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25 Important Tips to Finding True Happiness in Relationship or marriage

Finding true happiness in relationship or marriage is a topic that many relationship expert has talked about in many books, documentaries and even in short films. In this article we’re going to examine in detail what true happiness is and 25 important tips to finding true happiness in relationship or marriage

tips to finding true happiness in relationship

Happy Relationship

What is true Happiness?

True happiness may mean different things to different people. A lot of people have different views on what true happiness is.

True happiness is that immerse feeling of peace with oneself as result of being right with the creator and people around. It is a state of being contented and satisfied. It is not about being riches or wealth; it is a state of mind in which one has a fulfilling and satisfying feeling that his heart is truly at rest. It is about the amount of your troubles carried away by a moment’s feeling. True happiness is not just happiness. It’s not just peace, it’s not just joy. These things have a cause for them. They have things or persons that make them happen.  It’s that peace you get when you’re in trouble.  It’s that natural force in you that resists sadness in the middle of crisis.

Most People get into relationship or marriage because they seek happiness in their partner and when they can’t find it, they end up the relationship. So, what are the things that can help one find true happiness in a relationship or marriage? There are so many things that help one to find true happiness in relationship or marriage. Below are our important tips to finding true happiness in relationship or marriage.

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Tips to Finding true Happiness in Relationship or marriage

Love your partner

One important tip to finding true happiness in a relationship or marriage is to love your partner. There is a saying that love is not enough but in a relationship love tackles so many challenges. When you love your spouse, you will be able to see the best in him or her; you will find yourself lusting after each other every day and anytime. When you love your spouse, it means you can sacrifice for spouse and make your spouse’s dream comes true. This will ultimately help you to live happy with your spouse and in overall find true happiness in your relationship

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Gift each other

Couples who gift each other often will find true happiness in their relationship. It is very important for married couple to gift in special occasions and even when there is no celebration. Women are always at the receiving end.  So as man, you should always buy gift for your wife because you’re giving her gift often she’ll hardly hate you. She will continue to pray for you and appreciate you more. On the other hand, as a woman when you receive a gift from your spouse; make him to know that you appreciate the gift because sometime when you are given a gift and you didn’t show appreciation it makes him feels you don’t appreciate his effort thereby making him angry. And being always angry with your partner in relationship will bring about unhappiness in your union.

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Forgive your partner

Forgiving your spouse or partner when he or she wrongs you bring in heavy relieve and happiness. And when practice often in a marriage or relationship, you’ll definitely find true happiness in the relationship. Always be ready to say “Am Sorry”, listen to explanations i.e. reason behind each other’s action and be willing to let go easily. When you forgive easily, always try as much as possible to discuss the issue that bring about the disagreement and listen to each other calmly. Be ready to accept where you are wrong and apologize immediately.

Have a good relationship or marriage counselor

Another tip to finding true happiness in relationship is to have a good marriage relationship counselor. There some hard issues in marriage that require the intervention of a good marriage counselor. Having a good marriage counselor who advises you on such issues is very important. A good marriage counselor can settle issue that is about wreck the happiness of a relationship or marriage when an internal settling mechanism fails.

Make out time for each other

No matter how engaged you are, always make time for your partner. It is important cause when you are away for too long, there will be a space between you two, and that vacuum will attract some bad friends to come in with their bad advice which destroy the happiness of a relationship or marriage. Enjoy each other’s company and feel free to express how happy you are, each time you‘re together with your spouse.

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Maintain prayer alter

There is a saying that a family that prays together, stays together, well, that saying is true. It’s good for couples to present both their physical and spiritual needs to God in form of prayer. Prayer helps to overcome some temptation and keep you together during the time of meditation, share the word of God together and teach each other in your own understanding. This will definitely help you find true happiness in your relationship or marriage.

Maintain healthy Sex life with your partner

Sex is very important in marriage or relationship as it serve as a catalyst that keeps you together. But I don’t advocate for sex outside marriage. Sex brings pleasure, joy, satisfaction and happiness in marriage. Your disagreement should not affect your mutual sex life.  Tell your husband or wife how you feel after sex. If you are not satisfied, talk to your partner about it. Don’t discuss your sexual life with your friends. Make sure not to deprive yourselves to each other because even the bible says that on no occasion should you deprive yourselves of each other’s body unless there is an agreement. Do not use sex to punish your partner so that your partner will not source for pleasure elsewhere.  Do not compare your partner sexual life with that of your ex. For it is very dangerous and will never allow you to enjoy your wife/husband.

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Respect each other’s decisions

You should know two of you are two individuals raised by different parent and there are a lot of different ways you are thought on how to do a particular thing. Mr A always take his family to 8am mass and all his children grew with ideal that going to 8am Mass is the best while Mr B takes his own Family to 10am Mass which is also good for them and all his children has been living with the ideal that 10am mass is the best. So when Mr A and Mr B family marries, it is left for the husband and wife to discuss and know which mass is suitable for both of them. Don’t force your decision on your partner: Always discuss everything you want to do ad take a decision together.

Having laid much emphasis on what a couple has to do together in order to find true happiness in marriage. It is important to note that both the wife and the husband have a personal contribution to make in order to find true happiness in the marriages.

