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How to obtain CREDIT CARDs in Nigeria 4 all online payment

Three years ago, I was nearly frustrated by the sole called GTBank Mastercard I had order for my online transactions. The same thing happened to many Nigeria (as I got to find out) who want to make online payment through the use of Nigeria bank credit card or paypal. The problem has always been that 80% or more of the credit cards issued by Nigerian bank cannot be use to make payment online, they are oftentimes rejected due to the Nigeria ZIP CODE or Postcode tied to it and also because the card originate from Nigeria. The only way out for some people who could afford the cost was to use USA credit or debit cards that come with USA address. Secondly for them to achieve this, it usually requires the use of a reliable dedicated USA IP/VPN to enable them make payment with this USA virtual Debit cards. Over the years, credit cards are primarily used in establishments that cater to Nigeria’s upper class, large number of expatriates, visitors and tourists. Such establishments include hotels, shopping malls and upscale. Today, the whole story has changed. Nigeria has joined the 170 countries of the world that are credit card holders according to Let us see how you can acquire this real credit card in Nigeria


As of the time this article was written, the pioneering bank I know that issues authentic credit card in Nigeria is Access bank plc.
• Walk into any Access bank near to you, meet their customary service desk

• Request for credit Card. You will be asked if you already have an account with them. If you have one that will be a little easier. If you don’t then you be required to open a credit account with them.

• Now, you need to meet the basic requirements needed to obtain a credit card. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age or older with a verifiable source of income.

• You will be required to provide your utility bill, National ID card or Driving License and 2 passport photograph, proof of employment and confirmation of salary from your employer or proof that you own your own business

• When filling the form for opening of the account, figure out whether your credit card should be Naira-denominated, as that will affect whether monthly payments will be made in local or foreign currency. For non-Naira denominated cards, if you frequently travel outside of Nigeria, or plan to use the credit card to make online purchases from foreign outlets, payments must be made in U.S. Dollars. A Naira-denominated credit card will simply convert all purchases to Naira, no matter where the purchase is made, without forcing the card holder to pay in U.S. dollars, which is very expensive.

Complete the application and submit it with the necessary documents. Once you are done, will be told when to come back for collection of credit card. They will even send you a text message once it is ready.

Please note: there is minimum amount that you have to deposit on the account, and maximum account you can withdraw from that. All these will be made know to you before you will be accepted.
So, what else…? Say goodbye to all Nigeria online transactions credit card problems.

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