623 thoughts on “Skrill account in Nigeria: How to Open, Fund & Withdraw from Skrill”

  1. I try to fund my skill account with my friends ATM but after putting the otp it goes back I used diamond bank visa card

  2. Thanks for your detailed explanations on skrill. I wished I registered through your link but I have registered before I came across your site.
    I want to fund my skrill account.


  3. Hello sir. Am sorry if my question seems unnecessary, Just that I need to be sure before I take any step. am doing an online job for an international company that pays in dollars. now if I open a skrill account and link it to the company, must I open a domiciliary account in order to withdraw from skrill or can they convert it to Naira and pay to my Naira savings account. I’ve a UBA Master card or should I get a visa card

  4. Hello Emma
    If I open a scrill account can I select personal account when am receiving over a 1000 dollars and which bank Mastercard can I use to make withdrawal from my skrill account

  5. Please Mr Emma, I have just one yes or no question..
    Can I withdraw money from skrill directly to my Naira visa card (Fidelity bank)?

  6. Great post! You’re so easy to read
    I just got my blog up and running, hopefully I can make some money with it!

  7. What info will I send to someone who wants to send me money on skrill?is it the email I used in registering the skrill account?


  9. Attempt to add my Dom account number to my skrill failed with a message saying card number not allowed in my country of residence.

    Please assist.

    Thank you.

  10. Hello Mr Emma, I really commend ur resounding interest in resolving issues with skrill account, I applaud ur selflessness. I’m Smart n would like you to help me with d following issues or questions :
    1. I my phone got stolen n I had 2fa authentication on my skrill account n since I’ve got a new phone I’ve been unable to login to my account, I sent skrill a mail but still av not got a response, wot should I do?
    2. Can u confirm for me if Gtbank naira mastercard is still functional on skrill for deposit cos my card expired n dry renewed it with d same details expect expiry n ccv2?
    3. Can I truly still withdraw to my Gtbank savings account?
    4. Is bitcoin deposit option working n can I withdraw via bitcoin directly to my wallet?
    5. Can I get paid directly to my naira master card or is it only visa card dt has dis function?
    6. Which bank is advisable apart from Gtbank for skrill?

    Thumbs up sir Emma u are really doing a great job. N Tnx in advance for your speedy reply…

    1. hello sir, for the 1st question I already solved it buy calling them just now n dry removed d 2fa authentication instantly. Mhen dis is wot I call customer care about, my airtime got finished n dey called me back immediately to get my issue solved. N d MasterCard issue is tru about it not Working for deposit again but bitcoin deposit works..

    2. MasterCard does not work anymore.
      Yeah, you can still withdraw to your GTBank savings account.
      You can deposit via bitcoin but you can’t withdraw via bitcoin
      Can I get paid directly to my naira master card or is it only visa card dt has dis function; How???
      Try Access VISA card.

  11. Am still having problem with my account. i clicked the verification links sent to my mail and it is still showing email not activated

  12. thanks for the useful information

    my skrill account still asking ”add card” whenever i want to UPLOAD fund and i have been using GTB naira & dollar card with my account before now…..and both card still active.
    both card already added but still asking ‘ADD CARD’

  13. thanks for the useful information

    my question is this
    I have been using my gtb master card both naira & dollar card to deposit into my skrill account before now…….now since about 3weeks now i am unable to upload fund to my skrill account through those card….whenever i click on UPLOAD to fund my account and to choose “Credit/debit card – Instant upload” it doesn’t highlight Continue option and it asking to add card….
    Both card was added already.

    pls what could be the problem ?

  14. Hello Brother,
    I have successfully verified my skrill account through i sent them my passport but whenever i am trying to ‘Add bank’ of united state of america the error message still appears just like above pic shown.I am stuck how to handle this issue.
    Ariyan Islam

    1. Hello Cricket news,
      Are you in United State of America? If yes, I can’t see the error message you are referring to. Can you quote the error message here let me see.

  15. I contacted their support team…They sent me a mail that master card can’t be used to fund account from 31st January 2018…

    It only leaves the option of funding using manual bank transfer and Visa card

    And I don’t know which bank Visa card can be used

    1. Yes, F-Nero, Skrill has removed MasterCard from their funding option. Actually, I am yet to know why. At the moment, you can join me to try Access bank VISA card

  16. Please can someone confirm if its only visa card that is accepted? I tried using my GTB MasterCard both dom and naira but it didn’t go through. Noticed MasterCard is no longe listed as accepted but Visa, express and the rest.

