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30 Online Money Making Business in Nigeria 2019

This post contains ⇒ 30+ Online Money Making Business in Nigeria (guaranteed) . Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you. Here are online money making business in Nigeria you can start in 2019, strike now while the iron is hot. If you have not started making money online, I want you to take the advantage now and start any with any of business ideas.

Successful online income earners build their businesses on the web and money keeps flowing in. People like Lindaikeji, Jason Njoku of multimillion dollar online iRoko Tv, Seun Osewa of Nairaland, John Chow of DOT COM lifestyle, the big Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, Emma Onwuka of Naijaonlinebiz etc. are making money online big time.

Making money online is no new thing! But, few people still don’t know the  legitimate new ways to make money online. Online businesses you can start today are enormous, and right here below; I have broken down these online businesses in a format that you can easily comprehend. These are new ways to make money online in 2019 and beyond.

Wait! Before I proceed, I will suggest you opt-in for our online business training, to help sharpen your mind and get you prepared to making money online.

This article contains secrets of making money online in Nigeria without capital as well as reasons why many fail in making money online.

Let’s get started!

If you are an entrepreneur, unemployed graduate, retiree, house wife, mum or mom, young man or young woman, lady or gentle man searching for new ways to make money online, here are my top best 30+ online money making business  in Nigeria.

30+ online money making business in Nigeria

  1. Start a Blog

online money making through starting a blogStarting a blog is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online from home. Nigerian bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Jason Njoku (owner of multimillion dollar iRoko Tv), Pascal Okafor, and the likes are making millions of naira online on monthly basis. Blogging doesn’t consume a lot of time unlike other jobs. You can blog right from the comfort zone of your home and the most pleasing part of it is that you can blog at your own leisure time.

However, the sad truth is that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It is better you know this before you jump into it with both feet. You have to be patient, passionate and hard working to succeed. If you have a normal day job, don’t quit it; you can start your blog  and blog on part-time basis while still going for your normal day job

Once, you notice that your blog has started paying you in spades then you honourable quit your current job and face it full-time.

  • Who can blog?

    Those who can write articles and knows how to share ideas with others. If possess these qualities then making money online through blogging is for you.

If you want to start a blog  today and start making money from it, our training course has everything you need. In our training course, you will learn how to;

  • Choose what you Blog About.
  • Research for a profitable blog niche.
  • Get a good and cheap domain name.
  • Host your domain with the best web hosting company.
  • Install WordPress or any other blogging platform on blog.
  • Choose the right theme for your blog.
  • Submit and optimize your blog for search engine indexing and ranking.
  • Publishing quality content that people will find valuable and useful.
  • Build blog traffic, authority and Make the money.
  • And many more….

There is money to be made by blogging and it’s one of the cheap and easy home based businesses to get started with. Start now, blog and make money.

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  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketingAs an Affiliate marketer, you earn certain percentage of commissions whenever a customer bought product from affiliate site through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is another easy way to make online money. However, learning how to earn money online as an affiliate isn’t easy. But there are lots of people worldwide that are making over $1,000,000 a year doing it. Example is John chow. John Chow makes millions of dollars a month as an affiliate marketer.

Most newbie will not be a successful unless they have some formal help and training.

Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world, but it really shouldn’t be considering as the commissions are so low! It’s not just Amazon that you can affiliate with; there are 1,000 affiliate programs to choose from.

I’ve written a lot about affiliate marketing in this blog.  In fact, if you are among my popular blog post readers, you must have downloaded my affiliate marketing ebook, “how to make money on Jumia affiliate marketing program. I offered that ebook for free.  If ii you miss it then, download it now!

  • Who can do affiliate marketing?

This online money making opportunity is best for people who can write and have ability to convince others.

Our online business training course covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. In our training course, you will learn how to;

  • Select a series of hot affiliate products on the same niche to promote.
  • Create a free ebook about the niche to offer for free
  • Create a squeeze page or sale page offering free ebook
  • Send traffic to the sale page
  • Capture the visitors coming to the squeeze page
  • Employ an email auto responder to build the relationship with your new subscribers
  • Recommend affiliate products and services to solve your subscriber’s problems.

Why not register for our online business training today?

