Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?

I want to seize this opportunity to warn every Nigerian about  Social Exchange market grants.  I read on huntersinternational that the long-awaited Social Exchange Market Grant is about ready for disbursement in Nigeria. The post has it that Mr. Adetula Emmanuel, the Principal Coordinator of Great Impact Microfinance Bank, who also serves as the SEM Coordinator for all Principal Directors in Ondo and Ekiti, stated that “money is here already. The challenge at hand now is just the documentation to the fund release. That’s it.”

My main aim of this write up is not prove whether  Social Exchange market grants is real or scam. This is because already people are being scam in the name of getting Social Exchange Market grant.

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Here is the fraudulent  message circulating on the Whatsapp groups about Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria.

Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria

Grant called social exchange market is available in Nigeria. The grant is  awarded by philanthropy across the world to fund ideas.

What is required is to get the form is N1000 for those within the SouthEast .
To pick up this form may be a challenge but I believe that it is possible. Call so and so….
The grant is minimum of 3million maximum of 10million.  No collateral needed.  However having fulfilled all documentation at the Development bank of Nigeria. There shall be disbursement.  This will call for monitoring of every project.
 Remember you are not paying any thing. You are not returning the grant.
Your ideas must be production oriented on to process and packaging.  It is not for buying and selling
The seminar is for you to be trained and get information
Social exchange market is funding.  They are group of philanthropy across the world.
It is not MMM. I’m not asking you to pay a dime
This grant was what president Jonathan Used for U-win
Your ideas is for you.
Your business ideas In this case is e.g, block making,
  Garment making
  Pure water industry
Poultry and processing
Cassava plantation and processing
Cattle ranches
Nursery school
Drug manufacturing industry
Aquaculture and
Bottling companies
Tomato paste factory
Matches and tooth pick
Nylon industry
Automated shoe making
Flour mill
Feed mill
The grant Is available
The forms are in serial numbers, your signature on it. Everything is physically verified.
In addition NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK (NGO) is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria Authorized through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market.
generate model micro-finance banks that will  the grassroots becoming a financial institution. .
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Pick up membership registration from Smile Again Microfinance Bank indicating details of your location and your group intention.
Mobilize minimum of 1000 business/investment within the reach of your group in that community, town or city.
Attend Seminar/Workshop organized by Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market and Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank.
For enquires call: 080379872, 07083925153.
Warning: Please,  disregard any such  information on Social Exchange market grants or any related one on  internet or whatsapp group. Fraudsters are everywhere!!!

According Hunters International, 1. ‘Our reporters post updates received from the organisers of social market exchange grants scheme.
2. Ever since, they have never reported the fund is coming from World Bank, but a foreign charity.
3. Our contacts provide photos, videos, and documentations to back up their claim.
4. Hunters International is not part of the organiser; we simply report the proceedings.
5. We keep contacts with a charity foundation, not multi-purpose co-orperative schemes.
6. We are aware some people (cooperative guys) are asking for money for application till date (it may be a way to dupe Nigerians).

My verdict: With all the evidence we have seen, I would say, let’s wait to see if all these Abuja meetings of stakeholders is a film trick or not. There is nothing to lose if everyone wakes up from their daydreaming. To me, it looks more real (with all the findings our reporters have made, and with the proof we’re getting from bethanyworld. After all, it costs us no dime. We advise everybody not to pay for any form anywhere (as far as what we know today).

We will make changes to this article if the need arises.

If you have any question or comment you can use the comment box below.

831 thoughts on “Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?”

  1. I want to believe and concur with Mr Austin…… We will surely get the money……if money is not available, they won’t tell us to fill form for nothing….. Besides, they told us they didn’t ask anyone to pay for form, that the money its free…. Which means they really want to help…..and if the money is delayed and they and they gave us reasons, then we should accept it…..they don’t owe us at all…. Many of us has cheated a lot of people even in our day to day live and now we are here complaining about the money we didn’t keep with them…..I think the best we can do is to meet those we give money for form to get it back if worst come to worst if at all is a scam…. Let’s stop abusing and blaming Donard ….. I heard of how Donald went to camp to ask daddy GO to pray for him for grace to disburse money as soon as he comes back and when he landed he found out they have done frauds by replacing some names with fake names…..greedy idiots that surpose help us but they want more to themselves….. Awon oloriburuku aniyan….. Make them and their family nor enjoy the money in Jesus name…Amen

