Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?

I want to seize this opportunity to warn every Nigerian about  Social Exchange market grants.  I read on huntersinternational that the long-awaited Social Exchange Market Grant is about ready for disbursement in Nigeria. The post has it that Mr. Adetula Emmanuel, the Principal Coordinator of Great Impact Microfinance Bank, who also serves as the SEM Coordinator for all Principal Directors in Ondo and Ekiti, stated that “money is here already. The challenge at hand now is just the documentation to the fund release. That’s it.”

My main aim of this write up is not prove whether  Social Exchange market grants is real or scam. This is because already people are being scam in the name of getting Social Exchange Market grant.

If actually you are looking for money to start up a business, these  10 ways can help you raise money to start up your own business.

Here is the fraudulent  message circulating on the Whatsapp groups about Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria.

Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria

Grant called social exchange market is available in Nigeria. The grant is  awarded by philanthropy across the world to fund ideas.

What is required is to get the form is N1000 for those within the SouthEast .
To pick up this form may be a challenge but I believe that it is possible. Call so and so….
The grant is minimum of 3million maximum of 10million.  No collateral needed.  However having fulfilled all documentation at the Development bank of Nigeria. There shall be disbursement.  This will call for monitoring of every project.
 Remember you are not paying any thing. You are not returning the grant.
Your ideas must be production oriented on to process and packaging.  It is not for buying and selling
The seminar is for you to be trained and get information
Social exchange market is funding.  They are group of philanthropy across the world.
It is not MMM. I’m not asking you to pay a dime
This grant was what president Jonathan Used for U-win
Your ideas is for you.
Your business ideas In this case is e.g, block making,
  Garment making
  Pure water industry
Poultry and processing
Cassava plantation and processing
Cattle ranches
Nursery school
Drug manufacturing industry
Aquaculture and
Bottling companies
Tomato paste factory
Matches and tooth pick
Nylon industry
Automated shoe making
Flour mill
Feed mill
The grant Is available
The forms are in serial numbers, your signature on it. Everything is physically verified.
In addition NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK (NGO) is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria Authorized through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market.
generate model micro-finance banks that will  the grassroots becoming a financial institution. .
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Pick up membership registration from Smile Again Microfinance Bank indicating details of your location and your group intention.
Mobilize minimum of 1000 business/investment within the reach of your group in that community, town or city.
Attend Seminar/Workshop organized by Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market and Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank.
For enquires call: 080379872, 07083925153.
Warning: Please,  disregard any such  information on Social Exchange market grants or any related one on  internet or whatsapp group. Fraudsters are everywhere!!!

According Hunters International, 1. ‘Our reporters post updates received from the organisers of social market exchange grants scheme.
2. Ever since, they have never reported the fund is coming from World Bank, but a foreign charity.
3. Our contacts provide photos, videos, and documentations to back up their claim.
4. Hunters International is not part of the organiser; we simply report the proceedings.
5. We keep contacts with a charity foundation, not multi-purpose co-orperative schemes.
6. We are aware some people (cooperative guys) are asking for money for application till date (it may be a way to dupe Nigerians).

My verdict: With all the evidence we have seen, I would say, let’s wait to see if all these Abuja meetings of stakeholders is a film trick or not. There is nothing to lose if everyone wakes up from their daydreaming. To me, it looks more real (with all the findings our reporters have made, and with the proof we’re getting from bethanyworld. After all, it costs us no dime. We advise everybody not to pay for any form anywhere (as far as what we know today).

We will make changes to this article if the need arises.

If you have any question or comment you can use the comment box below.

922 thoughts on “Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?”

  1. Thanks @inno for the update. Alot of people have been sending wrongh information in respect to disbursement please be very cafeful

  2. Nothing to believe for they same type of stories like that of last, my contact person at Abuja still reports that d office is still under lock and key.
    Not untill we see a remarkably activities going on with respect to disbursement nobody should believe anything.
    Remember how they deceived us to believe that Sem/Donald have settle with Efcc before the court date of 26th that exposed nothing of such had ever happened

  3. Austin I have always believed in you.but sem has been elusive. Donald will promise and do a different thing because of forces around him.i cant trust him.unless I see something. I m very grateful for your efforts you just an angel.