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  1. Create your own product & Sell

create a product to sell onlineCreating a product to sell online is one of the best means to make money online. There are many products you can create and start selling online depending on your skills. Valuable eBooks is typical example. Ebooks are books, yes books but in soft copy.  They are in format that can be delivered to email or downloaded online.

You can write them yourself, employ writer(s), use public domain content, and create your ebooks from many sources.  In one of my earlier articles, I discussed in details; information products and marketing in Nigeriain which ebook creation and selling is part of.

There’s a huge wide open market for information products and they sell very well. You can create an eBook where you give step by step directions on how to lose weight, or prepare different type of delicious meals. You can even write one on how to get clear skin or any number of things that people can spend their money on.

If you don’t have any idea what kind of product to create, take stock of your life’s problem and write down any way that you solved the problem. Detail step by step what you did. Then create an eBook where you share how you overcame that problem

An eBook can sell countless times (giving you residual income). You can write an eBook on any topic under the sun – but it’s best to choose a topic that people will pay money for, which usually solves a problem

One good thing about eBook selling is that you won’t have to rely on an editor or publisher telling you whether a book will be published. Also, you won’t have to rely on a bookstore to put your book on its shelves before you can sell your Ebooks.

  • Who can create product(s) to sell?

    You can! Anybody can!

Selling your own product is one of the most lucrative work-from home online jobs you can start today. To sell your ebook online you can visit www.2checkout.com  and register with them, choose a page template, write sales page there and upload your ebooks.

Our online business training course covers everything you need to know about information product creation and marketing. Why not give it a trial. In our training course, you will learn how to;

  • Create hot selling product(s).
  • Publishing an ebook on Amazon Kindle.
  • Create facebook page for your product
  • Create blog to market your product and give out free newsletter
  • Create a landing or squeeze page for your product.
  • And many more…..

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  1. License a product

make money online through product licensingProduct License is an agreement between an inventor of a piece of work and a distributor to make and sell the invention in return for paying royalty to the inventor. In other to avoid infringement of right on a product, you buy an exclusive right to sell the product online.

Licensing a product is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online because you don’t have to brainstorm and start going through the hassles of creating your own suite of product. You rather have to license them from an established source. In addition, this will save you the cost of development of such product.

When you have little experience with internet marketing, it makes sense following already proven system and that’s what licensing model can give you. You can build your own website to resell or upload on Youtube and monetize if video, music, etc.

Example ; Jason Njoku, founder of Nigerian million dollar online iRoko Tv started his online success journey by buying an exclusive right of posting Nigerian Nollywood movies and songs online on Youtube.

  • Who can license a product?

    This online money making opportunity is best for people who have the passion for working online.

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  1. Start online mini importation

online mini importation businessImportation business is one of the best money making businesses you can do online working from home. It is one of easiest online business; with right attitude and information, you can easily turn small amount of money into huge income.

Among the list of businesses to do with N10000 I have earlier discussed, mini importation is the most sought for. To start importing goods online as a newbie; Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, Walmart, MadeInChina, JD.com are good places to start from.

  • Who can do mini importation business?

    Those who have the right mindset, those who can read and write.

Most important aspect of importation business is how to sell your imported goods faster and order for another one in other to increase your profit.

Our online business training course covers that and every other thing you need to know about online mini importation business. In our training course, you will learn Best Countries to Import Goods From and how to;

  • Import goods from China to Nigeria.
  • Cost of Importing Goods
  • Important Shipping Documents Needed for importation
  • 50 hot products to import to today.
  • Sell imported goods faster.
  • And many more….
  1. Start Video Youtube channel

make money on Youtube channelStarting a video youtube channel is one of the surest ways of making money online in Nigeria without capital startup or investment. Have you ever wonder how to make money on Youtube. I have earlier shared an article on, ‘how to start a profitable Youtube video blogging. It is a little sad how people still see Youtube as a platform for only entertainment and relaxation.

