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  1. Great post. I have two questions.

    1. Is it possible to add my domiciliary account to my payoneer account.
    2. Can i transfer funds from my Payoneer to my Domiciliary account.


  2. Does anyone know the rate that Payoneer uses for dollar conversion if you are withdrawing to your bank account.

  3. i created a new payoneer account a few months ago,their is no order card option and the minimum bank withdrawal is $1000 …how fair is that???? how much do i need to put in my account before i get the order card option???

  4. Hello, great post! I would like to know if we should use domiciliary account, reason being that they pay in dollars or will they convert the money to our local currency?

  5. Can I link my payoneer account with a domicilliary account and just get paid in dollars rather than use the card to get paid?

  6. Hello, nice write up you got here!Pls I just want to know if there’s need for a domiciliary account,reason being that I will be receiving money in dollars or is it that payoneer converts the dollars in naira?

      1. Please, which one did you answer yes to? Do you mean that when I withdraw into my local Naira account in for instance, gtbank, will it be converted automatically to Naira?

        1. It’s a really article good you have written here!

          I will appreciate if you know whether it’s possible to link two (2) differend bank account into one Payoneer account.

          If this is possibly, i will also want to know if one of the bank account linked, is a Domiciliary account here in Nigeria and the other one is actually a U.S bank account.

          One of them can actually fund Payoneer account or withdraw all the same ??

  7. Yes I do..I would have screenshot for you to see
    I dont understand why is not bringing add a new bank option, is it becos I don’t have funds on my payoneer account ? ?

  8. I followed the step you said to add a new bank account. . Wen I got there it display
    You don’t have any available bank accounts at this time. For more information, contact us.
    Though I don’t have funds on my payoneer acct at the moment
    Pls am confuse ,

      1. When I got to the page where I am supposed to add new bank it displayed
        You don’t have any available bank accounts at this time. For more information, contact us.
        Am confused

      2. When I get to the page where I am to add a new bank it displayed
        You don’t have any available bank accounts at this time. For more information, contact us.

        Am confused

  9. Thank you very much for this article. Very helpful.

    On a related note, how can I withdraw funds from PayPal in Nigeria. Do you have any tips.


  10. thank you for the detailed information. However, i would like to know if it’s permissible to transfer to a domiciliary account in nigeria from payoneer?

  11. Hello onwuka, I just registered with payoneer but when asked for id card number I put that of my voters card since I don’t have national id I no hope it will be accepted

  12. In withdrawing to your local bank..the card cvv and card number required is it that of payonner MasterCard or local bank card?

  13. good work Emma
    have gone through all your response
    nice job
    I do work on Fiverr
    I currently want to cash out my funds
    so I need a payoneer ATM card
    now my problem now is national ID which have registered for and its not yet out
    I want to inquire if I can use a Friend’s national ID or a Friend’s driving license

  14. I Don’t Really Understand You I Mean If I Can Transfer My Available Funds From My Payoneer Account To My Local Firstbank Account.I Don’t Mean Withdrawing The Money With The Master Card From Any Atm Machine,because I Want To Be Transfering Or withdrawing My Funds From My Nigerian Payoneer Account To My Local Bank Account.

  15. Hi Emma I Have A Nigerian Payoneer Account Which I Opened Since Last Year And I Also Have My Card, But The Question I Want To Ask Is If It Is Possible To Transfer My Funds From My Payoneer Account To My Nigerian Firstbank Account I Want To Know If It Is Working And Also Details To Go About Tnkz.

    1. Hello Wizdom,
      Yes, it is possible if you are in Nigeria now. Here is what you should do.The Payoneer card is like any other ATM Mastercard. Use it to withdraw your Payoneer funds at any MasterCard supported ATM/POS worldwide and pay the money into your Nigeria Firstbank Account.

  16. Hi Emma i just opened an account with payoneer today. but my question is, can i withdraw the money to my local First Bank Current Account ( i mean Naira Account not Dom Account) and also i’ve received confirmation from payoneer that i can now start using the account to receive money. please whats the next step for me to get my MasterCard, i’ll like to be clarified if Customer ID is my account number ? . thanks

      1. thanks for your reply… i only visit payoneer.com and registered so whats the next thing to do now though my account is active, but i don’t know if Customer ID is my Account number, then how do i order/get the MasterCard? thanks.

