Part-time Online Business Ideas for students

What are online business ideas for students? Are you a college student or undergraduate looking for online business ideas to start as a part-time business? Do you need an extra source income as a student to support yourself at the school by doing part-time online job?

If your answer to any of the above is yes then I advice you keep reading.

I would have become a millionaire when I was a student if I had known the things I know now. I picked special interest in students because of the difficulties I passed through when I was a student. As a student, there are many things to buy and pay for in the school ranging from typing and photocopying of lecture notes, seminar activities, hand outs, excursions, field trips, and research projects, practical and even accommodation. Students whose parents are not buoyant enough have to suffer in buying and paying for all these things.

Again, there are massive unemployed graduates everywhere. Therefore, becoming self employed is the only solution to unemployment after graduating from school.

Internet offer vast opportunities for being self employ; and starting earlier as a student to tap from these vast internet business opportunities can land you into being self-employed when you graduate. This is why you have to do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow. So if your interest as a student is to start a part-time online jobs and make money online to support yourself, start any of these top online business ideas with $100 or less but you can also come up with your own ideas.

Below is a list of 22+ online business ideas any student can start as a part-time online jobs with less than $100.

Basic materials for starting a successful online business

Top 22+ Online Business Ideas for College student, High school and Undergraduate Students

1. Selling of items on free classified ads site

How does this sound, new right? Did you know you can make money online as a student by selling fairly used mobile phones, ipad, ipod, laptops, etc online on free classifieds sites?

When I was in the university as a student, I know one of my colleagues who were known as a land agent. He goes out there, meet land owners who want to sell their land, he adds money to price of land and sell the land to his customers. At a point he was doing better than registered land agents. The online Nigeria free classified ads sites offers student such similar opportunity but unlike a land agent who will undergo the stress of scanting for land buyers, you will not undergo such stress looking for customers.

How do you use free classifieds site to make money online in Nigeria?

Few weeks ago, my friend who was a student of UNIBEN bought an Ipod from his colleague at N15, 000. He placed the Ipod for sell on OXL.COM Nigeria classified site at N25, 000. Two days later, he received a phone call from somebody that bought the Ipod from him at that price. Look! It didn’t end there; he kept receiving calls from buyers who want to purchase the Ipod until he has to bring down the ads. Tell me, if he had placed five such ipods on the site, how much he will be realizing at the end of the day. Is this difficult? Do require money for setting up anything here? No! This is quickest means of making money online I have ever seen.
So, don’t wait any more; look for those selling this kind of things cheap offline, buy them, add money to their original prices you bought them and post them as ads on free classifieds site. To succeed in this business, always buy and post what you think people will like to buy from you. Things like ipad, ipod, tablets, special phones, software, laptops etc are fast selling.
You can post your items on OXL.COM free classified site and any other free classifieds site.

2. Starting Blogging business

Blogging is another online business students can do to make money online. I know you must have heard of Blogging thousand and one times. It is time to take advantage of the business. Blogging is one of the best part-time online businesses any student can start with little or no money. To start a successful business and make money online, read this article on how to start a successful blogging in Nigeria

3. Starting affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most popular form of online business. It is a simple and easy program through which you earn a lucrative income. It is a simple agreement between advertisers and you. You promote the advertiser’s product or service on your website and you earn money on each sales made. That is simple! Is it? Do all affiliate marketers make money online? No! Most Affiliate Marketers end-up losing money and sometimes have their shirt sold because there are into wrong affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing in right way by following every steps in this ultimate money-making affiliate marketing model.
4. Start Selling of EBooks
To create a high selling e-book as a student, all you to do is carry out a research on topic people need information on. Do a keyword research to discover what keyword people type in search engine to search for this information on the internet. Use and apply these keywords when writing your e-books. Writing and compiling an e-book will not cost you money but it requires time and energy. So, map out the for this business if you want to succeed.

5. Become a Freelance writer

Freelance writing is online business anybody can do in as much you can read and write. Though, it may take a bit expertise to be a good freelance writer. Many students these days are into freelance writing. So, start providing freelance writing service to people and earn passive income on the process.

6. Get paid on online survey
You can make money online by registering on a legitimate paid online survey site and answering survey questions.

7. Start offering Graphic designing services

If you good in graphic designing or you can even learn it, you can money online by designing graphics, animators, banners etc. All you need to do is to visit websites like Odesk, Freelancer, etc and register with them. Starting designing graphics for them and get paid for it. Apart from offering graphic services to such other websites, you can build your own website and offer such graphic services on your own website such that anybody that needs your graphic design product can buy. They can also consult you if they need your services.