However, there’s no doubt that some people are making money online via this platform.  Successful YouTubers create huge subscriber base and in doing so make money off Youtube on monthly basis. Every day, all Youtube videos get at least an average of online billion views. Popular videos usually get as much as a thousand views in one day. If you want to see specific figures on how much people are making from Youtube, visit site socialBlade.com

To start making money on Youtube channel;

  • Go to Youtube.com, click on setting on the left drop down panel and then on create a new. You need to sign up for gmail or use your existing Google gmail account.
  • Add Keywords to help People find your channel. To add keywords navigate to the advanced section of your channel setting
  • Create original and quality videos and start uploading on your Youtube channel
  • Share your Youtube videos on your social media network, friends and relatives to start getting views and subscribers.
  • Build your Audience

Monetize your videos

  • Who can start video Youtube channel?

This online money making idea is best for people who love creating videos, talking in front of the camera, films actors etc.

In our online business training course, I will take you through step by step on video Youtube channel until you start making money.

  1. Write Articles for Naijaonlinebiz

Write Articles for NaijaonlinebizMake money online by writing articles for naijaonlinebiz.com. You can earn at least $3 – $5 per article you write for naijaonlinebiz. We accept fresh and original content and ideas from writers to expand our user base. We need people with new ideas; those who can research new topics and develop it.

We offer a great opportunity to writers who want to make money online quick writing without getting into the difficulties of creating and marketing their own blog.

  • Who can write for naijaonlinebiz?

    This online money making business opportunity is best for good writers who will like to share ideas and expertise with the world.

If you join our team of writers’ @naijaonlinebiz, you stand the chance to receive our online business training at subsidized rate.

  1. Become Jumia Sales Consultant

become jumia sale consultantbecBecoming a Jumia Sales Consultant or J –Force Member  is one of the lucrative ways of working from home online. As a Jumia sales consultant, you are empowered and enriched with the full support of an established brand. Many J force members are earning millions on commission selling Jumia products.

Jumia Sales Consultant is a special type of affiliate problem. You register as a Jumia sales consultant, attend the training and start promoting the goods sold on Jumia site to people around you and on the web. Once these people place their orders online through you or your facebook page, blog or site, you get your commission.  The commission is a % of the price of the item.

  • Who can become Jumia Sales Consultant?

This online money making business opportunity is best for those who already have an existing Facebook page, website/ blog or ready to create one.

  1. Become an Amazon Associate

become amazon associateAmazon Associate   is another special kind of affiliate program similar to Jumia Sales Consultant.  Website owners and bloggers monetize their website via their affiliate links and earn referral commission when any of their site visitor clicks on the link and buys a product from Amazon website.

  • Who can become an Amazon Associate?

This online money making business opportunity is best for those who already have an existing website/ blog or ready to create one. The best is if your niche is related to the product you intend marketing.

  1. Start an Ecommerce store

start ecommerce storeOne of the latest growing ways to make money online is by setting up an eCommerce website or store. In your eCommerce store, you can display any product for sale — products such as eBook, videos, physical products, digital products etc. You can also accept vendors as well.

An online shop or store is the same as offline shop, except for the additional advantage such as 24 hours availability. This means that it is opened at all times to your customers.  It is also a very convenient way you customer can order for products and it will get delivered to him/her at the comfort of their home or office according to their specification.

Setting up an eCommerce platform like kaymu, Gloo.ng, Jumia, Konga etc. is not as difficult as you may think. To start an online store, all you need to do is to get a domain name and hosting plan, login to your cPanel to install WordPress,  Install and activate an eCommerce theme or Shopify eCommerce template; Install, activate and set up your WooCommerce plugin. Add enough payment and shipping options, and other attractions like discounts, gift wrap etc. and you are good to go!

The  list of Online Payment Gateway for Multi-vendor eCommerce store in Nigeria, you can choose from the list if you are going to accept vendors.

  • Who can start Ecommerce store?

This online money making business is for people who have a product to sell.

Our online business training covered everything you need to know on how to build an eCommerce website. So, if you are interested why not just registered for online business training?

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  1. Start domain name reselling

make money online on domain name resellingStarting a domain name reselling involve researching for a lucrative unregistered domain names to resell. A domain name is a website address. Domains are internet real estate and like real estate you considered it, an investment. Don’t just buy any domains, spread your risk with portfolio and make sure you go for the highest price bidder.

Your job in this type of online making money business is to find and register good and attractive domain names that have commercial market value. You can then resell for the biggest bidder.