    1. I understand mc point of view but one thing is certain Donald is the head of this grant.he is responsible for every thing Success or failure. Seem is owing people big yes I said so.seem commissioned NGO s and corporatives to mobilize for the grant.the NGOs collected money on half of seem in the open.chairmen paid heavily some paid up to a million and less greedy ones collected above 150k.on behalf of seem in the open.seem kept quiet on till it became too late before their warning to people vnot to pay.when people have signed ucr.a friend of mine went to see to register they told him to go to an NGO .the NGO collected 350k from him.seem is very responsible for everything. My prayer is that they should have mercy on people for the sake of God if they believe him I’m begging them.or they should tell the people that they failed and arrest the NGO heads for reparations. Thank you.

  2. @Collins; No Good farmer will plant on a virgin land without clearing the farmland and removing every obstacles that will affect the crops from planting to harvesting. Barr.Donald is a lawyer and knows the implications of legal actions from stakeholders against SEM. Having cleared all obstacles by reaching documented aggreements with stakeholders, SEM will definitely act this week.Lets hope that SEM will make up for all delays. SHALOM

  3. What other justification are we going to give to the SEM for not disbursing or stopping the people from calling this program a scam?

    1)disbursement was shifted to March for no reason and afterwards to may – June.

    2)Then suddenly on May-June, it was reported that there were duplications of data which culminated to the SEM shifting disbursement to October.

    3)Then October, the issue of nammca and NC on each others toes that brought about the efcc issue came up :and that shifted to November .

    4)Then in November the issue of vice president and his economic matrix to shift the disbursement till next year came up, and the SEM were forced to start disbursement this year and been reminded by the people their various promises and how miserable beneficiaries to this grant has been and will be if they refuse to disburse this year :that they should at least disburse the 5% social welfare money first and the remaining ones next year. But at this junction, it seem that the SEM are now stocked with no other lies to tell and they are now coming up with the fact that they are not ready yet.

    *Be this a rumour or fabrication ;SEM should know that no other lies can be told to the people who has been so patient like never and some had lost their lives along the line waiting for this grant. As much as God will take his avenge on the players of this dangerous fraud, the Nigerian youths will unleash their anger and venom on the perpetrators first before anything.

    Every arrangement and actions of the organisers of this program right from the onset had been pointing to an organised fraud :but because of the present economic hardship in the country and for the fact that men and women of repute were involved in all these : made people to continue to yield as if they lack the prerequisite wisdom. But I think that this joke has been taken too far and people’s name and personality has been dragged to the mud :the time to act is now and never.

    If all of this is exactly what it seem to be.. an organised fraud, the apc as a party and the government of the day will never be exonerated from all of this. It is best called “a national fraud”, because no working government will insist that she is not aware of this program that is more popular in the nation than a political party in an election :hence the silence of the government, is a sure pointer to the fact that they are an accomplice. Let all hell loose if Donald and SEM refuse to speak after this week and there still remain no clear times table to the process of disbursement

    1. @The Truth. Desist from this kind of comment here. Be inform that this site has been move to another web server after an upgrade due to limited resource. If your comment(s) is/are deleted know that it is not intentional.

      1. @Emma: why is it that your upgraded system deletes only comments from some particular persons? You are not telling us the truth. You aren’t dealing with kids OK. I will suggest we open up a tread on this issue on nairaland for those of us who want to hear undiluted truth.


  4. @ Austin,
    Keep it up with your encouraging comments.
    @ Omotayi
    The fact that you get different comment from different outlet chairmen does not make it a scam. They are all right in their own views.
    Donald is not firm
    NGOs are greedy
    Those that formed NAMCCA, who invited EFCC,
    They all contributed to they delay…

  5. @omtayi, all them are telling you the truth because all of them (donald, NC and Chairmen) are involve in this conspiracy it just depend who u ask and from where the person is getting his info. if the person is getting info from the chairman, he will blame the NC. if he is getting his info from the NC, he will blame chairmen and if he is getting info from both, they will heap the blame on them. the lastest info i heard is the outlets will be paid in this month thereby the chairmen, dir and sec including the volunteer workers will receive their own chunk while the beneficiaries will get the part early next year. i heard this from my state coord.

