Updated: Glo Nigeria Data Plans & Activation codes

UPDATED! (February 13, 2015): Glo Nigeria has added some few other data plans in addition to their existing data plans.

You can use these glo Nigeria data plan for android, tablet, blackberry, ipad, PC, iPhone and other browsing devices

These new data plans include:

2.5GB Data Plan for 2000 naira only.

4.5GB Data plan for 2500 naira only.

12GB Data plan for 5000 naira only.

24GB Data plan for 8000 naira only

To activate any of these data plan, first migrate to Glo overloaded. For 2.5gb data plan, dial *127*55# to subscribe.

To subscribe for the 4.5GB data plan which works 24/7hrs and lasts for 30 days, first migrate to Glo Overload by dialing *200#. Once you are successful, simply dial *127*58# or send 58 in an SMS to 127 to start enjoying the data plans

For further info on these data plans , SMS Info to 127 or Dial *127*0#

The table below shows a complete and Updated Gloworld Nigeria Internet Data Plans, Prices & Activation codes. You can activate any of these data plans using either activation code or SMS keyword sent to 127. Glo Nigeria internet data plans have shown to be most cost effective internet data plan for now, Etisalat data bundle plans is good.


Plans name/Validity periodPrice(N)Data bundleActivation codeSMS keyword to 127
Always MAX (30 days)80008GB*127*1#‘12’
Always MIN (30 days)50004GB*127*2#‘11’
Always Days (24HRS)500195MB*127*3#‘10’
G 300 (300HRS/3MONTHS)1500012GB*127*4#‘21’
G 100 (100HRS/1MONTH)60004GB*127*5#‘20’
G Work8am- 9pm  (30 days)60004GB*127*6#‘31’
G Leisure 8pm-9am +weekend  (30 days)50004GB*127*7#‘30’



Plan name/validity periodPrice (N)Data PlanActivation codeSMS Keyword


Glo Nigeria is on the pace to hijack the Nigeria telecom world by not letting any other telecom in Nigeria to rival them.

Hmmmmh! Try etisalat 1GB for 2000 naira


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