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Nigeria e-commerce; Buy and Sell Online in Nigeria

Do want to know how to buy and sell online in Nigeria? Are you looking for e-commerce or classified Ads site in Nigeria where you can post your product for sale or buy a product?

The internet is the largest market in world. Today, there are a lot of e-commerce websites in the internet. In Nigeria, you can buy and sell stuffs of any kind online; so many e-commerce websites and Classified Ads sites have come up to make this possible and easy. The classified ads websites enable buyers find sellers online. As a seller offering a service or a product, you can post Ads or service on classified ads site where buyers can find your service or product easily and negotiate to meet you one on one for purchasing of your product.

So, if you interest is to know these e-commerce websites, classified ads websites as well as what to buy and sell online in Nigeria, then you have arrive at the right page.

In this article, I will show you free classified Ads websites where you can buy and sell online in Nigeria, products and services to buy or sell as well as many e-commerce websites in Nigeria where you can buy and sell new and fairly used products.

On classified Ads sites, products are usually sold by their owners (I mean those that put up the products on the classified ads sites). The websites only serve to connect buyers with sellers, so both parties have to meet one-on-one to complete the transaction.

What can I Buy and Sell Online?

A. Buy and Sell fairly used products online
These are products that have second hand value. If you have such product in your home occupying space, you can sell them online in Nigeria. Examples of such product include;
• Fairly used phones
• Fairly used Ipod and Ipad
• Fairly used laptops and computers
• Fairly used cars and vehicles
• Direct Belgium Cars parts
• Fairly used shoes
• Fairly used clothes
• Any other items that occupies space in your home

If you have an item you think that you can easily dispose, why let it take-up valuable space in your house when you can sell it and make money online. Many of those old stuffs in your home could be useful to somebody somewhere. Place those fairly used items from home for sale on free classified ads sites so that interested buyers can find and contact you.

Classified Ads sites are good marketplace to buy and sell your fairly used items. You can post free ads online on classified ads sites and buyers will find them. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap items to buy online; classified Ads site is a good place to start from.

B. Buy and Sell New Products Online
• New cars and vehicle
• New Phones and Accessories
• Other mobile devices like Ipad, Ipod etc
• Medical equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Fashions and wears
• Laptops and computers accessories
• Pets
• Shops
• Houses
• Lands
• EBooks and Text books
Any other thing you can think of.

As an offline retailer you can post free Ads online and you will make more sales as more people now visit the internet to find products to buy. The classified Ads sites will enable you place your business online, especially if you do not currently have a website.

Your full contact details (your phone number, email address and contact address) are usually added to the classified ads site that you place your product for sale so that interested buyers can easily reach or contact you if they need your product or services.

Supplying of products and seeking for Suppliers Online

As a supplier seeking for supply, Business to Business (B2B) Marketplace is a good marketplace to buy and sell business supplies online. If you need supplies for your business, factory, or office suppliers, visit B2B website and post a free buy offer. Suppliers who can supply what you want will contact you. Suppliers, Importers, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers can also post supplies and services at B2B Marketplace to find buyers.

So, if you are into supplies, you are at more advantage when you post your Ads at business to business websites. You can Buy and Sell supplies online at B2B Marketplace and there many of such sites online.

Where I can Buy and Sell Online in Nigeria

Here are a few popular free classified ads sites where you can buy and sell online in Nigeria.

Website Name;Type of Website, Type of products, Web Link

OXL Nigeria ; Classified Ads Sites, All Types, www.oxl.com.ng

Lagoslist; Classified Ads sites, All types, www.lagoslist.com

Ekolist; Classified Ads Sites, All Types, www.ekolist.com

Afribargains.com; E-commerce site, All types, www.afribargains.com

Flingnow.com; Classified Ads Sites, All Types, www.flingnow.com

123nigeria, Classified Ads site, Sugar mummy site www.123nigeria.com

locanto Nigeria; Classified Ads Sites, All Types, www.locanto.com.ng

Nigeria e-commerce websites for buying and selling online

Kaymu Nigeria: online shopping on Nigeria’s Largest Marketplace
You can buy or sell on Kaymu Nigeria. To buy on kaymu,
• Visit www.kaymu.com.ng,
• find the product you need and click on ‘buy now’
• login to your account if you have or register if you don’t
• confirm your purchase

Mystore Nigeria
You can also buy or sell on Mystore.
What can I Sell on MyStore
You can sell wide categories of consumer products, from mobiles, home decor, electronics, Car accessories, hardwares, beauty cosmetics, fashion (men, women & children), entertainment (music, video, games and books), kitchen & bathroom products, etc.
How do I Sell on MyStore
Visit www.mystore.com.ng and fill out the merchant form and supply as much information about your business as possible. They will contact you.

