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Toyota Camry for Sale in Nigeria and their Prices

In my earlier post, I showed you top 10 sites to buy new and fairly used cars in Nigeria. Today, I will be discussing Toyota Camry Car sales in Nigeria and their pricing.

Toyota Motors has made a remarkably impart in Nigeria since first launch of its Toyota Camry. The first model Toyota launched in Nigeria are high-end car standard with safety features, powerful electronic system, fuel efficient engine and so many other amazing features. Since then, Toyota’s sedan Camry has over the years undergone changes from being a narrow body to a wide body mid-size car.

Toyota camry cars for sale in Nigeria

caranddriver 2015 Toyota Camry photo

There are two top Toyota Camry market model;
• Toyota Camry Asian market models
• Toyota Camry American market model

The Toyota Camry American market models differ from its Asian market model counterpart in regards to the design, in-built features and engine specifications. The American market Toyota Camry type now comes in 3 different engine choices which are the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder hybrid model, 2.5 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine and 3.5 liter V6.

In Nigeria, the American specification market Camry is dominating the Asian Toyota Camry market with trim levels of the CE, LE, SE, XLE, SE V6, XLE V6, Hybrid LE, Hybrid XLE and Hybrid SE. Toyota Nigeria Limited is the authorized dealer of Toyota Camry cars in Nigeria, and they aim to provide high quality Toyota Camry cars for Nigerians. Apart from Toyota Nigeria Limited, there a number of automobile dealers who import Toyota Camry into the Nigerian car market, including private sellers who import brand new  and or fairy used Toyota Camry.

Things to know about when buying Toyota Camry

Performance and Specifications of Toyota Camry car
The power capacity of the four and six cylinder engines of the Toyota Camry has over the years been improved. The 2015 Toyota Camry has much more power than that of the previous years. Currently a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder hybrid models stands at 200 horsepower, a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine at 178 horsepower and a 3.5 liter V6 at 268 horsepower.

Design of Toyota Camry car
Toyota Camry is designed to have a 2-3 seating arrangement for 5 passengers with its full-sized back seat trademark. The tradition of having a comfortable ride in a Toyota Camry while cruising on the highway has been maintained even in the latest models. Insufficient head and legroom is definitely a thing of the past with the recent Camry models having enough space for taller passengers to also feel comfortable. A lot of standard luxuries have made the 2015 Toyota Camry the best selling car in some market around the globe. There are also touch screen audio system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, rear-view camera and many more in this latest Toyota Camry. “Camry’s extensive 2015 refresh is aimed at adding a little more adrenaline to a driving experience that has hitherto appealed mostly to people who aren’t really interested in driving’’.

Standout in-built features of the Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry has been designed with some good innovative technologies ranging from steering wheel audio control, remote engine starter to other accessories. “The chassis team has also made upgrades to the Camry’s braking system with a two-stage booster to improve pedal feel. Like so many mid-size sedans, the Camry has recorded longish stopping distances in previous tests”.

Buying Nigerian Used and Tokunbo Toyota Camry in Nigeria

There are host of Toyota Camry dealers that sells both Nigerian used and tokunbo Toyota Camry. Toyota Nigeria Limited is number one authorized distributor of the Toyota Camry.

Best Toyota Camry Model to buy

It is a matter of choice and your budget. Many people go for latest Toyota Camry model; however it isn’t surprising that others still tend to go in for the old model versions and still maintain and make them look flashy and ride comfortably. Currently,  2003 Toyota Camry, 2007 Toyota Camry, 2008 Toyota Camry and 2012 Toyota Camry are all found littered everywhere around the cities.

What is the Price of Toyota Camry in Nigeria?

A brand new Toyota Camry with the mileage count of zero sold in Nigeria may cost up to ₦7.2 million. Most interested buyers go for a lower price budget Toyota Camry cars which are Nigerian used and tokunbo Toyota Camry sale at different affordable prices depending on the year model and state of the car.

Here are quoted prices for Toyota Camry

“2010 Toyota Camry – 2014 Toyota Camry: N4,000,000 – N6,500,000
• 2003 Toyota Camry – 2009 Toyota Camry: N1,200,000 – N3,500,000
• 1996 Toyota Camry – 2002 Toyota Camry: N500,000 – N1,000,000
• 1992 Toyota Camry – 1995 Toyota Camry: N300,000 – N700,000”

Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria Online and their Prices

Many Toyota Camry cars websites have evolved  in recent time, some provide search for car sale in Nigeria while others are more involved on bring car buyers and sellers together.

1. Carmudi is number 1 online car market where you can see list of cars for sale.
You can check out their Toyota Camry car listing at;
Toyota Camry for sale in Lagos
Toyota Camry for sale in Abuja
Toyota Camry for sale in Benin City
Toyota Camry for sale in Oyo
Toyota Camry for sale in Rivers

2. OXL Nigeria Autos is online car market section where you can see list of cars for sale
You can check out OXL Nigeria Toyota Camry listing at;
Cars for sale in Nigeria by OXL

3. Cheki – Nigeria’s #1 car search site. You can buy and sell new or used cars in Cheki Nigeria.
You can check out Cheki Nigeria Toyota Camry listing at;
Cheki Nigeria search Toyota Camry

Toyota car product has remain the best car choice for many Nigerians.

Credit: 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition caranddriver photo

Credit: 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition caranddriver photo

What is your best car choice if you are ask to make your choice? You can use the comment box below to answer; this will help us in our next reviews of cars used by Nigerians.

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