  6. 3 CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE FOR SEM GRANT; (1) Those that do not believe , even when they get it will not enjoy it.(2) Those that believe but will not live to enjoy it.(3) Those that believe and will live to enjoy it. DESTINY AT WORK. Where do you belong?.You mouth can confess it. PLS. BE CAREFUL.————-SHALOM


  8. HAPPY NEW MONTH. I hereby confirm that the much awaited Time Table for Abuja trip is ready.After Com.Donald’s endorsement, SEM will communicate details directly to the Project Directors of the Outlets. Com.Donald is expected back this weekend.Expect the final release of Time Table to the Public hopefully on Monday.This is CONFIRMED—– SHALOM

  9. Arms on deck for a categorical statement from Barr Donald to the generality of the beneficiaries (not coordinators or directors or his workforce this time) but the donors’ destined poor/targets.

  10. I am beginning to doubt the authenticity of this grant.
    Ask me why ???
    I took my time to visit 3 different cooperative HQs today in Abuja. All in my quest to get genuine and workable updates from them. But to my greatest surprise, all the so called updates are at variance with each other
    One of the coop heaped all their blames on Barr Donald for not being firm
    The other coop blame the National Coordinators for being too greedy
    Lastly comes the blame for Namcca for being too radical

  11. Now that the ball is in Donalds court, he should not punish us further after so many months of expectation. Let him disburse this grant as matter of urgency as some beneficiaries are sick, frustrated and dying of hunger. Some are even dead.
    Donald, please use your good office to save us from this dilemma.

  12. HAPPY SURVIVAL TO ALL. November 2018 is the last month of our poverty on Earth. It is the faith of the people that brings down the blessings of God. All the riches in Nigeria that was taken away by our Colonial Masters is coming back in form of Grant to Nigeria. Nature has a way of bringing back what belongs to the people. SHALOM SHALOM SHALOM

  13. SEM has achieved a permanent cease fire so far from EFCC & NCs this month.Nothing will stops SEM from disbursing in December 2018. It will be a busy month for outlets chairmen as SEM will shift the burden of disbursement to them. Barr. Donald should be back this weekend unannounced.He is eagar to work directly with outlets chairmen for the rapid take off of The Social Exchange Market which starts with disbursement to individuals as beneficiaries(BOTTOM UP PROJECT) SHALOM.

  14. Daniel don’t be own is let they pay somebody this year then we will have hope.they should pay NGOs and chairmen and mobilize them to pay beneficiaries. You have to mobilize the outlets for proper order .so that they will pay us January,

  15. @ekson this is a lie from d pit of bell. It can never happen. Paying cmen, sect & dirs can never be contempleted. Their lives & property wud be in danger. Any payment that will not take upto abt 80% of beneficiaries will not work

  16. @AK; NCs & SEM must have agreed at a venue during their last meeting. I surely believe SEM does not have one office at Abuja.SEM officials are reachable any time they need NCs & Outlets chairmen attention. SEM & Outlets offices will be fully operational after disbursement. The only people that SEM needs now are the people that signed the UCR with them( NCs & Outlets Chairmen/Directors). SEM does not need an office to invite the Chairmen to Abuja just like they did not need that office to invite the NCs for the last meeting which was recorded. I don’t need an office to see my outlet chairman. We call eachother on phone and we aggree on where to meet. But after disbursement offices will be fully operational.That is what bottom Up project is all about. SHALOM

  17. @Austin. Please where are they expected to submit this letter and list? The unseen underground office or SEM office at Utako that is still not operational for almost 2 months now. Please more clarification. Thank you.

  18. Now that sem is ready to do the needful.I suggest to them to set out 10 trained staff.divide the chairmen into 10 groups of 1000 each.and run the program for ten means that each of the ten staff will attend to 100 each day.50 people from 9 _12 and another 50 from 12 to 4pm. They will train for 2 hours and sign check for 2 tens days all the chairmen are trained and settled. Then the chairman will be 10 days to settle all beneficiaries. Evry body will be happy and go home

  19. Now that the NGOs have accepted to discontinue their selfish & greedy agitation, SEM asked all NGOs to write a letter of acceptance that SEM should disburse directly to the OUTLETS without interference. SEM also asked them to submit all principal Directors list and outlets list together with the letter of acceptance to SEM office on or before 12am yesterday morning. I believe all of them must have submitted by now.We are waiting for SEM to release the timetable any time from now. Please keep an eye/ear on your outlet chairman & GET READY FOR THE FINANCIAL REVOLUTION IN NIGERIA THIS YEAR . SHALOM

  20. The Lord has done it!!! NGOs succumbed to SEM to disburse directly to the outlets. Timetable and necessary requirements for disbursement to be released on Friday. Congratulations!!!