  4. @Paul, coooool down bros. SEM is pregnant with our grant & at the point of delivery. Let us pray for safe delivery. Both SEM & its baby (grant) should be alive for the beneficiaries to enjoy both. Now that the court has exposed the grant. Our victory is sure come 16th April 2019. I am celebrating in advance. SHALOM.

  5. If sem office is open,they should do the right thing on time, since beneficiaries are having bias mind toward this grant,day in day out this year is going,for farmer this is farming season because if farmers fail to plant at normal time there will be no good harvest.Pls if there is no grant let us know.For the past 3 years for God sake?

  6. [4/1, 11:18 AM] Barister Donald actually held a meeting with some key individual that led him to communicate VP, VP then summon Donald and Magu. This is where the settlement was fast track ,the office is opened also, 16th of April is just to withdraw the Case .God has done it.
    *Copied from the Grant telegram*

  7. @ Austin, I have confirmed your update, you are correct. Kindly leave ” The truth that changed to The fact alone ” I tell you he will soon carry all his curses he made on this forum, unless, if he does not collect this coming grant. Thanks

  8. he who lies on this forum will never beget a prosperous generation.. Austin be careful not to share in this curse

    1. @the fact(Balaam). Austin is a spiritual Israelite & no Balaam can curse him. Anyone that curses me is cursed & anyone that blesses me is blessed. Shalom

  9. Donald is truly a good man surrounded by evil forces. He has invited representative of the foreign donors with the VP on Monday.
    This meeting is believed to be the final meeting as the donors have given a 72hr ultimatum to FG to allow disbursement or risk it returned.
    To this effect, disbursement will commence second week with all NGOs being given a maximum of 1 week to organise trainings for PDs after which disbursement will start with immediate effect and concluded in June.
    Let’s start praising God peeps!!! It will end in praise??‍♂??‍♂??‍♂??‍♂??‍♂????????????COPIED.

    1. @Austin, thanks for whatever effort that you are putting in right here sir
      But then I don’t know the sources where you are getting these information from and how credible those sources are?
      Less we did be careful to what we read and share to avoid getting the populace high.
      Please my candid opinion sir.


  11. @ frank and mike, No weapon formed against me shall prosper. please, dont cause trouble online here. i can see you need this grant too urgently, the grant will fly into your hands without process
    it is better both of you face your daily work or collect your reg fee back where both of you registered if you cant wait, as some of people like you do. Thanks

    it is well.

  12. Frankfine, Honestly you made me laugh, you can even call me Bar donald or NC, i need this grant than everybody here. ( If this case is yours, you will know how you will judge it ) I only said my own words for situation of things on ground known to everyone on court case. You are free to do whatever you like on your warming up. some people like you have collected their reg fee back, u feel free to contact your n/c for refund, if you cant wait. this is very simple. For me, the grant is real and it will surely be paid very soon with patience. You may say is not real, that is yours. Thanks my brother.

    Lets everyone continue to face our daily job we do before this grant came. Thanks

  13. @ Adeniyi it is quiet unfortunate that you as a person is openly supporting SEM and you are one of them or their agent by coming to this platform to deceive some poeple as if you are one of us. Kindly do not Douse the tension which has gone beyond control. Tell your people to disburse this grant before It is too late for the open show to commence which may not be good for their status.

  14. All this information are frame up. These organizations taking each other to court are all government bodies and are well co -operated and co -ordinated to participate in this lingering drama that put as many of us in a situation which one can literarily call “One chance or Fools paradise”. I have said it before since last year, and permit me to say it again that this program is no way affiliated to any foreign investor. It is purely politician’s idea. We all know that they are fantastic liers and are known for manipulating the masses with sugar coated promises. I will advise that you should all learn to think and grow rich by now. Someone could have had his breakthrough by alternative means since 3yrs ago that we have all been in this night vigil and hitherto far from daylight. Hmmmm… Remember that no matter how far you travel in the wrong way, can never make it right at the end. Folks please make a swift U- turn before its too late. Truth is bitter, and its like a hard pill to swallow. May God bless someone who read this.