  17. Hello, I have registered for close to 3 weeks now, I want to ask if I will be the one to request for the card or it is automatically requested when I complete registration because I didn’t receive any mail concerning the card shipping or date of arrival…thanks

  18. Hi, Nigeria is not listed among the countries that can receive funds what do i do, i have my card i have used it in dubai but never in nigeria, i get funds but i am stuck because i need to recieve my money through my bank and nigeria is not listed. kindly advise

    1. Hello Ayo,
      With your Payoneer MasterCard you can withdraw money in Nigeria from any ATM machine that accept Nigeria MasterCard. If the card you have does not work here in Nigeria then you have to apply for another MasterCard that will be send to you here in Nigeria.

  19. Yes it is Payoneer Barclays account they give me for GBP and I mean can the account be fund like that.

    someone can go to Barclays Bank in UK with the bank account and deposit money in the Payoneer Barclays account?

    1. Do you have a Payoneer mastercard? if you do then login to payoneer account, copy your bank name, routing, account name and account type and take it to your bank (Barclays bank) to fund your payoneer mastercard.

      1. Yes I have Payoneer mastercard and yes I have copy my Barclays bank account out in my Payoneer account and I send it to a friend that want to send me some money.

        I told him to take the Barclays bank account details I gave him to Barclays bank in is location with my Barclays Bank account details I gave him with the money he want to give me so when he get there he should give them the details and the money that they should deposit the money in the account details for him.

        Will it work like that?

  20. Hello, I have a Payoneer account and also have the master card also but I am trying to add my stanbi IBTC bank account details to my Payoneer account and when I get to add Account page, I select personal bank account then when they said bank country , Nigeria is not there , is there any solution to that and also is there other way to withdraw my money here in Nigeria from my Payoneer account.

      1. thank you Broda, can someone go to Barclays Bank in UK with the bank account details of Barclays and make cash deposit to the bank account details , can it work like that?

  21. who needs a verified PayPal (use it to receive and send payments) to link your Payoneer account to it, note I can make u receive payments with it with detailed info,

  22. Hello sir, please kindly help, am trying to open payoneer account but i got stucked at stage 2(that is contact details). Nigeria isn’t on the list of the countries to choose from.
    Please which country should i choose?
    Is it normal to choose other countries, like UK; if yes, how do I collect my card?

  23. Hello sir please kindly help, am trying to open payoneer account but i got stucked at stage 2(that is contact details). Nigeria was not on the list of their countries to choose.
    Please which country should i choose?
    Is it normal to choose other countries, like UK; if yes, how can I collect my card, because they also didn’t put Nigeria on the stage to supply your account details.

    Please, hope I can be receiving money from AdSense and other advertising companies through payoneer?

    One of Affiliate site that I joined requested for my PayPal details, so please is it OK to put my payoneer details since I can’t receive with PayPal?

  24. I have tried all possible means to fund my payoneer account but all to no avail. Is there any means i can use maybe through domiciliary account or through my naira card.

  25. Hi emma, I requested for the free payoneer master card and I was told by may 28 It’ll be sent to me,but till now have not seen anything,it seems they dnt get the address. What do I do? Or should I request for new one in which I will pay for delivery like courier(express)

  26. Stop spreading fake rumour payoneer card still work on Nigerians ATM machine I witness one withdrawal yesterday at Zenith bank.

    My concern is can we make local transfer to bank in Nigeria?

  27. 1.)Please is it possible to withdraw or transfer cash from your payoneer account Directly to local Bank in Nigerian and receive it right inside your saving account. Am not talking about payoneer ATM card here?

    2. And is it also possible to use one Payoneer account to receive payment from multiple marchent.

    3.The last : is swift code for banks Different from sort code? If yes what is swift-code for U.B.A and Ecobank. Because I have sort code and it is in digit while the swift code you give here is in Alphabet

    My question is in 3 category pls kindly review and get back to me. Regards

  28. I love your detailed explanation but I want to ask a question. Is it possible to receive and send payment to your payoneer account without having your card with you?

  29. hello pls I have register twice for this payoneer but they have not sent an email to me that Is on the way or its already here…..its only sending email to me that I should activate my card I don’t understand

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