  17. Please Emma Onwuka,. I have a few questions.
    1. I want to open an account with bet365 and fund/withdraw with skrill.. Eg. I transferred my winning to my skrill wallet, can’t i withdraw it directly into my MasterCard i use to open to the skrill WITHOUT opening a domiciliary account.

    2. Does any withdrawal need a domiciliary account to be processed successfully.. Like if someone sends money to my skrill account can’t i just direct the withdrawals into my MasterCard and be done with it.

    3. Can i receive money from another original US account to my payoneer account. Thanks

    Please i need to contact you too!!! Kindly drop your contact details please. Thanks

      1. Thanks for replying so fast. If i can process all my transaction successfully to my mastercard or visa. Why then would i need a domiciliary account?

  18. Please Emma, help me out…I have a verified account on skrill with $50 and then i used my visa card to withdraw, about 899 naira was withdrawn and it was verified, The funds have left my skrill account to be transferred to my visa card and it has been 12 hours now… Should i be worried?

      1. No, skrill withdrew 899 naira ($2.45) for Visa card verification….I wanted to withdraw $49 to my visa card and It has left my skrill account to be transferred to my visa card….My question is will it be converted to naira automatically because am still waiting for the money to enter my account, its been two days now.

  19. I successfully verified my skrill identity using my pvc. If you want to fund your account, I have $20 skrill for sale. Dont know if posting of phone numbers is allowed here

    1. Wow….wanted to back out from registering on skrill cos I only have PVC for now.Let me register through the link sharperly.

  20. Hello Emma thanks for this info and keep up the good work. I want to pay money in euros to someone with Skrill but i dont bank with gtb or access which makes opening a skrill account stressful at the moment. I was wondering if I can send the money to you then you help me pay to him via skrill. My number 08033601199. You can send yours and i will call you. Thanks and awaiting your swift reply.

  21. Hello Emma,
    I registered my skrill account and verified my bank successfully but I made a mistake during registration, the name and date of birth are not the same with my ID card I uploaded,
    I’m looking for a way that skrill can update my account with the ID so that all the information reflect the same.
    And please I already have money in the account,
    Is that possible??

  22. Hi OGA EMMA good evening. Pls I have a question
    1 can I withdraw funds from my skrill account to my sterling bank savings account.
    2 can I fund my skrill account with my sterling bank savings account.
    And if yes I can withdraw funds from skrill account to sterling bank savings account, how can I do that pls. This my whatsapp number +2348110741260. I live in Asaba delta state Nigeria, pls contact me I promise to give you the card you use to do that. Thanks

  23. Before verifying my skrill account, can I be able to fund through agent and make payment with my account successfully?

  24. Hi Emma, great jod. I have an issue with my physical address verification, I live in a rented apartment and all utility bills carry my landlords name. Pls, what do I do in this instance. Thanks

  25. Compliments bro, please how do I withdraw money from my payza account to my Fidelity Bank Nigeria account, is it possible? since the money is in Dollars, or do I need to have a dorm account? if so, direct me on how I beg you.

  26. Bros emma nice article. Just a few questions…
    1. Is it mandatory I must open a Skrill account with a domicilary account, preferrably GTbank?
    2. Must my Skrill account have a domiciliary account connected to it, preferably Gtbank to receive money?
    3. And what do I need to send to another Skrill holder, lets say in the US, before i can receive money, I saw online that all i need to send is just my email address, how true is this or what do i need to send, username or the domiciliary account number.

  27. Hi Emma,
    I’ll like to know if I can withdraw from my skrill account into a GTBank local savings account or I also do need a dorm account??
    Please, explain

  28. Hi Emma,
    I’ll like to know if I can withdraw from my skrill account into a GTBank local savings account or I also do need a dorm account??
    Please, explain

  29. Hi Emma, I asked a question earlier but wasn’t answered, I said if I want to transfer $1000 from my Skrill to my GT bank Dom account, what amount will finally hit my account after all charges from Skrill

      1. Hi Emma, that’s the thing ,I’m not sure what the charges are. Please enlighten me. Also, can I withdraw to my current account or must it be my savings. Thanks

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