Websites like Hostgator, Web4africa, Godaddy are good places to buy cheap domain name. Once you’ve registered the domain name, you can then list the domain for sale on a website like; Afternic, Sedo.com, Flippa, Aftermarket.com, Cax.com, Brand Bucket, Hunting Moon, 4.cn for a higher price.

You can be making thousands to million dollars, if you are determined and do this business very well.

  • Who can start a domain reselling?

    This online money making business opportunity is best for people who capable of researching and evaluating the potential of domain names.

In our online business training, you will learn how to research for a lucrative domain names.

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  1. Offer web design & development

become a web designerEvery day, I receive both phone calls and emails from companies and individual requesting me to build a website for them. You can start to earn money from home through web designing and development with practically no investment. This is certainly one of the best online business ideas for someone wanting huge amounts of flexibility.

To start making money online through web designing, all you need is to learn the basics of coding on CodeAcademy and do specific online web design courses to build up your skill. Then, sign up to freelance sites and start building up your portfolio! This portfolio might even lead you into a high paid job, you can never tell!

  • Who can start web design and development business?

This is type of online money making business opportunities is best for who are ready to learn or have learnt the basics of coding.

  1. Start website flipping

website flippingApart from offering website developing and designing services, you can go into website flipping and auction bidding which includes buying and reseller of websites.

Starting website flipping is one of latest easy ways of making money online however it does require some investment. Some important steps involved in making money through website flipping are as follows:

  • Acquiring a good domain name: A domain name that is short and sweet, and at the same time reflects the gist of the content of the website. This kind of flip website can take any business a long way. Acquiring such a good domain name plays a very important part increasing the value of your flip website
  • Finding a suitable theme: The next important step is to create or find a suitable template which goes well with the determined niche. You need to have basic HTML skills to ensure that all the other pages are linked to the home page.
  • Monetize your flip website: Monetizing a flip website will ensure that your flip website attracts high paying buyers. Potential buyers seriously look for monetized sites as it saves them time and energy. While monetizing your site, it is highly recommended that you consider products only from Adsense so that the buyer will not face any challenge in the future.
  • Sell your flip website: Before selling your flip website, ensure you’ve covered all the necessary steps like increasing the site traffic, sales etc. once, you improve the flip website’s ranking on search engines, the price will go higher. Once you are sure that everything has been set perfectly, you can sell the flip website on sites like Flippa, Ebay etc
  • Who can start Website flipping?

    This online money making business opportunity is best for people who like to learn basic of coding and developing websites.

  1. Start software development

Software developmentSoftware solves a specific task. You can make money online by developing and publishing downloadable software that solve a specific difficult task. There are much downloadable software online both free, freemium and premium ones but each of this software solves or proffers solution to a specific problem. So, you can consider developing software that solves a difficult task.

Software development requires the knowledge of programming language. Therefore, before you think of going into a software development, you have to learn at least one programming language.

  • Who can start software development?

    This online money making business opportunity is for people who like to develop new things. They love trying out things to see if it will work.

Where can sell your software?

After developing your software, there are many online market places to sell your software like Amazon etc.

  1. Build a Membership Site

Membership websiteA membership site is a website with contents exclusive to a certain number of registered users. Most membership sites are built in such a way that registered members interact with one another, read monthly content of the site which may be entertaining or vital to their profession and at the end of the month they pay certain amount as access fee.

  • Who can build a membership site?

    Making money online through membership site building is for people who are capable of building a team, guiding and lead a group or community.

  1. Build Apps & Monetize it

AppsBuilding Apps is one of way of making money online big time. However, you have to learn one or two programming languages. To get started, CodeAcademy will give you good grounding in coding languages. You have to train for at least 12 months before being able to build apps that are going to achieve lots of tasks. Apps are built in;

  • Bespoke basis
  • Sell based on a fixed fee (multiple licenses)
  • Charge a monthly fee
  • Who can start building apps?

    This online money making business opportunity is best for people who will like to try out new things.

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  1. Start online Tutoring

online TutorMany people nowadays prefer to take online training rather than the physical training as they can just sit at the comfort of their homes and receive a professional training. Internet has made this possible. Online tutorial websites are becoming rampant.   Online Training course can be package in PDF file, aweber, YouTube video, webinar, e-books.

