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Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance on Phone using code

Find out ⇒Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code and How to Check your Account Balance on Phone. Fidelity Bank Account balance code makes it easy to check account balance on Phone. The same way the transfer code makes it easy to transfer money.

Fidelity bank account balance

For all Fidelity bank Customers, no need looking for nearest ATM post terminal or Fidelity bank branch because you can check your account balance with just a code. So if you operate an account with Fidelity bank; in this guide, we’ll show Fidelity bank account balance code and how to check your account balance on phone  without the hassle of going to the bank or visiting ATM machine and standing on the queue waiting endless for your turn.

What is the Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code?

The Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code is *770*0#. This code  is a Fidelity bank mobile banking code use for checking account balance on phone.

How can I Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance on phone?

To check your Fidelity account balance or inquiry on Phone (2-clicks only);

Step 1.

  • Dial *770*0#

Step 2.

  • ENTER PIN and press, “Send” (your USSD 4-digit PIN)

Expect your Account Balance immediately after Sending it.That’s all!

PLEASE NOTE: Balance inquiry attracts a convenience fee of N20.

Another straightforward method of checking account balance is to;

  • Dial *770# on your phone, (this must be from phone number linked to your Fidelity bank account)

The options displayed on your phone screen will be;

1 = Open account

2 = Balance

3 = Airtime

4 = Transfer

5 = Dial4Cash

6 = Bill payments

7 = Fastloan

8 = Collections

9 = Next

  • Select 2 (Balance) and press, “Send
  • Enter PIN (USSD 4-digit PIN)

Your Account Balance displayed on phone screen immediately after Sending it. You will also receive an SMS Message containing your account balance.

That’s all!

PLEASE BEWARE: Balance inquiry attracts a convenience fee of N20.


Check your First bank account balance on your phone now!
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