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Sponsored Reviews on Nigeria iBusiness Guide

Outside sponsoring a post or article, we also reviews commercial websites, software, products and other services following the ReviewMe rules of at least 200 words with full disclosure and exposure. These may attract other bloggers to your website or WebPages. The more bloggers talk about your site, products and services the better and faster it becomes known. Many blog syndicate stories they see on on other sites. A couple well timed sponsored review of a product has the potential effect of generating a high performance and conversion rate. You can build up links, increase your site traffic and as well improve search engine ranking of your website by simply sponsoring reviews.
We are connected to independent bloggers who can review your site on their blog. Links to your sites, brands of your products and contact information will be life on our site. You can imagine the efficacy of such exposure.
Websites, products and services review
The products and services that are to be review must be related to what we have on this site. These may include but not limited to electronic gadgets, electronic machines, software, websites, other products and services.
who sponsor’s review?
Individual, private business owners, company, organizations, webmasters or web owners can sponsor review. Other webmasters can also review Naija Online Business blog while we pay them. We reserve the right to reject and refund, edit and change products and services that do not conform to our policy, terms and conditions. We will not hesitate to streamline all products and services review because we committed to giving the best to our readers.

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Fill in your information on the below form. To avoid being identified as SPAMMER, please use your real names and correct email address. Ensure that you hit on the submission button before navigating away from the page. You can send us email @:
Send text SMS to any of these phone numbers:
234814471536, or
The text message format should read: name, purpose (to sponsor review) and your email address.
We’ll get back to you in less than 5minutes time with our sponsor review program price list and available methods of billing.
We look forward in promoting your brands, products and services!

Sponsored Post or Review on Nigeria iBusiness Guide

Sponsored Post or Review

Nigeria iBusiness Guide is a great place to sell or promote press release, your ideas, and company’s healthy and ever green initiatives. Our readership and site visitors of about 1.1 million unique monthly readers tend to be highly educated, high income earners with variable number of job seekers.

Reasons for sponsoring a post
Millions of people read blog every day. Paying for posts put the spotlight on your company and will generate tons of traffic to your website and as well increase you’re your conversion rate. Sponsored post will get you ideas, initiatives, websites at the top of news cycle for entirely day blast out to our many social media followers and passed along through RSS feeds and newsletters of our site. Your article will always remain available on our website. We will provide a long tail exposure and publication for you as readers find our search optimized article for the keyword associated with your ideas, products or initiatives
As already stated, our interest is to give you maximum exposure. To this effects all your links, contact information and product brand in the article will be made life and connected to your site, BUT will not pass Google pagerank

Sponsored posts which include but not limited to articles, press release, video, interview….name it, are accepted as sponsor posts.

Sponsored post

We reserve the right to refuse and refund, edit and change anything we feel is not in line or not relevant and valuable to our readership. We accept articles that are ONLY related to what are published on this site and what we think our readers would be interested in. Making an extra $100 isn’t going to make a huge dent in our life (at least I hope so). Our readers are worth far much than that, so they have to come first.

Who writes the Sponsored post or article?

You can submit your own high quality and original article(s); we will be glad to accept that and edit for you if necessary for valuable readers. If you prefer, we can write for you all you need to do is to provide us with original copy of the article. We can also get your sponsorship onto an existing article. However, if all you are looking for is to be affiliated with a particle subject, you can briefly search our site using the search box at the top right of this page. If you find article you’d like to sponsor don’t hesitate to let us know which one of them.

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To begin fill in the form below the require information; ensure that you hit the submission button before leaving the page.
Please DON’T SPAM us; enter your real name and available email.
You can also email us @: or send us text message to any of these phone numbers:

2348184471536 or

The text message format should be: name, purpose
(to sponsor post) topic and email address.

We will get back to you in less than 5minutes with our sponsor post program price lists and available methods of billing
We thank you for taking your time to goes through this page and we look forward to promoting you.

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