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  1. Well done Emma. Please I want to fund my skrill account on Monday morning, how much will it cost per dollar? Then how long will it take for you to credit my Skrill account after payment?

  2. Hello,

    I have a skrill account that is not verified and yet is funded. Can you help me verify my account.

    Can I have an email through which I can communicate with you?

  3. I’m having withdrawal issues on my skrill account. Withdrawal to Visa Card. It has been declined severally .

  4. Hi Emma,
    Good work you are doing here. I want to open a skrill account to enable me easily get my profit in Fx trading. I have visa card from fidelity bank. Also a Dom account with gtb. Which one is better to link with the skrill account for easy payment. Can one easily receives money directly to the debit card (visa).

      1. Please sir I have tried to fund my skrill account with my dom visa usd card its always saying transaction failed. I tried UBA same transaction failed. Please sir can you kindly help me fund my skrill account please its urgent.

      2. I tried funding my skrill account with my polaris visa gold card it always saying transaction failed. please can you help me fund my skrill account please

  5. I have just opened a Skrill account, what di i need to provide to the person who want to send me fund?


  6. I have a USdollar domiciliary account. So I made a withdrawal requested via bank wire tranfer of $50.82 from my skrill account to my USdollar account and I was charged an excess of $6.18 from my wallet balance making in to be $62.00 in total. So they processed the fund in EUR using their poor exchange rate turning my $55.82 into 47.55EUR after all this conversion of here and then. I thought they would finally sent the USD to my USdollar account. my account manager calls me this morning informing me that I had an inflow of 32.55EUR paid in my name. so I have to come and open a new domiciliary account in EUR to claim the funds what makes me sad most was not the way they spoiled my money to 32.55EUR which is equivalent to $36.47 but rather sending currency that is not compatible with my account currency.

    1. Oh! Sorry for the excessive deduction and inconveniences. However, Instead of making bank wire withdrawal; you should have withdraw to your VISA card. Meanwhile, I will suggest you write to skrill support to find out why they processed your request in EUR instead of in USD.

      1. my name is maxwell from ivory coast. i tried so many times to deposit with my gtb mastercard and visa card, but they kept on declining my transaction, what do you should i do to regulate this issue?

    2. Bro I experienced the same thing, skrill are thieves, and their customer support agents are rude and mannerless in their approach, I withdrew 30 euros and all i got in my euro account was 10 euros. I complained to skrill and they said probably due to several banks involved in the transactions. I think the visa card withdrawals will be best. But then the currency conversion will still be terrible, please Emma tell us how you use the visa and the rates that they have used on you before thanks. I have a Uba visa card, can it work?

      1. UBA naira debit VISA card works for about 90% of the people and the conversion is about N360 per dollar or thereabout excluding the withdraw charge. Try your own card and let us know the outcome.

  7. I’ve been trying to withdraw my funds from Skrill to a First Bank Visa Gold Credit Card but it keeps saying “authorization failed” even after imputing the right OTP sent to me. I used this same card to find my Skrill Account and my trading account as well..now, I have issues with withdrawal…Can you help me please?

    1. Sell the skrill to us. We buy and sell skrill in Nigeria. You can reach me at 07038844464. You’ll receive your money instant-a when you sell skrill to us.

  8. Hello sir, I am having difficulty accessing the login page of Skrill and also having issues verifying my account. I have uploaded id card and my original printed statement duly signed and stamped yet my account is not verified. Please help me look into this issue

  9. pls how can i withdraw my money when i want withdraw thry keep on telling limit 3.61 and exceed limit of 11.31 i am tired and also want to withdraw my 10USD please assist thanks

  10. Hi. Please I’m trying to fund my skrill account with a Diamond bank Naira Visa card. I have not been able to. Can you help me fund my skrill account?

      1. Pls how can i withdraw my money. I tried and they keep telling me exceed 3.21 or above 11.24 and i want to withdraw my 10USD

  11. I tried making several deposits of 250 usd from my access bank visa card to my skrill account. It did not work, I always get an error message ‘something went wrong’ , ‘there has been an error in processing your request’.
    I need your help, why isn’t it going through?
    What can I do?

  12. Hello
    When I clicked on Deposit into my skrill Account, I choose nigeria and currency USD? is that correct?

    Also When i want to withdraw with the currency showing USD, Will be go through to my bank

  13. Can I receive payment from outside Nigeria using skrill personal account instead of business account?

  14. I opened a skrill account, and I’m unable to fund it with my Diamond visa bank card, I’ve tried several times but it didn’t work, although i receive an OTP and I fill it accordingly, yet no way. Please what should I do?

  15. I have a verified skrill account my issue is peculiar to funding an fx merchant account but its been so challenging. It gives an option of debit card and skrill balance when I click on skrill balance it says insufficient fund that I cannot use my wallet balance for the transaction. How do I solve this problem? Urgent pleas.