  15. @ Paul, Over 100+, beneficiaries have collected their reg fee back in some states known to me, and they signed undertaking that anytime grant come, they have no right to collect it. You too can do so and forget about it. Patience is the key to this grant. I can boldly tell you, this grant is real, if u dont believe it, everyone free to collect their money back.

  16. @ Austin, TELPECOM ( registered with CAC ) is an association of nc / Ngo CEO. ( n/c or ceo of ngo are the same people ) SEM is the donor bearer of grant from oversea, n/c or ceo get grant from SEM. TELPECOM can still source another grant herself from any where in the world. TELPECOM has no grant to give beneficiaries than to get it from SEM and another source in the world. The grant we are all expecting now is sem grant through TELPECOM . I and you may also have our own ngo and register with TELPECOM only if we wish. Thanks

  17. Just a brief recap pls.
    1. the case is SEM Vs Ibrahim Magu & others.
    Others here is Accountant General office .
    2. Counsels from SEM & EFCC were presented. While non from Accountant General’s office.
    3. SEM seeked for settlement out of court while EFCC insisted for hearing since SEM is the Applicant.
    4. While his Lordship was going through the motion, she observed that both letters of motion were not duly signed especially the one from EFCC.
    she insisted not to strike out the case till all signings are duly done and as well SEM COUNSEL to also serve the Accountant General’s office notice too.
    5. However the court wanted to give them time till June when the SEM counsel quickly objected to that by saying that the office premises of his client has been under lock and key by EFCC since October 2018…thereby asking for a nearer date to be given.
    He then suggested 16th April.
    And was granted by his Lordship.
    6. And it was also submitted that both parties could still settle out of court before the dates.
    7. On this the SEM counsel addressed us outside

  18. Beneficiaries are gradually forgetting about the grant.that is the game of sem/ncs .they will keep coming up with one news or the other and keep giving people hope.justice delayed is justice denied. Promise is a debt.and for the ncs we don’t need your association. If by the end of April when don’t see any grant better keep our money Ready.let it be a on us should we keep quiet and let you people get away with such huge fraud.because now that CBN is involved from the backyard. We will be hearing CBN this and CBN that all this people if this people fail by easter we will at least let the world know what happened in Nigeria championed by the very men that preach the gospel.


  20. SEM is now one of the donors of the NCs (now TELPECOM) .SEM does not attend the meetings of the NCs. SEM program is now different from NCs program. Does the Outlets now belong to SEM or NCs(now TELPECON) ?. Is SEM & TELPECON now competing for grant. ? Are we expecting grants from both? . TIME WILL TELL. @ Omatayi,Adeniyi,Eben,Frankfine & others(with positive mindset) must speak now . (SHALOM)

  21. It is obvious that ncs has really taken us for a ride .the whole charade is going to be fg project. We all know how government programs end in Nigeria.from all indication sem and ncs is playing is playing a high game.God help us.what about the huge sum of money ncs used to register outlets.who is going to pay for it.

  22. The great Eben welcome.thank God for everything we really miss you guys.thanks for the current update. But we are no longer interested in what the national coordinators are doing if they like they can form association of tiper drivers.they the people that put us in this messs.we are interested I’m when mr d is bringing the money period and the ncs should pray that this time mr d pays otherwise the monkey and baboon will soak in blood.I great all directors and beneficiaries welcome to post election era.I don’t want to hear after easter.

  23. @ Austin, Thank you very much for this quick update given to us and those of us that keep us alive on this grant. It will be well with our soul, non of us shall die before and after disbursement.

    And for even thomases, i do not blame them, may every beneficiary be successful on it. Thanks to u all.

