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Top 15 Online Part-time Jobs for Students in Nigeria

If you don’t want to suffer an untold hardship as a student, you have to start up a part-time job unless your parent is rich enough. But whereby your parent is not buoyant enough to cater for the payment of your tuition fee, accommodation and a host of other things needed in school; you’ll definitely need extra source income to support yourself at the school. In a situation, the money you need to pay for all these things are not available and you refuse to take up a part-time job to help yourself, you may be heading to a school dropout.

Online Part time jobs for students in Nigeria


Internet offers vast part-time jobs opportunities you can earn extra income from. Starting an online Part-time job as a student in Nigeria will not only help you to make money while in school but it will also create opportunity for you to be self-employed after your graduation. There are massive unemployed graduates everywhere – Nigeria is no exception.  And I know, you won’t want to be counted as unemployed graduate. So, the best thing you can do for yourself as a student is take up online part-time job and make it a full-time job after graduation if it is a high paying job.

So if your interest to starting an online part-time jobs and make money online to support yourself in school, we have below a list of Online Part-time jobs for students in Nigeria that pays.

15 Online Part-time Jobs for Students in Nigeria

Online Estate Agent

Online Estate Agent is one of the best online part-time jobs in Nigeria for student in school. As online Estate agent, your job is to arrange for sale, rent or manage land and buildings for the owners. And you can run this via a website, call centre or online Nigeria via free classified sites. If you think you have the skill then online estate agent job is for you.

For example; when I was in the university as a student, one of my classmates was known as a land agent. He goes out there, scan and meet land owners who want to sell their land, he adds money to price of land and sell the land to his customers. At a point he was doing better than the registered real estate agents. The online Nigeria free classified sites offers student such similar opportunity but unlike a land agent who will undergo the stress of scanning for land buyers, you will not undergo such stress looking for customers.


Another online part-time job for students in Nigeria is blogging. All you need to do is create a blog and curve out an untapped niche to start blogging. Work on your academic time-table so as to give yourself sufficient time for blogging. Many students have recorded high success in blogging and you too can join. To start a successful blogging and make money online, read this article on how to start a successful blogging in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also among the best online part-time jobs for students in Nigeria. It is a simple and easy program through which you earn income. It is a simple agreement between advertisers and you. You promote the advertiser’s product or service on your website or social media and you earn money on each sales made. That is simple! Is it? Do all affiliate marketers make money online? No! Most Affiliate Marketers end-up losing money and sometimes have their shirt sold because they are marketing the wrong affiliate product. You can do affiliate marketing as a student in right way by following every steps in this ultimate money-making affiliate marketing model.

Online tutoring

If you’re smart and academically sound, you can start online part-time tutoring for students. Some students have passion for teaching others and can impact knowledge to others in an easy manner. If you are that type of person, you translate your passion into money by starting online tutoring service or offering online training service. Such training course can be package in form of PDF file, aweber, YouTube video, webinar, e-books and even direct mailing; you don’t need to spend a dime to get this done.

Selling of eBooks

Another good online part-time job for students is selling of eBooks. To create a high selling e-book as a student, all you to do is to research on topics or past questions students find difficult and proffer problem-solving e-book. You can carry out a keyword research to discover what keyword students’ type in search engine to search for this information on the internet. Use and apply these keywords when writing your e-books. Writing and compiling an e-book will not cost you money but it requires time and energy. So, map out the time (leisure time) for this job if you want to succeed.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is online job any student can do in as much you can read and write. Though, it may take a bit expertise to be a good freelance writer. Freelancing writing is a high paying job and starting it as an online part-time job is best for any student. Some students these days are into freelance writing and they making money big time. So, start providing freelance writing service to people and earn passive income on the process. You read more to know about how to start freelancing writing in Nigeria and make money

Online paid survey

Another online job you can do on part-time base as student is online paid survey. Online survey is an online questionnaire that contains a series of questions around a specific topic. Companies and businesses use online survey to gather large volumes of quantitative data easily, though they can also collect some qualitative data. To started register on a legitimate paid online survey site and answering survey questions. One good thing about online paid survey is that there are websites specialized in connecting survey takers with groups, so you don’t waste time seeking companies to work with. If you think online paid survey is for you, you can register on:,, survey junkie or Swagbucks to get started.

Graphic designing

If you good in graphic designing, you can make money online part time as a student designing graphics, animators, banners etc. All you need to do is to visit websites like Odesk, Freelancer, etc and register with them. Apart from offering graphic services to such other websites, you can build your own website and offer such graphic designing services on your own website such that anybody that needs your graphic design products can buy. They can also easily consult you if they need your services.

Mobile Apps development

We are in digital era. One of the top selling products in this era is mobile phones and it will continue to sell as longer new mobile phone with different applications are launch into the market. If you’re such a student that has a good programming knowledge or coding skill, you can start mobile apps development for companies and private individual who need mobile apps for their business. Apart from being hired, you can make money by developing and publishing your own mobile applications online part-time.

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Digital software development

You can make money online by developing and selling downloadable software that solve a specific difficult task. There are much downloadable software online both free and premium ones but each of this software solves or proffers solution to a specific problem. So, consider developing software that solves a difficult task if you have the skill. Some digital software you can develop includes:

  • Financial software
  • Food ordering software
  • Trading software
  • Digital arts and craft software
  • Video editing software

Other great Online Part-time Jobs for students in Nigeria

Website flipping

Apart from offering mobile app and software development, another online part-time job you go into as a student in Nigeria is website flipping and auction bidding. Website flipping involves buying a websites that are already making money, improving them either by increasing traffic or visits to the website or make more money from the same number of website visitors (or both) to the website, then selling the website for a profit. If you can’t afford already existing website, you go for a brand new domain and develop it

Creating and setting up blogs

As a student you can specialize creating and setting up blogs for companies and businesses to make money online. These days, blog sites are gradually replacing the conventional website. Each day thousands of blogs are being set up. So, as a student you can establish yourself as an authority in this field. And you also have the option of starting this job as an online part-time job.

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  1. Virtual assistance

Another online job you can take on part-time base is virtual assistance. You can become a virtual assistant or offer such services to those who need it. Some companies and private individual who are always busy may opt in hiring the services of a virtual assistance to attend to their emails, inquiries and meeting schedule. Take the advantage and provide this service at your leisure time as a student; all you need is your computer and a strong internet connection.

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  1. Language translation

Language translation involve the process of converting the written word or spoken word from one language into another language in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate so it can be understood by its intended audience. Some students are gifted in language translation. If you’re such a student you can take up online part-time language translation job. Some others learn how to write and translate English language to other languages and vice versa. If you are good at that, you can be hired by companies to help in translating documents from one language to the other. There are vast online opportunities for language translational service providers.

Résumé writing service

Résumé also known as the CV is required when seeking for job. If you have a good writing, presentation or résumé writing skill as a student, you can start writing and packaging a good résumé for people seeking employment opportunities. You can make money online if you are good at packaging résumé that would be an employer’s choice of résumé.

There you have it, online part-time jobs for students in Nigeria!  You can start any of these online jobs as part-time and make money online to support yourself and even your parents while still in the school. So, get started with any of those online part-time jobs. You can also learn on the field and adjust quickly if you’re not growing.


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