How to solve online payment OTP verification code problem

Inability to receive OTP is a Problem encounter during some online and E-payment. In this article, you’ll learn how to solve OTP problem. So, if you not receiving OTP on your phone; keep reading…

What is OTP?

This one time password generator





OTP stands for One-Time Password. It is generated by the Safetoken Service.  OTP is also referred to as safetoken. Safetoken/OTP and transaction limits are being put in place for your protection as part of the mandatory regulatory compliance by the CBN.

To make online shopping even more secure, online payment processors generate this second level security for your safety. This second level security is a 6-8 digit One Time Password (secure OTP). This help to protect your credit card and payment on the internet.

Online payment gateway without OTP

There is No secured online payment gateway that does not ask for one time password (OTP). If you’re using Mobile App to make payment, a token may be required. Any online payment without secure OTP or token is NOT fully secured. It is not advisable to shop or make payment via such online payment platform. So, do not try bypass OTP when making online payment.

Importance of OTP in Online Payment/transactions

  • OTP help you carry out online transactions above the default limits set by your bank.
  • OTP will always help you enjoy the remember card feature for Verve Cards which requires only your CVV2 and PIN to complete transactions.

You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile phone number automatically, when you use your card for making online payment at websites that support verified VISA or MasterCard® SecureCode™ authentication.

To avoid running into the problem of not getting your OTP verification code SMS text message quick when you initiate online payment, ensure that you use your primary mobile phone number ( that is the mobile number registered with your bank account and link to Verve card, Mastercard or VISA Card). This helps to avail fast authentication.

There are over twenty web payment platforms in Nigeria, if you try using your verve card, mastercard, visa, or other bank credit card to make payment on any of these webpay enabled platforms and it didn’t work; it means you have to register for secure OTP.

Solving OTP problem and Receiving OTP on your phone; to solve OTP problem, register and link your mobile number to your account.

How can you register for secure OTP in Nigeria

There are 3 ways to register for Safetoken/OTP service namely;

  • Activation by your Bank.
  • Activate on the Quickteller App.
  •  Self-Activation at the ATM.

How to self-activate Interswitch Safetoken/OTP on ATM for online payment

The Interswitch Safetoken Service system generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated via the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.

PLEASE NOTE THIS: The customer’s card would have been previously linked to his phone number for him/her to utilize this service. At the point of initiating a transaction, the customer may receive an OTP via hardware/software devices, grid cards or SMS and then he is required to input this OTP on the web payment platform in order to complete the payment.

The OTP is authorized by the Strong Authentication Server residing either at the switch or at the issuing bank and the transaction is completed.

To register for OTP SMS verification code, follow the prompt;

  1. Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
  2. Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
  3. Select your bank account type example Savings or Current
  4. Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  5. Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  6. Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  7.  Enter ‘322222”as the Biller Code
  8.  Enter your mobile Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’

You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due: N1. DO NOT edit the amount to be paid

9. Click on “Pay amount due”. You will then receive an SMS confirmation page indicating the registration was successful.

What you can do when you do not receive an SMS with a secure OTP after requesting for one?

Make sure you’ve been receiving banking messages on your phone before otherwise visit your bank. Send a mail to [email protected] for assistance in making sure you get your OTP or dial a short code *322*0# to proceed to receive an secure OTP.

If you get error when you try to activating your card for Interswitch OTP service, send an email to [email protected] For more information, visit the interswitch Safetoken faq at:

OTP is needed for secured online shopping and any online payment platform without OTP is not fully secured. If you follow the instructions above, you will never have problem with your OTP verification code.

Generating OTP and activating new union bank UnionMobile App

If you’re a new union bank UnionMobile App User;

  • Download the new UnionMobile App on your android phone from Google play and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your account number (OTP will be sent to the mobile phone number registered with the bank)
  • Enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number
  • Choose username and password
  •  Choose a new password and transaction PIN then submit
  • Return to home page and Log in

If your Existing Users

  •  Download the new UnionMobile App on your android phone from Google play
  • Sign in with your UnionOnline username and password
  • Enter your account number and submit (you’ll receive an SMS containing OTP on your registered phone number)
  • Enter the OTP
  • Create Transaction Pin
  • You are successfully registered, go to home page and login

Finally, to receive OTP on mobile from any bank for any purpose, the mobile number must be registered with your banking account. In your case it seems mobile number is not registered with your banking account and hence you are not receiving OTP from your Union Bank for mobile banking.

