This is what Duane Forrester,
Sr. Product Manager
Bing wrote;

Today, it’s pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to ‘bots plying the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flat lined years ago as a booster.
Between then and now, however, an entire $20B industry took root and bloomed. By far, most people in this space were legit, but enough weren’t that it still casts a pall over much work associated with SEO today. Inside companies, where groups fight for resources and budget, pitching SEO work is sometimes still tricky business.
We know it works when thoughtfully and accurately applied. But those who don’t speak the language are quick to point to other options: social media, paid search, paid social, email, etc. All ways to move needles faster than what SEO can promise.
And you know what? They’re right. SEO is the turtle in the race. It’s the unsexy concrete foundation under the building. (I guess where they see “unsexy”, we see ‘exciting’, ‘complex’, ‘engineered’ and ‘fundamental’ elements.) Bottom line, though, is that without a firm base of optimization applied, you’re leaving value on the table. You’re letting the competition get ahead. You’re committing corporate treason.
By covering the base work SEO focuses on, and by tackling the tricky, technical, advanced work, you set the whole business on a much more secure footing. And that’s gotta make you feel good about the work you do, right?
Well, it should, but let’s pause for a moment.
Because the reality today is that no business is successful due to a single element. Product alone rarely makes it happen. Marketing alone doesn’t work. Slick PR won’t save a sick product. Search rankings won’t solve fundamental product problems. Social media has the power to make, or break, you. Essentially, the winning program today requires dedicated investment across all areas.
And that’s the reality check for SEOs. Despite the growth of the industry, despite the number of conferences and events, and despite the more mainstream spotlight moving its way towards this work, SEO is finding its intended niche. It’s a marketing tactic and marketing plays a supporting role in a company. There’s nothing wrong with this.
Today’s SEO is a far cry from the place things started. Yet the goals remain the same: increase traffic, increase revenue. Engines are getting smarter, signals sought to determine ranking are shifting and consumer behavior is changing the landscape on both sides. So will SEO remain an important investment point for businesses?
Yes. It’s the foundation of the house, after all. But that foundation does not make a house a home. Everything else you invest in, what you build on top of the foundation and the people accomplish that. It could be said SEO started “for the people”; a webmaster wanting to gain personally. Well, today it truly needs to be “about the people”, your customers, or it’ll end up another failure point”

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So, Is SEO dead?

No! SEO is not dead yet. From all indication above, SEO is the foundation of the house (web page or web post) and any house without foundation cannot stand. Though, some other things like blocks, rods etc have to be added to the foundation to make that house. Whatever that was/were added to the foundation (SEO) should make web page content, Online Audience Optimize (OAO) which is what Google and Bing are now emphasizing on.
The only thing that aid search engine to understand any web page and rank that page is the keywords on the page without which the web page is good as it is dead. The concept of using appropriate keywords on web page content as part of SEO practice for better searching ranking can never be rule out even in the next 20 decades.
Therefore, SEO is still the fundamental key to obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results page of a search engine (SERP) like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Do we need Nigeria SEO experts?
Yes and No

No, because I learnt through an extensive reading, research, experiment, practice, and even blogging. Anyone can become an expert through this process. By experiment and practice you will be able to discover what that works or does not work.
Yes, for those who have learnt the art and master the science of SEO; you are needed. If you are a Nigerian already experienced in the field of search engine optimization and marketing; then, our numerous clients are seeking for you.
If you think you can make websites of my clients appear among the top search engine result pages whenever online users search for keywords relevant to their business, send us an email and your contact detail

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