  21. those pensioner who apply for the grant,many are dying, since 2014 we always years grant , baba Donal why now? if you know fit help why taken long cardinal. can anybody tel us the next step? NGO Gladiator, Dornal The Jakaban

  22. Even if SEM decides to invite all chairmen to Abuja for verification at once, we have a new church auditorium now at Abuja that can seat one hundred thousand people.It was opened last week, the biggest in the world. Our chairmen cannot even occupy a quarter(1/4) of the auditorium. Nothing can delay this disbursement again. The chairmen should prepare to go to Abuja. I wish Barr Donald will return with more money/approval from the donors, because the 1st batch has exceeded the budget and he need to bring some of the money meant for the 2nd batch to avoid shortage of fund during disbursement. SHALOM

  23. @Falabi; It is confirmed. During the UCR signing the chairmen went to Abuja with their secretaries.This time,it is only the chairmen that will go. I said they will be divided into 4 zones on different days. The reason for the verification exercise is to know those that are still alive and confirm their detail b/4 releasing their cheque.They will also be briefed accordingly to ensure smooth disbursement. SHALOM

  24. @Austin that issue of inviting chairmen for verification before cheque collection sounds like old news or its not correct. Do we know the amount of outlet chairmen we have already? Why bring everyone to Abuja and to what venue? Please confirm but welldone for the updates…

    1. Only the chairman signing for the cheque? How’s that a wise decision? This is an outlet of atleast 1000 members. Am still trying to confirm this update, here in Abuja.

  25. Thanks Austin for update. I also heard that Bar donald is about to give donors reports that everything is set for disbursement. House please, confirm. Thanks

  26. I have been reliably informed that outlets chairmen will be invited to Abuja any moment from now for verification exercise b/4 collecting their cheques. They may be divided into 4 zones for the exercise. SHALOM

  27. @ Adeniyi,
    “Why they want to pay beneficiaries btw 3 to 4 times ?? Are they babies ?? ”
    I think this was the initial ,means and way that was agreed upon that the money wld be shared. Or are you now saying that about the 10million will be issued to us at once? 😂 I will be happy if given that big money at once.
    Thanks and Cheers.

  28. @Bako; Barr Donald has not revealed the secret of disbursement.He has repeatedly said disbursement will start any moment.The statement sounds like a fire brigade approach. Hosting about ten thousand chairmen at Abuja is not cost effective. I believe modern technology will be use to effect the disbursement to outlets banks. SHALOM

  29. Our outlets chairmen should be security conscious during & after disbursement because some of these NCs are religious thugs. They can frustrate disbursement like wounded lions. We have known them by their fruits. SHALOM

  30. @ Bako, I am always with you people reading your comments. All the updates are correct. i have no update again than yours. I wonder why NGO leader / NC dont want liberty for outlets. I tell you, God is in control of it. God that deliver isrealites from Egypians will do so for outlets. Some NGO ceo want to tie and enslave chairman / PR and secretaries. Why they want to pay beneficiaries btw 3 to 4 times ?? Are they babies ?? SEM should also divide theirown grant into 4 and give them small small, Only God knows who serve Him. We are still expecting outcome of todays meeting if it is held. Thanks my people

  31. @Gouch; The meeting was concluded later the same day last week. The smart NCs initially rejected but later accepted SEM conditions. At least they are sure of their own share of the grant. Are you still hearing from them.? . What we are waiting for is the invitation of chairmen or direct crediting of outlets banks by SEM. The secret lies with Barr. Donald. Just keep an eye on your outlet chairman for your check which might come secretly and suddenly. HE WHO LAUGH LAST LAUGH BEST. SHALOM.

  32. If you listen to the audio where sister precious spoke on behalf of donald, in the last Thursday’s meeting, you will see how the national cords were laughing, making jest and catching fun at the mercy of corperative chairmen, and the eagerly waiting participants.
    There is God ooooo!

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