    1. Which one is CBN involvement again ? SEM has requested NGOs for their bank details soon after the court case on 26th March.
      The idea is that sem will disburse to the NGOs and the NGOs will do same to the outlets. Where is CBN coming in now.
      Does it mean that Donald has handed over the grant to the federal government?
      @Austin this your update is radically different from all the other ones that I have seen recently
      Kindly throw more light pls

  24. 03/21/19 For me to be fully informed…. Currently I am in Abuja owing to some reasons as regards this grant….kindly bear with me in a matter of days now….immeasurable joy will be ours

    [3/20, 20:44] : UCR have been handed over to CBN by Donald himself, SEM staffs undergoing serious training on massive disbursement management

    [3/20, 20:46] : Ten days are to be used by each outlet to disburse the grant generally to her 1000(+)beneficiaries

    [3/20, 20:50] : Oncoming Meeting of 23rd between Donald and NCs will be centered on two things::::: Non interest on the court case again, warning the NGOs to warn the outlets not to create uproar when the massive disbursement kick off in spite that disbursement is ongoing underground

    [3/20, 20:54] : As from next week…. things will be looking bright… But SEM would be discrete about it….they won’t make noise about the disbursement….. Shalom

    [3/20, 21:03] : Once the PDS get the money directly from SEM…after the money is matured…. Outlet must give 100 beneficiaries their grants per day totaled 10 days

    Remain prayerful so that God will accomplish the work that he started about this grant.

    We pray that the outcome of this proposed meeting shall bring joy to the land. Amen

  25. @ Adex, I wonder asking for the venue, are you a National Cordinator? You are a suspect. Camera is watching you.

  26. @Adex why are asking about the venue of the meeting? Is like u have an angenda?? Otherwise u should be more concerned of the outcome of the meeting and not d venue, tread with cussion bcos God is in control of this project

  27. Globaltech collected #2,800 from beneficiaries for registration and since early 2018 , nothing was done not even an update for beneficiaries the worst they could do is to be telling the poor entrepreneurs to come and invest into their dubiouse cooperative society.

    There is God 00000 !….

  28. u people are building beneficiaries hope again by saying disbursement is ds match, 2019. is dis an official date from sem?

  29. *From the table of CEO*
    *Day One: Friday (15/3/2019) Of National Prayer and Fasting*

    *Prayer Points*

    1. Thanksgiving /Appreciation prayer(Psalm 91, Psalm 34, Psalm 121, Psalm 136) for divine protection and gift of Life for;
    Comrade Donald, Staff of SEM,
    National Coordinators, State Coordinators, Chairmen, Directors, Beneficiary, our Family, Our Children and the Society at Large.

    2. Prayer for the Just concluded general election of our dear country and thank God for no war, no riot etc

    3. Prayer for forgiveness in any way we have erred which could cause delay for the grants’ Disbursement (Psalm 51)

    PST Asogbon Oluwayomi
    *National Secretary*

  30. *I watched a local football match at a school playing ground. As I sat down, I asked one of the boys what the score was.*

    *With a smile, he replied; “They are leading us 3-0″!*

    *And I said, REALLY!!*

    *I have to say you don’t look discouraged*.

    *”Discouraged?” the boy asked with a puzzled look …*

    *Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?*

    *I have confidence in the team and the managers; We shall definitely overcome!*

    *Truly, the match ended 5-4 in favor of the boy’s team!*

    *He waved at me gently, with a beautiful smile as he left; I was amazed, mouth wide open; Such confidence; Such beautiful faith;*

    *As I got back home that night, his question kept coming back to me:*
    *”Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?”*

    *Life is like a game*.

    *Why should you be discouraged when The Almighty God is your Manager? Why should you be discouraged, when there’s still life? Why should you be discouraged when your final whistle has not sounded? The truth is that many people blow the final whistle themselves;*

    *But as long as there is life, nothing is impossible and it is never too late for you.*

    *Half time is not full time and HIS calendar for your life is not man’s calendar.*

    *Don’t blow the whistle yourself.*


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