Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?

I want to seize this opportunity to warn every Nigerian about  Social Exchange market grants.  I read on huntersinternational that the long-awaited Social Exchange Market Grant is about ready for disbursement in Nigeria. The post has it that Mr. Adetula Emmanuel, the Principal Coordinator of Great Impact Microfinance Bank, who also serves as the SEM Coordinator for all Principal Directors in Ondo and Ekiti, stated that “money is here already. The challenge at hand now is just the documentation to the fund release. That’s it.”

My main aim of this write up is not prove whether  Social Exchange market grants is real or scam. This is because already people are being scam in the name of getting Social Exchange Market grant.

If actually you are looking for money to start up a business, these  10 ways can help you raise money to start up your own business.

Here is the fraudulent  message circulating on the Whatsapp groups about Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria.

Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria

Grant called social exchange market is available in Nigeria. The grant is  awarded by philanthropy across the world to fund ideas.

What is required is to get the form is N1000 for those within the SouthEast .
To pick up this form may be a challenge but I believe that it is possible. Call so and so….
The grant is minimum of 3million maximum of 10million.  No collateral needed.  However having fulfilled all documentation at the Development bank of Nigeria. There shall be disbursement.  This will call for monitoring of every project.
 Remember you are not paying any thing. You are not returning the grant.
Your ideas must be production oriented on to process and packaging.  It is not for buying and selling
The seminar is for you to be trained and get information
Social exchange market is funding.  They are group of philanthropy across the world.
It is not MMM. I’m not asking you to pay a dime
This grant was what president Jonathan Used for U-win
Your ideas is for you.
Your business ideas In this case is e.g, block making,
  Garment making
  Pure water industry
Poultry and processing
Cassava plantation and processing
Cattle ranches
Nursery school
Drug manufacturing industry
Aquaculture and
Bottling companies
Tomato paste factory
Matches and tooth pick
Nylon industry
Automated shoe making
Flour mill
Feed mill
The grant Is available
The forms are in serial numbers, your signature on it. Everything is physically verified.
In addition NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK (NGO) is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria Authorized through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market.
generate model micro-finance banks that will  the grassroots becoming a financial institution. .
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Pick up membership registration from Smile Again Microfinance Bank indicating details of your location and your group intention.
Mobilize minimum of 1000 business/investment within the reach of your group in that community, town or city.
Attend Seminar/Workshop organized by Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market and Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank.
For enquires call: 080379872, 07083925153.
Warning: Please,  disregard any such  information on Social Exchange market grants or any related one on  internet or whatsapp group. Fraudsters are everywhere!!!

According Hunters International, 1. ‘Our reporters post updates received from the organisers of social market exchange grants scheme.
2. Ever since, they have never reported the fund is coming from World Bank, but a foreign charity.
3. Our contacts provide photos, videos, and documentations to back up their claim.
4. Hunters International is not part of the organiser; we simply report the proceedings.
5. We keep contacts with a charity foundation, not multi-purpose co-orperative schemes.
6. We are aware some people (cooperative guys) are asking for money for application till date (it may be a way to dupe Nigerians).

My verdict: With all the evidence we have seen, I would say, let’s wait to see if all these Abuja meetings of stakeholders is a film trick or not. There is nothing to lose if everyone wakes up from their daydreaming. To me, it looks more real (with all the findings our reporters have made, and with the proof we’re getting from bethanyworld. After all, it costs us no dime. We advise everybody not to pay for any form anywhere (as far as what we know today).

We will make changes to this article if the need arises.

If you have any question or comment you can use the comment box below.

918 thoughts on “Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?”

  1. Mr Miracle thanks for the word of encouragement,let those parties concern do the right thing before may 20th, Donald and his people should repent from their wickedness.May GOD help us.

  2. @ the fact
    *Let’s be calm
    *our lives dose not depend on this grant
    * in this our Nigeria there some group of people who dose not want blessings for the masses but God pass them
    *everyone has made one commitment or the other
    *if grant did not come as expected then GOD will Grant us
    *peace one House
    There is MIRACLES for all of us Thanks

    1. Nation builder CM network came to mushin to sell forms for everyone at the rate of #500 and we we were told to attend a seminar and we paid #5800 for certificate since last year June. Till date we haven’t heard from them. Most of all the old women in the market paid and now we are waiting to get the grant. Pls help us, even if they won’t have us the grant, they should return back our money.