Key things a wife should do to find true happiness in marriage

  • Respect your husband

The word Respect in marriage simply means a polite behaviour towards or care for somebody or something that you think is important. Always show your husband respect both in private place and in public places. Men has ego and loves respect. Even when he is wrong, talk to him politely. Find a way to make him understand that he is wrong politely. Always respect in more in the presences of his family members, his friends and colleagues in his work place. No man wants to be called a weakling and no man want to hear that his wife is controlling him. Don’t treat him the way your friend is treating her husband cause he is not your friend’s husband and so there approach and understanding is different.

  • Never go into marriage with certain negative perception

Most women enter marriage relationship with negative perception like; Men are bad, Mother-in-laws are witches, sister-in-laws are evil, when you have this kind of mind-set. You can never see anything good in what your husband, your mother-in-law or sister-in-law does as you’ve already concluded that they are bad; even when they mean well for you. Enter marriage with free mind, if you truly you want to find happiness in that marriage. Because your husband has a family that has lived with all his life before he married you, so it is very difficult for you to come into his life immediately and expect him to stop discussing with his mother and sisters. Don’t feel that every time that your husband is discussing with his family that they are talking about you. Be free with your in-laws and try as much as possible to blend easily with them with the help of your husband of course.

  • Never monitor your husband

You monitor your husband when you are less busy and celebrate your husband when you are busy. So get busty, find something to keep yourself occupied. Stop telling people to watch your husband for you. Stop picking his calls, going through his chats and checking his phone, so that will not misinterpret information that you did not know how it came about.

  • Always pray for your husband

There is a need to always pray for your husband because most men go through a lot everyday just to put on table and make sure he provide for your children’s need. So support him spiritually as well as financially by always praying and blessing anytime he wants to go out or he is away. Men don’t usually have and check things like women so pray for him always.

  • Never compare your husband with another man

No man want to be compared with anybody so try as much as you can to enjoy your man the way he is after all you saw him before you married him. When you start comparing your husband, there is nothing that he will do for you that will please you which will start causing problem in your home, thereby taking happiness in your home.

  • Be a good cook

They say that Good food is a key to a man’s heart, well, that saying is true. No man wants to be eating out all the time. Don’t be too busy to make food for your husband. Find time out of your body schedule to food for your husband. Because if you make good food, there is no way your husband will be going outside to eat, thereby staying out late sometimes.

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  • Dress sharp and always look your best

Most women immediately after marriage and having a child will start living themselves untidy. You no longer brush your teeth very well, bath well, won’t put on clothes that will bring out your shape. Men are attracted to what they see, so dress attractively to your husband. When you are going out with your husband, dress well, wear some makeup, look good, and smart. Because even the holy bible says that women should dress attractively to their husband. Ensure that you always bath every time and wear fitting clothes, make your hair and comb it properly. No man like a dirty and smelling woman. Every man wants his wife to look 100% neat.

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  • Never nag

To be a nag means to keep complaining to somebody about their behaviour or keep asking them to do something, no man wants a nagging woman, if you are a nagging woman; you are driving your husband away and causing him to be staying out late because he cannot find peace in his home. So if you want to tell him about something make it short and simple, ask him politely and continue to talk about it all the time.

  • Make sure to take care of your children

Taking care of children is the responsibility of both husband and wife. But children appear to be more attach to their mother than father. When this happens, accept the responsibility of taking care of these children who close you.  Never say their father there. Again, don’t feel jealous when your husband show your children love more than you, it doesn’t mean that he loves them more than you, he’s simply being a man. This is what makes a happy family.

Key things a man should do to find true happiness in marriage

  • Appreciate your wife

As a man you need to appreciate wife often. Women values appreciation so much. It gives them joy and happiness. Most women find true happiness in a marriage where they are appreciated. You can appreciate your wife with gifts, words of encourage or even by taking her out.


  • Never try to intimidate your wife 

In as much as you have an ego as a man, never try to intimidate your wife with your ego, money or what have you. This often wreck down the happiness of marriage. Men who bully or intimidate their wives never find true happiness in their marriage.

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  • Be Truthful to her 

As a man, if you want to find true happiness in your marriage, you must be ready to own up to your wife any time, any moment. Lie is an enemy to true happiness in marriage. And every faithful women sacrifice for their truthful husband but detest liars.

  • Never be hard on her

If you want to be hard as a man, it should never be on your wife. Women are so soft and as such, men should be able to handle their wife with soft heart. The moment you start rough handling your wife, appearing hard on her; that’s the beginning of unending fight and bitterness in your home.

  • Always listen to her 

One of the best ways of winning true happiness in your home or marriage is by always paying a listening ear to you wife. You have to be a listening type of husband. Pay rapped attention as she talks to you and never be present but absent minded type.

  • Respect her feelings

Most men get it all wrong here. Respecting the feeling your wife is one of things that bring true happiness in a marriage. If your wife says, honey, “please, I am not in the mode; I am not ready for sex today. Let’s do it another day”. You need to accept it and not to coerce her.

  • Be honest to her

There is no doubt an honest man will find happiness in his marriage. Most cases, what cause bitterness and sadness in marriage is deceitful and devious behaviours, mostly exhibited by most men.

  • Show her you love her

There is always joy and happiness that comes with love. You must love your wife unconditionally. Tell her that you love her and prove it by your action. Because the bible says, a man should love his wife as Christ love the church, so it is a man’s duty to love his wife.

In conclusion, true happiness is a state of mind. There are so many tips to finding true happiness in your marriage but we have selected 25 important tips. Try to do the above things and you’ll definitely find true happiness in your marriage.


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