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How to Migrate to Eitisalat Easy Starter from Easy Cliq & Benefits

Etisalat Easy Starter call package is a package with a low call tariff plan and with lots of benefits for families and businessmen.

To join Etisalat Easy Starter subscribers, buy the Easy Starter SIM card and or you can migrate from other Etisalat call package to Easy Starter with the Easy Starter migration code. To migrate to Easy Starter from Easy Cliq or the other Etisalat call plan, dial *244*2#; this is migration code for Easy Starter.

Additional Easy Starter benefits

  • Low call rate – 10Kobo/S  to all network after N25 first call
  • YOU & ME — You will enjoy N300 free credit every week to call two special numbers any time. To register YOU and me numbers, dial *2333*1*etisalat number#, then you recharge with a minimum of N200 in week, N300 free credit will be given to you for calling your special numbers.
  • Free browsing- free 5MB weekly on recharge of N100 for browsing any site in addition to free N100 credit for the YOU & ME number.
  • Discount Homezone – you can make call as low as N12/min to all network in the location you make most of your calls. To  enjoy this benefits simply dial *201*1# at your prefer location, when changing location dial *242# and to check if you are in Homezone Dial *202#
  • Received pays – here your friends or family members can pay for the calls you to make to them. Receives pays allow you to make call even without credit or airtime. To make such call, you will include 268 before the no being example 26808090xxxxxx. The call rate is usually 40k/s

If you are using smart phone for internet browsing, the etisalat data bundle plan for smart phone are here to help stay close to the internet,


Data Bundle               Price                      Activation Code

200MB                          1000                       *229*2*11#

500MB                          4000                       *229*2 *22#

1.5GB                            6500                       *229*2*44#

5GB                                8000                       *229*2*33#

Each of these plans comes with an automatic bonus of 30% extra data.

You can check out other Etisalat internet browsing bundle plans.  If you need any other further information on etisalat internet browsing plans, you can visit the  Etisalat website or dial their customer care service  200 with an Etisalat phone, or  call 08090000200


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How to start information marketing business in Nigeria from scratch

Do you want to know what it takes to start an information marketing business? Are thinking of starting information marketing business in Nigeria? Do want to learn how to start and run a successful information marketing business from scratch

If says YES to any of the questions above then I advice you read on…

There is a product the world is in dare need. It is a powerful product that can lift up a company if available. Everybody is searching for this product. With this product you can solve the problem of unemployment, career problems, financial problems, health challenges, relationship problems, educational problems, marital issues….name it.

What is this product? Information!!!
Information is the world’s most wanted product. Information is power. If you are not informed, you are deformed. Information is money and everybody is searching for the right information to solve his/her problem. If you have the right information for solving people’s problem, believe me they are ever ready and willing to buy them from you at all cost. People buy newspapers, magazines, audio record, video, eBooks, some listen to radio, television while many others subscribe for online newsletter, articles all in the name to get information. Imagine the millions of people searching through Google everyday for information to solve their daily problem. No wonder why information marketing is term, “the king of all online business” and you can actually make it big in this small but might online business.

What is information marketing?
I defined it as the selling of the right information product to the right people who willing and ready to buy them at all cost. When you package a piece of information so that it becomes tangible marketing product, it becomes an information product.
So many people in the past have discovered the power of information. They packaged some piece of information product that are helpful to people in that line and began to market them and up till date; they are still enjoying the dividend of that information product they created.

Typical examples are Bill Gate, Rasmus Lerdoff, Jason Njoku, Sim Shagaya and many others.
Bill Gate develops an information product, Microsoft software to aid the use and dissemination of information when he discovered the power of information. Rasmus Lerdoff created a programming language, PHP in which today, facebook and yahoo, 2 tech giants have invested. I wonder what would have been Mark Zuckerberg’s fate if php was not developed by Rasmus.

These people I talked about are not Nigerian. Yes, I agree but we have Nigerians who have also long discovered the power of information.
Jason Njoku is the founder of iROKO TV, a popular Nigeria online multi-million dollar TV. Should I forget Sim Shagaya? Sim Shagaya, the founder of #1 Nigeria online shopping store, KONGA.COM. Today rank one among online shopping site in Nigeria .

Should I continue to call names? No! I don’t think it is necessary again. It is time to do something. You need to take a step to starting information marketing business.

You can start information marketing business in Nigeria and even run it successful by following the steps and instructions below. So, if you have actually made up your mind to take a step in starting an information marketing business, below is an in-depth guide on how to start information marketing business in Nigeria from scratch.

Steps in starting and making money on information marketing online business

1. Identify a need.

look around, you will see a  problem; find a solution to this problem.

2. Go and create information product that will solve the problem.

You don’t have to be a guru before you can create information product. Your information product can be package in form of eBook, video, DVD, manual and seminars. Manual and seminars are now converted to digital form for easy transfer on the internet. The key things about your information product(s) should be; attractive title, well-researched, truthful, useful, concise and appropriate price tag. Creating an eBook is a good place to start from if you are new to information marketing
3. Outsource for information product.
When you identify a need and discovered that you are not experience enough to package the information product that will meet the need, go search the internet, visit libraries and consult those that you know are champions to help you do the work. I know it might be a bit expensive but it worth it. Remember, the quality of the product determines how far the product will sale.

3. Buy an exclusive product right.
To avoid any legal infringement on your information product, you can buy reseller right to allow you resell the information product to the hungry market. This too might be a bit expensive but you can make it big.

How do to sell and make money from the  information product?
You have created an information product that will meet the need of the people, how do you ensure that product penetrate the market (I mean getting to the hands of those that need the product). There are many ways you can go about this;

• You can create a website; creating a website may not be compulsory before you can market your information product but if you want to grow big and as well as be seen as a professional then you need a well-design website. Your website landing page can be your information product sale page. You can also create a squeeze page hosted on a core server of 24hour uptime as your sale page. On sale page, convey to your potential customers the benefits and the reason why they need the information product. All your contact details: bank account, phone no and email address are to be included for payment of purchased product. Direct people to your website by distributing to the page

• You can create facebook page for promoting and sale of your information product. All contact detail should be included as mention above.

• Create a blog to market yourself and your products and also give out free newsletters.

• Sign-up for twitter and create twitter custom timeline for promoting, reviewing, and selling of the product. I have written a comprehensive article on how to sign for twitter as well as on how to create a custom timeline on this article, “All about twitter custom timeline, 10 uses of custom timeline”. Read the article and adopt the seven method in which merchant can use the twitter custom timeline to market your information product.

• Invest in pay per click marketing and pay to have ads displayed that lead to your website.

• If you information product is in form of video, you can follow the steps I discuss on this article, “how to begin money-making video blogging in Nigeria” to upload your video for sale.

• Be part of online community, make an impact and let them see the benefits of your product through you.

• Use free site like blogger, wordpress, web2.0, tumbli, Hubpage etc to market you product by creating a free webpage for your product.

• Use ad free classified site like for sale of your product. All you need to do is to sign-up and post your product. Also ensure that you add your contact details.

When you become an expert on information marketing, you can sale your product through a third website by placing your product on an autopilot, your customer will be directed to a page containing link after payment processing where they can easily download the product.

In summary, information marketing business is one of the ways of making money easily online. The key is to create a highly useful and quality information product that will meet the need of the people. If you are able to meet the information needs of the people they will always be ready to buy the product.

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