For online shopping site in Nigeria where you buy a variety of products

JUMIA: At Jumia Nigeria online store, you can shop a variety of products ranging Mobile phones, laptops, fashions to household appliance.

KONGA: similar to Jumia
SLOT NIGERIA: the Nigeria’s number one online mobile phones marketing company. SLOT Nigeria deals exclusively on mobile phones and devices.

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OXL.com Nigeria-Advertise & Sell Anything free of charge

What IS OXL?
OXL is an internet company based in New York City and Buenos Aires Argentina. The website host free user generated classified free advertisement for urban communities around the world. OXL stand for the acronym, ‘Online Exchange platform’ and it is aka, ‘Oh Love exchanging platform. Later on 2012, OXL came into Nigeria.
Initially, the website was dealfish.com
Dealfish was being shuttered and rebranded to OXL because the technology behind OXL platform is quite sophisticated and robust than that of Dealfish which would see that the classified ads are more useful and feature-rich for users.
Today, OXL.com Nigeria is virtually known by all Nigeria as one free best classified ad site. Many Nigeria visit the site to either buy or post advert(s). Testimonies are on the four wall of internet on how secured, safe and simple to buy or sell product on OXL.com Nigeria websites is.
How to Post free Ads on OXL Nigeria
If you are a Nigerian; looking for best free ads posting site in Nigeria, OXL Nigeria is a good place to start. OXL website has both mobile and desktop version, so even with your mobile phone you can comfortable advertise your products and services free on OXL Nigeria. Virtually, all the entire Nigerians know about OXL Nigeria online free classified ads site and majority of Nigerian youths and businessmen post and search for ads on the site.
I am going to work through the process of posting free ads on Nigeria OXL website version of official OXL site.
Let us start with the OXL Nigeria desktop web version;
• Visit Nigeria OXL site by typing in OXL Nigeria on your Google search engine if your search engine is Google or any other search engine you are browsing with.
• This will take you to, Nigeria OXL site.
• Click on the Post a FREE ad on the top left hand side of the site.

OXL Nigeria Free classified ads site
• The next is to select a category; there are lots of categories to select from. Select a category in which your ads best suite.

Categories of products and services on OXL Nigeria
These are list of categories to select depending on the ads you want to post:
Mobile Phones – Tablets, Electronics – Video, Home – Furniture – Garden, Fashion and Beauty, Hobbies – Art – Sport, Animals and Pets, Vehicles, Real Estate, Houses – Apartments for Rent, Houses – Apartments for Sale, Land, Temporary and Vacation Rentals, Office and Shops, Jobs, Services, Classes, Community.
• Complete your ad details. Here, you add all the necessary information that you will like to show to the public who search for the ads. You add you contact details, phone number(s), Email address, locality (where you are in Nigeria); so that buyers will know the possibility of contacting you and the selling price for your products.
• Next, you check your ads to see if all the information about the ads is correct and how the ad will be display to the public.
• Finally, click on post your ads for free. Within some hours, you ads will be reviewed and an email will be sent to the email address you used during completion of your contact details.

To see if your ads are live on the web, check your mail.
Once your ads are live on internet;
• Visit the OXL Nigeria Site again.
• Click on Sign in. You may not be able to sign in because you have not been full registered.
• Go to already posted ads, under this; enter your email address used during registration.

oxl.com.ng clsssifieds sites
free advert sites

OXL will send an email to your mail box. Check your email and click on the link OXL sent to you. Once you click on it, you now full registered on OXL Nigeria and you visit the site any time to check and manage your ads.
OXL.com Nigeria on mobile phones
For the fast assessing of the performance of your advert; you place on OXL Nigeria site, download operamini on your mobile phone. Nigeria OXL site is integrated into the mobile operamini browser one touch speed dial.
You can register, post your ads from there or search for product to buy. Any operamini browser will work. It is very easy and simple
This is how you go about posting free classified ads on Nigeria OXL Site. Remember, posting of ads on OXL Nigeria   is free.

He made $2000 in 3months on OXL Nigeria

Few days ago, my big uncle sat me down and narrated this story to me.
He says, Couple of months ago, when he heard of OXL Nigeria and classified ads sites; he browse the site and posted his fairly used ipod for sell. His phone number and all other contact detail was included. To his amazement, a day later he received phones calls from 3 different buyers. One of prospective buyer who called resides in Jos, so he sold the ipod to him that day. After that day, he continued receiving phone calls from different prospective buyers until he was forced to bring down the ads from OXL site. Days later, I thought it wise to continue the business. He began selling ipads, ipods and laptops on OXL.COM Nigeria. Within 3months of the business, made $2000