Visit your bank and get your mobile number registered to account and starting receiving OTP on your registered mobile number. Please down load the new union bank mobile app from your registered mobile number with the bank. Where you can get the OTP. Please do not disclose any of your credentials to anyone. In case of difficulties please visit any of union bank branch.


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  1. The Sim card that I used to open my account was lost,and I bought a new one and link it with my account.i am receiving banking messages through it,but whenever I want to use interswich they we send my OTP to my lost sim.please what do I do so that I will be receiving my OTP through my new linked sim

    1. The number i used to open my bank account has been lost so i went to bank and change my number but till now i still don’t receive otp though i am receiving alert

    2. I tried transfering from first bank to Gtb,i was told to input Otp sent to me but i didnt get any,i tried several other times.But when i did a recharge to my line i received an Otp.I tried the transfer again after this to Gtb but still no Otp.

  2. i did a school fees transaction the site was telling me to try again later after sending me and OTP. my question is that what about my school fees money that they deposited?

  3. Hello ,i’m Babs I have a problem with activating my OTP .. I tried using the ATM but I only get “ INVALID TRANSACTION “ but I noticed something anytime I try to activate hw I get to the payment reduction proceed to the next page my card is a MasterCard but it shows me Verve-card ( tho I once use a vervecard but misplaced so issued for another which I got a MasterCard ) so anytime I proceed with the details displayed it’s gonna be invalid transaction pls what could be the solution
    Thanks you

  4. Please i was paying for my prepaid meter and my otp code was requested but when i input it,it tells me to try again and before that i was debited the #2000 i was trying to recharge after 10 min i sent another resend otp yet the same issue and debited another#2000 without getting my prepaid unit what do i do?

  5. Please The Phone Number I Use To Open My Account Has Been Lost So I Went To Bank To Change My Alert Phone Number And Then I Always Receive Everything About My Bank Transactions And Then Whenever I Want To Pay Online They Ask For My Acct Phone Nunber And I Press The New One Am Using Now Just To Get My OTP Through Sms And I Was Told The Number Is Not Correct

  6. Pls I transferred 1000 naira to my bet9ja account and mistakenly put a One Time password and my account was debited.

  7. Good morning Mr. Emma! I have obtained new Visa Debit cards from Access Bank and UBA recently (the last 2 months). The problem is, since collecting them, both Visa debit cards do not carry out International online transactions; despite being assured they are dual currency cards. I generated IPINs for both cards on the ATM machine, but nothing has changed. I have been calling customer lines of both banks to complain about it, but they have all been giving me long stories without solving my problem. My question is: are the Visa debit cards being issued lately by Nigerian banks authentic? I suspect they are not, if not, why are my 2 Visa cards from Access Bank and UBA unable to carry out international online transactions?
    Though my GTBank Naira Mastercard works well on all the international merchant sites I transact with. It is only the Visa cards I recently collected that are failing. Please enlighten me.
    Thank you!

    1. 1. You may need to upload fund on the VISA card from your account to see if it will work.
      2. Be sure that the merchant sites you’re transacting on accept VISA Card.
      3. Visit the visa card issuing banks.

  8. muhammed nurudeen

    dear sir, i was making online transaction and the OTP was sent to me, unfortunately i enter the pin sent to me only to find out that my OTP is blocked that i should call,,,,, which i have i tried to call the rate of their charges is too much.
    Dear sir please i need your help via this plat form sir.

  9. I want to change my old phone number to my new number so that I can get my verification code (OTP)with my new number instead of my old number.

  10. Ogunyemi Abiodun

    Pls i need ur reply,i registered using mobile code n it was successful.but if i want to transfer it says i sud validate my acct which i did,and anytime i wanted to transfer it keep on telling me transaction failed not validate again.pls wat wil i do to this?

