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How to change facebook business page web URL & name

Your company recently acquire new business name, meanwhile you have  built huge facebook fans with old business name and you felt that it will be big huge loss if start creating a new facebook business page. All you wanted now is to change your old facebook business page name and web address to match new one so that you can retain your facebook business page fans.

You can change your facebook business page web address and name but the possibility depend on two factors for it to work;

1.       if you are the administrator of that facebook business page (I mean if you are the one managing the facebook page).

2.       if that facebook business page does not have up to 200 fans. Though, if the facebook page has recorded up to 200 fans, you can still change the web address (URL) but you cannot change the business page name again.

If you meet up with above criteria, can we proceed to change the web address and the name of your facebook business page?

·         Log in to your facebook business page

.      Click on edit page button at top of the page then update page info on the dropdown menu.

 How to change facebook business page URL and Name



On this page you can edit both your facebook business page web URL and the page name as shown on diagram if your page meet the above criteria

how to change your facebook fan pageOnce you are done,  click save to save changes