  • Who can start online Tutoring?

    Anybody who have passion for teaching others and can impact knowledge to others in an easy manner can make money online via tutoring.

If you are that kind of person, you translate your passion into money by starting online tutoring service or offering online training service.

Our online business training contain completely package for those who will like to know how to make money online starting an online tutoring site. You will also learn how to build traffic for your online tutor website.

  1. Start buy and Sell on OXL Nigeria and Jumia

sell on JumiaOXL Nigeria and Jumia are two market places to start buying and selling online businesses in Nigeria. Selling on Jumia is a good work from home online business opportunity you can start.

On Jumia you can create your own vendor shop online and start to sell your products across Nigeria. With over 200 million reaches to potential buyers, you can start making money online selling your product on Jumia marketplace.

Jumia marketplace allows you to be a vendor and own your own online shop under their website.

You need to be able to able to target a niche where the profit margins are high and competition is low. If you are able to pick the right product, you will have the chance to import items and make huge profit on jumia.

  • To start selling on Jumia,
  • Visit Jumia market place for vendors
  • Provide your Business registration and bank account details.
  • Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers.
  • Activate your Seller Center account to manage your shop.
  • List your Products and start selling!
  • Who can sell on Jumia?

    This online money making business opportunity is for those who can evaluate potential profitable products.

  1. Build online booking agency site

online booking agencyBuilding an online booking agency site is one of the newest and growing methods of making money online. There are few online booking agency sites in Nigeria unlike in developed countries.

Think of online booking agency like; Air-travellers’ online booking agency, Ship-travellers’ online booking agency, Hotel online booking agency, Land agency online, Bus travellers’ booking Agency,  etc. An example of a well-known online booking agency site in Nigeria is Hotels.ng

Hotels.ng is a Nigerian online hotels booking agency which was launched in 2013. The platform was founded by Mark Essien who hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and claims to list over 7,138 hotels from 320 cities in Nigeria.  Shortly after the launch of Hotels.ng, Mark published a few press articles that caught the attention of Iroko TV’s founder, Jason Njoku. At the time, he (Jason) was beginning a startup fund (Spark.ng) and looking for good internet businesses to invest in.

After negotiations, Spark.ng made a first investment of $75,000 in Hotels.ng which prompted Mark to move to Lagos to set up the platform there. A few months after the initial investment, the Spark fund made another investment of $150,000. On May 26, 2015, Hotels.ng received a $1.2 million startup funding from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Network and from EchoVC Pan-African fund.

  • Who can build online booking agency site?

    This is online money making business is best for an innovative entrepreneur who possess managerial as well as coding skill.

  1. Start Selling on Konga

sell on kongaSelling on Konga is smiliar to selling on Jumia. Both are good work from home online business opportunity.

Konga is one of the largest online marketplaces in Nigeria. It has over 50 million buyers across all state in Nigeria. Their commission fees are as low as 3%, and you only pay when you successfully sell your product. You choose the price for your listings, whether or not you accept ‘Pay on Delivery’ and other important options.

Konga marketplace is the safest and most trusted platform to buy and sell online in Nigeria. We’ve built a community that takes safety & security seriously for both buyers and sellers.

To start selling on Konga,

  • Visit Konga store
  • Create Your Store.
  • Register your store with a unique Store URL for your store on Konga.com.
  • List Your Products.
  • Create your products, set your own prices, and make them available for purchase.
  • Sell To Millions Of Buyers.
  • Manage your orders, choose your own shipping method, and receive sales proceeds.
  • Who can sell on Konga?

    This online money making business opportunity is for those who are capable of envisaging potential profitable products

  1. Start Cryptocurrency investment & trading

start cryptocurrency tradingYou’ve heard of Bitcoin surges! With a huge fluctuation in cryptocurrency market, if you have a combination of technical and fundamental analytical expertise and some cash; you can become an online currency trader and make money big time.

If you leverage cash; you have to make the right decisions so as to have a chance to profit big! However, the risks can be high if you don’t have a money management strategy in place.

Here are articles that will help you learn more about cryptocurrency and trading;

  1. Become an Udemy Instructor

Become udemy instructorUdemy.com is an online learning place. It has a huge collection of courses in everything. This one of the latest online money making opportunities you never knew about.