  11. I want to make an online transaction with jumia and I lost my Sim card which I use in getting alart and a code was to be sent to my sim card and what will I do to avoid that code… I provided the other details for the transaction.. But it is just the code that is the problem.. I need ur help

  12. I wanna make Transactions , been outside Nigeria it pop up on my first bank mobile app I need to enter my Otp sent to my registred phone number but I do not have my Nigeria SIM card here. What should I do now ?

  13. Please i need an urgent answer After registering on pay later, on the otp section i was supose to recieve the otp via my phone fortunately it dint work but having recieving otp via some other online payment have being transacting, how do i rectify this?..thank you

  14. I used an otp code for an online payment of my school fee but I was told it wasn’t successful due to late usage of the code but I later got a debit alert saying the transaction was successful and the school portal is telling me I’ve not paid.. Where is the money hanging and can it be reversed?

  15. Please I Cant Get Otp On My Sim And I HaveTried Using *322*0# but the response is ” otp cant be generated at this moment please try again later” what could be the problem because i have been trying it for hours…

  16. The application is saying that my otp has been sent to my email and I can’t find it, also when ever I press *322*0# it is bringing the otp of my other account number, what can I do

  17. Please have registered yet I don’t receive messages and when I try *322*0# it gives me otp for my second bank account. Because I registered two banks on the same number

  18. Omahe Abdul wannabe

    I have registered for otp on d ATM machine nd was successfully nd 100 was deducted for charges… And still whenever I try to transfer or do anything that would involve otp in my account I don’t get d otp sent to me…
    Pls sir what the problem… What can I do to it

    1. You don’t have to register for OTP. Ones your phone number is register with your bank account; OTP automatically, will be send to your register phone number any time you try to make transfer or payment via quickteller or any secured payment system.

  19. pls I av regester for the otp but wen ever I try to make a payment online they don’t send to me any otp, I dailed *322*0# and 6degit number was sand to me, and if I use it, it shows me invalid otp

  20. I’ve done my safe token registration on the ATM machine but when I tried an online transaction and also tried to get an OTP for the transaction, they said”unable to generate OTP, try again later”please what do I do?

  21. I am trying to make payment online but it’s not going through, having trouble with my OTP code. I have generated it several times but its still not going .

  22. Im getting a message from safetoken about a pending debit from my account to jumai and the problem is i didnt get anything from jumia. Im worried

  23. Olorunsogo ifeoluwa J

    God bless you, Pls after entered my code it
    asks for OTP which I entered not yet proceed. Pls help me I could not do any translations . what should I do.

  24. i tried buying my school HND form online, its requires my card details, which i placed correctly, then the page for the OTP pin pops up which i do get the text on my phone,, d problem is after putting the OTP pin it still isn’t working (Unable to process Cvv2) but the Cvv2 is correct, everything is absolutely correct… why is it not able to process my Cvv2?

  25. I have quickteller sending me an OTP but i don’t receive it on my sim anymore.. I can’t make transfer for a while now.. How can i have it solve so i can start to receive it

    1. You don’t need to go bank to get your OTP. OTP is one-time-password. You will always receive it through your registered phone number or email address associated with your account.

  26. Simisola Tijanee

    i tried using *322*0# to register and yes it was successful but anytime i tried paying online the code i do get is never valid. What can i do?

  27. Firstly I when to firstbank…complaint to them how I can use my master card for online purchase they direct me to an ATM which I did the needed procedures I got a safe token pass word…when ahead to register for PayPal it’s still them me the same thing that I can’t use the card I should use another?

  28. Hello, pls help, I just change my phone, and I downloaded quick teller app, I am been using d app on my previous Android phone b4, so I just enter my email address and password on the new phone, it went through, then its has for verification code,it says that verification code has already been sent to the mobile number,, I had to check my old phone to see, thank God av not deleted the SMS, then I type in d code, it says validation expire or so,pls how can u solve this. Thanks

  29. i bought a new phone after changing the phone i used to register.each time i tried to use the app they request for do i get my otp

      1. I Have downloaded an updated version of the mobile app but still there’s no space to input the OTP, Pls I need help.

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