  3. Since another sitting is coming up may 20th,l will implore all parties involve to settle out of court,so that their good name can be redeemed and they should not allow anything that would cause adjournment again some people have lost interest in this programme.Thanks

  4. @ The fact,
    You have been very very reckless in your comments over the time right here in this platform. I don’t think if you EVER do realized that you are on a public domain?
    Who is owing you what that you will come out here to called people parents and relatives “stupid and bastard”?
    Do you pay attention to words spoken to you by someone including your very parents?
    If I were the admin of this platform……no time to be waisted I will block you out of here.
    If you were to be in the shoe of that very judge, will you be able to do otherwise when you are bereaved?
    Try to have respect for yourself and to others

  5. The judge is a civil servant and can take permission to attend pressing needs.but the issue is that the court case is not problem of sem.the issue is that sem made a promise they can’t keep.I believe that they are yet to receive fund but maybe the were promised and they started levying people. CBN cannot disburse NGO has never happened any where in the world.if the donors want govt they would have done so.I believe that sem is economical with the truth.they have no fund to share for now.they may still get the fund if they perfect their plans.they may have concrete promise of fund from donors but they have not gotten it.there is no way they will sit on donors fact no donor will even give that kind of chance.the fact is that they used us.our only prayer now that they should not sideline us when their ship comes in.


  7. InnoSEM agent, thief, saboteur, enemy Of The masses, usurper and fraudster… The spirit of poor Nigerians will never make you know peace!!!! I oleeee!!

  8. Please folks stop fighting .we can channel all our energy towards sem.if we continue like this the people holding us to ransom be it fg or sem will win.if we join our energy we could do better.I am calling on every body to sheath your sword and face our common enemy. The fact please stop direct attack on your fellow beneficiaries. No matter how you feel please.let’s reason a way out of the Quagmire.

  9. The truth no need to continue talking to u because u have proven to be a complete moron with CAPITAL Letter of idiocracy running through ur vein that has left no form of human blood and reasoning
    You can go and commit suicide because will be scam for life in anything u ventured into, this is just the beginning because even wen d grant finally comes u will watch others collect theirs but it will never get to you. Full stop.

  10. U are obviousy a product of mistake pregnancy otherwise known as born bastard that is why you behave d way u do, because u never received any form of home training and as such lack manners/conscience, but d worse part of it all is that u are not ready to learn, therefore u will perish in ignorant.

  11. The fact you have baptized from the truth to come back here and talk rubbish after all ur blablabla of a scam, don’t u have any iota of shame or conscience ? Better go back to ur hiding place and never ever come back here to talk trash

  12. I can bet 1million naira that come may 2nd,case will be adjourned indefinitely and that would be the end of it all.. Then everyone’s eyes go clear

    1. @Admin

      Is there a away messages are pruned or edited before coming to the public domain? If yes, it is high time it is activated.

      Is it possible possible that someone could be removed or blocked from commenting on this platform? If yes, it pertinent that the mechanism is fully deployed before it becomes too late and unmanageable.

      Thank you

  13. @ The fact / the truth, You have already concluded in yourself that it is a scam. What info do you need again ??? I am surprise to see you here commenting on what you believe scam. If i were you, i would have left here.

    Soji has replied you. if you have time on may 2nd, 2019, you are free to attend hearing betw SEM and EFCC at Abuja. Some people have prepared to go on that day.

    Thanks and God bless.

  14. Let us wait till may 2,if there is any adjournment that means that there will be mobilisation enough is enough.

  15. So tell me now, am i not being factual when I say the whole thing is scam? Abi why is everyone silent now?

  16. @ Soji, What i and Austin have done wrong to you?? Why did you make this statement “”” calling urself xtian it is painful,all unrighteousness is a sin,”””” Are we the one delaying the SEM grant ???? Please, what do you mean by your statement ?? Please, be mindful of your statement.

    If you want to know people delaying grant you are free to attend court in Abuja on may 2, 2019. I and Austin are masses like you expecting the SEM grant.

    Thanks and God bless.

  17. @ Mike, If that is the vision you see or others people vision or what they see or heard . It shall not come to pass by the grace of God. The grant is for we masses, not govt. By the power of God, the case will be settled amicably.

    Thanks and God bless

  18. The court case will be adjourned again to june or july. Watch and see. This grant is in the hands of fg now and that is the way it will go for years. What can you do about it?

  19. Big thanks to everybody in the house, pls and pls if u dont have any real information for us do not say it,people like Adeniyi ,Austin calling urself xtian it is painful,all unrighteousness is a sin,this time we are so despirate to get our grant,how do u know that this case will not be adjourned again after may 2,let us be in unity to get ourselves out from this big mess that we find ourselves.May GOD help us.

  20. Adeniyi I was believing that you are like Austin who has gone out of his way to make sure people benefit from this troubled grant.some of us has really sacrificed to make sure that people who are not able to key in keyed don’t judge me you have no such right.

