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Online Payment Gateway for Multi-vendor eCommerce store in Nigeria

Are you about to launch a multi vendor ecommerce website or have you launched one already? Whichever one, I believed that one of thing you must have considered is an online payment gateway that will be suitable for your multi-vendor ecommerce store. Maybe, if that is what you are searching for then you have landed on the right page.

Nobody in Nigeria with sound knowledge of online businesses who invest e-commerce industry and receives online card payment that will not succeed even if it was only Nigerian online market that is being targeted.   So, integrating online payment gateway into your ecommerce is sure road to your success.

So many merchant have asked me for the best Online Payment Gateway for Multi-vendor eCommerce store in Nigeria.  Here below is an Online Payment Gateway for Multi-vendor ecommerce store – I have on many occasions recommended it to them.

But before I begin to share this recommended Online Payment Gateway for Multi-vendor ecommerce store, I will suggest you read these;

 Multi-vendor ecommerce store Online Payment Gateway

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are many online payment gateways in Nigeria today but only few offer Payment solution for Multi-vendor ecommerce store. The ones I have often recommended is

  • Remita e-collection payment gateway

Remita e-payment system took the tenth position in our 2016 year review of top 10 online payment gateways in Nigeria because of this. Remita- e-payment platform allow merchants and payers to specify unique collection speculation and rules. Remita can be integrated into a website, portal or ecommerce store.

As a biller, you can specify as many field as you want for each payer to provide while paying; this makes your operational processing easier.

Remita presents you with a “Push” and a “Pull” model to receive funds. The Push model empowers you to push an e-Invoice to your payers to empower them to pay you easily electronically.

The “Pull” model empowers your payers to either visit your website and click a “Remita-Pay-Now” button or select you as a beneficiary at remita.net. Either way, they would be requested to complete a pre-defined form requesting for their details before proceeding to pay you easily electronically.

Make it easy for customers and service users to pay you using any of the following channels:

  1. All Bank Branches in Nigeria;
  1. Online Banking site;
  2. Debit/Credit cards (Verve, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay);
  3. Remita profile;
  4. POS;
  5. Direct Debit;
  6. Micro Finance Banks; and
  7. Digital Wallets.

There are many other Online Payment Gateways for Multi-vendor eCommerce store in Nigeria but for now, I recommend this.

If you think there is any other one that I must include here then you can suggest that and I will include it. You can use the comment box below.