Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account using code

How to Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account

Fidelity bank transfer code enables all Fidelity customers to conveniently transfers money from their Fidelity bank account to any other bank other bank account in Nigeria by simply dialing a short code. Learn ⇒ to Transfer Money from Fidelity Bank  to other bank in Nigeria.

I have once showed you, how to transfer money from GTbank to other Bank. Today, I will step by step to transfer money from your Fidelity bank account to  other bank account using a ussd code directly from your mobile phone.

• 770# Fidelity bank Money Transfer code through mobile phones

The Fidelity bank money transfer service code has been introduced to facilitate the success of One Click Top –up in which all Fidelity bank account holder can send instant money transfers directly from mobile phone, check bank account balance and conduct other bank transactions, irrespective of no internet connection or the type of phone in use.


To transfer money from Fidelity bank account to another bank account, simply dial this code *770*Account number*Amount#; this is the Code to transfer money from Fidelity bank to any other bank.

 Example; if you want to transfer N2000 to your Firstbank account, dial *770*3016125703*2000# from the mobile number registered/linked with your Fidelity Bank account.

 Then select the beneficiary bank Name (First bank).
Access bank
First bank
UBA etc

 Account validation and PIN selection are required by your bank/Issuer for this type of transaction. Enter your NUBAN Account number (Fidelity bank account number) to continue the transfer.

 Select a 4-digit PIN for your account.

• The recipient account number will be shown to you before you enter the last four digits of your debit card. This lets you verify that you’re not sending money to a wrong account.
• If you have two accounts with Fidelity bank, let say current and saving account and you’re using the same phone number for both account, your current account will be debited first before your savings account.

 Wait for the transaction to be completed.

 You will automatically receive debit alert indicating that your transfer was very successful.


• Transfer per transaction is N10K
• Maximum transfer per day is N20K


  • N20 is the transfer charge from Fidelity bank to Fidelity bank.
  • N52.2 is the transfer charge from Fidelity bank to other bank account

Beat the queue and make that urgent transfer to any bank account using simple Fidelity bank money transfer code

As more banks in Nigeria roll out their money transfer code , I will ensure I keep you updated.

For questions or comments concerning Fidelity bank money transfer service code, you can use the comment box below or visit fidelity bank official mobile banking website;

175 thoughts on “Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account using code”

  1. Please,i hav been trying 2 transfer money 2 someone using d transfer code *770# & it asked me for fidelity hard token.what does it mean & why is it so

  2. Hi! pls they deducted money from my account which I didn’t do but I’m suspecting that someone did…Pls how do I confirm my thought.

  3. I tried making transfer this is my first time of using fidelity instant money transfer, it request PIN i input the last 4 numbers on my ATM card it shows invalid then i tried my regular withdrawer PIN still it did not work. Please is the PIN my fidelity acct number or What?

    1. Hello Mercy Anon,
      Read the instruction that was displayed very well. The last statement is, “please enter your account number”, neglect the first statement referring to New PIN and enter your account number.

  4. Please help me. Been trying to do instant banking they said I should enter my pin. Please which pin.tried my atm pin it didn’t do I get the pin

    1. Hello Treasure,
      It seems this is your first time of doing instant banking. You did not read down the instruction that was displayed on your phone screen. Please, read down and follow the instruction…

  5. *770*911*9# not working keeps saying wrong data and customer care dint help after several calls. Pls I need help to unblock myself as am out of town and can’t visit fidelity branch in person.

  6. Hello
    Please what’s the least amount that should remain in your account after a transfer cos I have #6000, trying to transfer #5000

  7. I want to transfer to another bank sending me some code but I have not gotten any of the code because the phone number I used to register the sim is no more and I went to fidelity bank to change the number to the valid one I am using and they did now if I want to transfer I think day are sending the code to the formal one means (OTTP)that bad……pls help me out

  8. Adeola Adeniyi Sharon

    Pls, I forgot my PIN and I have been blocked and I have tried my best to reopened it but couldnt. How will I do about it

  9. Hi i have been trying to transfer 8000 naira to my gtb account using the code and it has been telling me i need a token .but yesterday i was abke to transfer however, it has refused to work.

  10. Hello sir,
    *770*account number*amount#
    In the transfer code above is the account number the sender or the recipient’s own?


    hello sir, I want to transfer money to another bank using *770*account number* amount# but the bank is not listed. what should I do?

  12. Hi, i have been given a link add by Frank Johnson, but after so many tries it does not work, it seems they have given me the incorrect link, can you possibly give me the right link to transfer funds from a fidelity acc to my acc here in South Africa…
    Frank askec me for usd 200 to do the transfer, why should i pay if i can do the transfer all by myself..
    Urgent reply, please.
    Thank you
    Ronald Abboo.


        hello sir, I tried using *770*account number* amount# to transfer money to another bank but it saying that my ATM pin to is not correct. I use the same pin to withdraw money from my account using the same pin. help please, only one trial remiaining.