  21. Adeniyi i didnt spent 3000.if I had even spent 50000.i will not be here worrying.I have spent over half a million in this project plus the time and energy. You should now know why it is paining don’t say what you don’t know.

  22. @ Paul, If you think you have been duped because of seen delay. I hope what they duped you is not more than N3,000. ??? I wish you best of luck in all your future doings.

    For those that still believe on it, Lets keep our hope alive that this grant will surely come out whether devil like it or not. with our two hands, we shall collect it, no-one shall die, as we are busy with our daily works .

    It is well with our soul.

  23. There are so much lies and fake news surrounding the grant.the only thing we beneficiaries can do is to protest even if it is outside the court on may 2nd.if we can mobilize people to go to that court.the court can be filled and the surrounding filled to the brim.after the session we start our protests .we want efcc to open sem office a nd unfreeze its account.

  24. Austin that’s a good development. But they would have used bvn.nigeria cannot provide 10 thousand official to disburse 5b USD.also these officials can easily be bought. Thanks anyway is a positive development. Some ngos and outlets can be dubious.

  25. *Latest updates::::* Every outlet will be assigned an Efcc official and DSS so as to monitor the fraud free disbursement… If you’re here and your outlet’s beneficiaries are fake and you thought you can just disburse the way you like…it is seriously impossible with the latest info coming out from yesterday meeting held between all parties concerned….

    And again… Since yesterday…..SEM through NGOs are demanding for Hardcopy of database from some outlets while some only need to send the outlet’s name,address etc…and deadline is Friday this week….some underground moves is ongoing… Even the Donors are yet to leave Nigeria… They are still much around… I meant their Representatives…

  26. I never trusted that Donald of a man.when somebody decides to go secret something is wrong.he wanted to push away the ncs and now claims he fell in love with outlets.if this info from bako is correct then it means he deliberately ran down the ncs before the donors because the ncs knew what he knows. He knew that ncs were collecting money and they were giving him his shares and when he discovered that by the structure ncs will be richer than him he changed the game.he knew that beneficiaries and ncs will fallout,and he ran away using efcc as a cover .he fixed the money to be very rich.if the donors sent 5b USD as was claimed and he fixes it.he is in leave with fg,efcc and CBN .efcc is league with him that why they never arrested him for once.he will not share this money this month.he may share around July or august if he want to share. He is worse than govt.many grants that came via world bank through govt has all been shared.Donald is truely a demon if what bako posted is correct. One is certain he never have peace until he give people their money.

    ?Crucial and series of Meeting on Settlement of Case Out of Court is ongoing among some high profile Dignitaries in the country, Dr. Donald (SEM CEO), The Donors (i.e. Representatives) and the EFCC / CBN. We are waiting for the outcome.

    ?The SEM Office at No 12 Dan Suleiman, Utako in Abuja is still under the EFCC lock But SEM is presently operating in another confidential Office in Abuja. Although known by most NCs. Probably until the case is officially out of the Court.
    ?Finally, the court outing on the 16th of April will clear a lot of our doubts.
    ?It has been really confirmed that the SEM Money is in the Country for Disbursement from a reliable source in CBN as we are also told that some CBN Directors own some outlets and are also involved in the SEM Grant Programme…
    ?So there is no cause for alarm. Let’s continue to be prayerful as we wait for the official declaration of settlement out of court on 16th of April, 2019… After that, hopefully there will be one week Training on Disbursement for all NCs, and PDs in Abuja. Then, The full blown Grant Disbursement will commence in phases from April till June, 2019…
    ?There is an open opportunity for those who did not partake in the first batch to join few slots in the second batch.
    ?So lets be calm because The whole process will surely end in Praise and Thanksgiving.
    Thanks and God Bless..??

  28. hmm…. disbursement… an elusive word… ever since like 3years now… when they were collecting monies for form, it was easy… when they raked people money for passport, clearance, file paper and all shit,it was easy… but when it came to the most important part, they started suing themselves, holding endless meetings, and people posting fake updates and deceiving Nigerians… they will all suffer… it shall not be well with them


  30. Daniel and Paul u are saying the right thing but for Austin and ola where do they get their information,we want action this time, Donald should come out from hidden place and stop wasting beneficiaries time,let us call a spade a spade,we would give account.

  31. My brother dan you said it all .Donald is not dumb and sem is still existing why are they silent.if they are serious they should talk to us.this silence connotes a lot of things. 1 that they not ready to disburse 2 that they are no longer sure of the grant.3 that they are playing on us.4 that they never had the intention of sharing the money that they used us for their selfish own is that sem should speak we are tired honestly we are .

  32. Oni and Austin how do u know that this grant is real ?.Those that are involve do not think of commoners.We need divine intervention.Because we are tired of this fallacy.They should do something this month.There is GOD O O O

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