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Omegatron mart Limited Vs Slot Nigeria Limited; who sell cheaper phones

Today, I throw up an open debate or review for these two Nigerian powerful mobile device and phones distributors; Omegatron mart Limited and Slot Nigeria Limited.

Tell others Guys, how cheap Omegatron mart Limited and Slot Nigeria Limited mobile phones are. Tell Guys your experience with them. If this is your first time of hearing of them, let Guys know.

What you are going to say about any of these mobile phone distributors and dealers here will help others live the life they want to (which is our major aim of setting up this site; to help others live the life they want to).

ABOUT OMEGATRON: Omegatron mart Limited is one of the Nigeria leading distributors of mobile phones, Tablets, cameras, Laptops, Note, Desktops, Accessories, CDMA phonesOmegatron phones and prices
Omegatron outlets and offices are located at;
omegatron lagos shop  is  at 14, Pepple Street,Computer Village, Ikeja Lagos.
OMEGATRON PHONE SHOP IN BENIN  is  at 47, Airport Road near Off Uwelu Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria.

TELEPHONE PHONE NOS; 234 1 2707907
Mobile phone; 08033044373; 08153799990
You can visit Omegatron Website:

Apart from visiting Omegatron office to purchase mobile device or phone, you can easily order for one through their online store.OMEGATRON IS A STRONG COMPETITOR OF SLOT NIGERIA

ABOUT SLOT NIGERIA: Slot Nigeria Limited is Nigeria number one exclusive Online Mobile Devices and phones retailers. They are number one in bringing the latest mobile phones into Nigerian market. They deal also on different kinds of mobile phones, Tablets, cameras, Laptops, Note, Desktops, and mobile Accessories.                                                                    SLOT NIGERIA AND THEIR PHONESSlot Nigeria is already a household name. Their outlets and offices are virtually found all the 36 states in Nigeria.
• Here are Slot Nigeria Offices and Branches in Nigeria
• Here are complete SLOT Nigeria phones and prices list.
Their contact details are also the article.You can visit SLOT Nigeria website:


Have you bought phone from any of these two mobile phones distributors (SLOT Nigeria and OMEGATRON) before? Have your friend or relative buy and you are aware of it? Which of these two companies sell phones cheaper in Nigeria? What are your experiences with them?

You can use the comment box below for questions, suggestion and review. Help others live the life they want to live with your suggestions.

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