  13. Hi, Am trying to transfer from my fidelity acc to diamond acc but its requesting for PIN. How do I know / generate my pin

  14. please I wanna transfer 40k and my phone is requesting 4 token code as in asking if I av a token code. please what do dey mean by token ?

  15. Good morning…please I have two savings account with fidelity and using same phone number. How can I make transfer with the other one. Right now I have access to just one. And I need the other one for transfer. Thanks

    1. Hello Charity,
      What do you mean by “Right now I have access to just one”, when your phone number is linked to both account. All you need to do is to simply do normal transfer using the code, the system will automatically select the account that you have money on.

  16. Please I believe fidelity bank codes should be looked into because since I got dis codes,I’ve tried using it and it has never gone tru,I even went to the bank and someone inside the bank,a staff to be specific have tried it on my fon and it wudnt go tru.please they should really do something about it because its frustrating trying to do an emergency transfer of funds and you keep getting the connection or invalid error pop up

    1. Hello konphort,
      There are some few things you can do to see if it will work;
      1. you have be sure that your phone number is register with your Fidelity bank account.
      2. Change your SIM card to another phone and then try it again.
      3. Upgrade your account details including your phone number.
      4. if after doing any of these things above and it didn’t work then visit Fidelity bank marketing desk.

    1. Hello Henry,
      You can not transfer up to 100,000 using Fidelity USSD code. You can only transfer a maximum of 20,000 per day using the USSD code. To transfer up to 100,000 or more; use your internet banking.

  17. I went bank to withdraw through atm but typed the wrong pin three times….only to type the correct one and I can’t withdraw what do I do

    1. Hello Timothy,
      You should know that once you wrongly type your PIN three times; automatically, you account will be block. I will suggest that if you wait after 24hrs and it was not unblock, you visit any Fidelity bank close to you to complain.

  18. Am not sure if fidelity bank is still using 770 code for transactions. Have been trying it for a while now but not working.

  19. sharon Ibhafidon

    I sent money from my fidelity account to another fidelity account today.they debited my account but the person I sent the money to is complaining that she can’t withdraw the money I sent to here… what went wrong ??

  20. I used my online banking and after several attempts it kept sending ” maximum authentication attempts exceeded .user blocked”

    1. Hello mojisola,
      Please, be a aware that Fidelity bank is doing a general system upgrade. So, your online banking transactions might likely fail. However, I want to believe that you are entering your correct PIN number to avoid authentication failure and user Blockage. If the problem persist till Friday this week, please visit any Fidelity bank close you.

    1. Hello Fatai,
      I want to seize this opportunity to inform all Fidelity bank customers that ATM Cash withdrawal will be unavailable from 11:59pm friday, July 1 to 6pm Sunday, July 3 due to system upgrade.

  21. Tah-o, Joseliza D.


    I want to transfer my funds from fidelity to my hongkong account. It ask me authorization code,from where this authorization can i get? Fidelity bank or hangseng bank?

    1. Hello Jeff,
      you need to have a minimum of 10 NGN balance on that line to be sure of getting response from the network else you get ERROR response like “Try Again”. Pls, note that the 10 NGN will not be deducted at the end of the transaction.

  22. As at today, the error message encountered by those who wanted to register or activate fidelity bank mobile money has been resolved. I went to their branch last week but I was told that it was network failure, they couldn’t help. It is now working. I transferred to wema Bank today.

  23. the ussd code stuff doesn’t work for me..
    kept on trying buh this error……try again kept on popping up on the screen..
    so annoying.

    1. As at today, the error message encountered by those who wanted to register or activate fidelity bank mobile money has been resolved. I went to their branch last week but I was told that it was network failure, they couldn’t help. It is now working. I transferred to wema Bank today.

  24. Is it that Fidelity bank is no longer using *770* code in mobile money transfer? Have been trying to do some transactions since three days now unsuccessful.

    1. As at today, the error message encountered by those who wanted to register or activate fidelity bank mobile money has been resolved. I went to their branch last week but I was told that it was network failure, they couldn’t help. It is now working. I transferred to wema Bank today.

  25. Hello. Someone send an email to my friend She said that she will transfer her funds to my friend. How will i assure if this is real? They send us a transfer authority form.. Asking my friend’s bank acct no.and passport.. I dont know if the one the real manager contact us.. Help us pls.. They are using Fidelity bank plc nigeria. Thank you

    1. Hello Mela villamayor,
      Disregard such email. Your friend should NOT send any acc no. and passport to anybody. Those people are fraudsters. Fidelity bank CANNOT request such information by email.

      1. Michael Smith Okey

        Money was transfer to me since yesterday and I’ve been alerted up till now, I tried checking my balance with d ussd code but “connection problem or invalid MMI code

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