8. Start developing mobile phone applications

We are in the era of mobile phones. One of the top selling products in the market today is mobile phones and it will continue to move market as longer new mobile phone with different applications are launch into the market. If you have a good programming skill, you can be hired by companies and private individual who are into mobile apps development. Apart from being hired, you can make money by developing and publishing your own mobile applications online.

9. Consider developing downloadable software

You can make money online by developing and publishing downloadable software that solve a specific difficult task. There are much downloadable software online both free and premium ones but each of this software solves or proffers solution to a specific problem. So, consider developing software that solves a difficult task.

10. Start developing, designing and flipping websites

You can go into website developing and designing as a student. You get pay for each website you build for people. Apart from offering website developing and designing services, you can go into website flipping and auction bidding which includes buying and reseller of websites.
11. Consider going into building, designing and setting up blogs

You can special in building and setting up blogs as a student to make money online. These days, blog sites are gradually replacing the conventional website. Each day thousands of blogs are set up. So, as a student you can establish yourself as an authority in that field.

12. Start rending virtual assistance service

You can become a virtual assistant or offer such services to those who need it as a student. Some companies and private individual who are always busy may opt in hiring the services of a virtual assistance to attend to their emails, inquiries and meeting schedule. Take the advantage and provide this service at your leisure time as a student; all you need is your computer and internet connection.

13. Start online students tutoring and training service

You make money online as a student by organizing online training courses for other students if you are smart and academically sound. Some students have passion for teaching others and can impact knowledge to others in an easy manner. If you are that type of person, you translate your passion into money by starting online tutoring service or offering online training service. Such training course can be package in form of PDF file, aweber, YouTube video, webinar, e-books and even direct mailing; you don’t need to spend a dime to get this done.

14. Offer internet and search engine optimization service

Some many online business owners and companies spend thousands of dollars every month on search engine optimizations (SEO) in other to improve their website search visibility and ranking search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you have the knowledge of SEO and internet marketing, you can make money online by offering such service to these companies and online business owners.

15. Offer language translational services

Some students are gifted in language translation. Some others learn how to write and translate English language to other languages and vice versa. If you are good at that, you can be hired by companies to help in translating documents from one language to the other. There are vast online opportunities for language translational service providers.

16. Start bulk SMS service

As a student, you can start a bulk SMS service business. So many people still need bulk SMS service today such as those planning wedding, meeting or other events. Write a bulk SMS proposal and take it schools, churches, organizations, companies, mosques, office etc. Many of them will be willing to patronize your business.

17. Start Providing Résumé writing service

If you have a good writing and presentation skills as a student, you can start writing and packaging a good resume for people seeking employment opportunities. You can make money online if you are good at packaging resume that would be an employer’s choice of resume.
18. Building online directories for schools, companies and organization.
You start building online directories for schools and companies, and charge any of them that would want their schools and business to be listed online.

19. Start domain and reseller webhosting services

If you have little money you can start domain and reseller webhosting service business. To run this business, all you need to do is to buy a webhosting reseller package in large quantity and then you resell to clients seeking webhosting service. The domain and reseller webhosting service business is better done if you are into website developing and designing. So, as a student if you have little money you can run this business in conjunction with website building and designing business.

20. Start a fairly used cars dealer services online

People are searching online for a good site and offline where they can buy fairly used cars. As a student, you can scan for the right people that deal on such business both online and offline then build a website that link you and these fairly used cars dealers together. You can earn commission from any fairly used car sold by these people through site. You can also go into selling of fairly used cars through these car dealers.

21. Become an online air-tickets agent service provider

You can make money online as a student by serving as an air traveling ticket seller agent. These tickets are sold to people who travel through the air via aeroplane or helicopters.

22. offer online data entry and accounting service

Offering online data entry service is another online business idea and a way student can make money online. There are many companies seeking to hire those who can enter data correctly into excel sheets.

Other online business ideas for students include;

Start online Game app Developing and selling
Become a professional online chef adviser
Start eBay service

All the above mention online business ideas are potential online jobs for student. As a student, you can start any of these online jobs as part time online business and make money online to support yourself and even your parents while still in the school.
You can never tell if you will succeed unless you start. So, start a business today. Learn on the field and adjust quickly if the business is not growing.

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  1. I’ve sold a couple things online before, but I never thought of it as a way to make money. I was just getting rid of old junk. I had no idea that you could turn this concept into an actual business. I’ll start looking into some places to list classified ads for free online.

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