    1. I read similar case as yours, skrill do not allow funding gambling sites including fx and binary sites once you have your skrill acct funded with your bank card. Thus this could the your case

      1. Bro, you mean once my account is been funded via VISA card I won’t be able to fund binary or fx site? I’ve funded binary site before though, I funded my skrill via bitcoin and a skrill 2 skrill transfer.

        Pls, explain better bcos I want to fund my account now and I’m thinking of trying VISA card since MasterCard is not working.

        If I won’t be able to fund a broker of binary if i use a VISA card, pls can you assist me with someone or a secure site I can buy skrill from bcos I’m afraid of all the scammers. I’ll appreciate va swift response.

        Lastly, when funding via visa card, can one use a naira account visa card?

        Thank you

          1. Hello, Do you know if anyone ever use AccessBank Naira Visa card successfully for Skrill?

            I have a dollar mastercard and could have used it to fund Skrill account, but for 2 issues.

            1. There is the warning that funding from card can only be used for transfers and not at merchant site. Skrill seem to suggest that you could as well use the card on the merchant site directly.
            2. There is the fear that funding with $mastercard could result in issues when it comes to withdrawal.

            Yes, I do not have a visa mastercard, but i am thinking of requesting for one if it will work,

            Please advise me on what to do. Thanks

  16. Good day sir. Pls reply Asap. Can i use my Gtbank Naira Master card or Vissa card to withdraw from skrill to my bank account? I have tried previously with Gtbank Naira mastercard. It didnt work.

  17. I have a verified skrill account my issue is peculiar to funding an fx merchant account but its been so challenging. It gives an option of debit card and skrill balance when I click on skrill balance it says insufficient fund that I cannot use my wallet balance for the transaction. How do I solve this problem? Urgent pleas.

        1. What you will do is to go to the fx website and click on skrill logo then input your master card details there and your card will be charged directly through skrill……reason why you can’t use your skrill balance is because since its MasterCard you use to deposit your skrill wallet

  18. Hi, Please i have $147 in my skrill account, i uploaded an id since on the 6th of January for verification, according to my research, normally verification should take 48hrs, its been days now and they have still not verified the account. can you help me get the fund out, is there any other quicker way for verification?

      1. I have a naira Mastercard and the deposit is not working for me
        It’s been quite a challenge to make a deposit

  19. It’s been two weeks now I have sent my utility bills and international passport for verification on skrill, yet no response.
    Why is it taken so long?

  20. Please i have a fully verified account and also i have about $10.70 in my accout but when i want to withdraw, the maximum limit they give me is around $4.3 and the charges for the withdrawal is $6.8 making their charges more than what i can withdraw and this thing is stopping me from putting more funds in that account. Please do you know how i can settle this issue.

  21. mr Emma
    pls can I use UBA saving account naira visa card to deposit on my skrill account, because from the questions and answers from this platform I was able to learn that skrill is no more supporting MasterCard of any bank again, so sir please I need ur reply.
    I will b really gratefull.

  22. Pls I am having problem with depositing money to my skrill account is a visa card and it is a savings account pls help me out or is their any way you can help me to make the deposit and then I can pay for it because it is not a big amount That am depositing is just $10 I will be great full you can help me out thank you.

  23. 1.is it possible to deposit on skrill with a saving account and withdraw with a domiciliary account.
    2. is it also possible to deposit primarily with a Dom acc and withdraw with a Dom acc.
    sir I need the answer, I will b grateful.

  24. helo sir….
    Av tried uploading my visa ATM card to my skrill account but it tells me to verify the card and of which av tried verifying several times after which it says “UPLOADING AND VERIFICATION FAILED”.
    Dnt knw d problem sir….

  25. Good evening please to receive foreign currency in online transaction what information should I fill when asked for account information. Is it the email I used to sign up for skrill or my account number associated with the skrill account

    1. Please am having a terrible experience with skrill, I transferred $50 to my skrill account, and I applied for withdrawal to my gtb dollar account, skrill deducted $6.6 as their handling levy,which is OK by me,at the end what I got was 17.81 euros. Which is equivalent to $19 ,what happened to the remaining money, all they could answer was,that it was conversion rate,so I used almost $30 to transfer $19. Pls is there any other trust worthy platform for money transfer.

  26. Helo sir, av never posted any questions here before buh ild be grateful in ur swift replies sir.
    Ah just started working for an international company dt pays in dollars. Can i recieve in naira to fidelity bank with my Verve card or ild need visa card………

      1. Good day Emma. This info has been of immense help to me. I have struggled with trying to open a skrill account, but all to no avail. But thanks to you, as it worked via ur link. But I want to fund it. So How do I get ur contact?

    1. Pls I have US$ debit master card that I collected through my domiciliary account from gtb. Can I use it to fund my skrill account. Thanks

          1. I funded my skrill account with GTb Mastercard and I am trying to withdraw it. It gave me options of credit/debit card and bank account. I chose bank account since i do not have visa card. I put in my GTb account number and clicked on withdraw. It gave me a limit of USD 2. Which I accepted,but it has been saying transaction failure.
            The truth is….all this is a pilot use for me. I need to know the best way to withdraw from skrill without losing my money and how?

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