Courses can be created in text; video and audio formats and these courses are readily available on demand. And students purchase these courses and have the flexibility as to when they watch, read or learn these courses.

Once your course is live on our marketplace, students will be able to discover and purchase it. You’ll earn money every time a student purchases your course.

Who can become an Udemy Instructor?

This online money making business opportunity is best for people who passionate about impacting knowledge to others.

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  1. Render Services On Fiverr

render service on FiverrIf you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have capital to start online business, rendering Service on Fiverr is good way to start making money online.

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth and create a successful business at affordable costs.

On Fiverr, people offer tasks, service and products for as low as $5 dollars. with over 5.2 million monthly visitors, and you can leverage on the ever-growing demand of Fiverr GIG and make consistent passive income online doing what you are passionate about.

Once you are providing high-quality services and maintaining good ratings, customers will always find you.

Who can render service on Fiverr?

This online making opportunity is best for people who can write and are ready to work as freelancers.

  1. Start Freelancing Job

become a freelancerFreelance writing is online business anybody can do in as much you can read and write. Though, it may take a bit expertise to be a good freelance writer

Freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular job long-term. As a freelancer, you accomplish different services for your clients online. However, to be successful in freelancing job, you need to know to attract the right customers or clients. Odesk, freelancer, etc are sites you can start your freelancing job from.

Many people these days are into freelance writing. So, start providing freelance writing service to people and earn passive income on the process.

  • Who can become a freelancer?

    This online money making business opportunity is best for anybody who can read and write

Join our online business training today, we will show you everything you need to know if you really want to make money as a freelancer.

  1. Become content curator at steemit

Join steemit, upvote to earn rewardSteemit is a blogging and social networking website on top of the Steem blockchain database. The Steem blockchain produces STEEM and Steem Dollars which are tradeable tokens users obtain for posting, discovering, and commenting on interesting content.

The general concept is similar to other blogging websites or social news websites like Reddit, but the text content is saved in a blockchain. Using a blockchain enables rewarding comments and posts with secure tokens of value.

User accounts can upvote posts and comments, and the authors who get upvoted can receive a monetary reward in a cryptocurrency token named STEEM and US dollar-pegged tokens called Steem Dollars. People are also rewarded for curating (discovering) popular content. Curating involves voting comments and post submissions. Vote strength and curation rewards are influenced by the amount of STEEM Power held by the voter.

To become content curator at steemit;

  • Visit steemit.com to create account and wait for approval. This usually takes 72 hours. Once approved, you can link your account  to utopia.io
  • Link your steemit name
  • Use SteemEngine to vote/follow
  • Earn points
  • Who can become content curator at steemit?

This online money making business opportunity is best for anybody who can read and write

To understand more how to make money online on steemit, join X-CREW Steemit whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/87DiTIkBVnpLm33LgBvrSZ.

  1. Start selling art and crafts on Etsy

sell Arts on EtsyEtsy is an online marketplace where buyers meet sellers.  Etsy unlike other online marketplace focuses on selling crafts handmade, arts, vintage items and supplies.

Etsy provides a platform for artisans, crafters and creative designers to showcase their crafty expertise world. With over 35 million monthly site visitors, Etsy has proven to be the best marketplace for artisans, crafters and creative designers who want their arts to get to the entire world

Most top Etsy sellers makes 1 million dollars a year by selling arts, crafts and handmade items. If you are into arts and crafts, Etsy is a place to sell your work.

Who can sell arts and crafts on Etsy?

This online money making business opportunity is best for artisans who love to create their own products.

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  1. Start Graphics Designing

become graphic designerGraphics design is one of the most important elements of a brand because graphics is something that catches attention and attracts you towards products or brands.

Believe me! Graphics can either make or mar a brand. High quality graphics helps to build the brand’s image; they create a long-lasting positive impression on customers.

New businesses are emerging every day and to compete effectively in the business world, new emerging business need eye-catching graphics.

This is why there is growing demand for graphics designers. Your jobs as graphic designer include things like designing website logo, headers, illustrations and product interfaces.

If you good in graphic designing, you can money online by designing graphics, animators, banners.  All you need to do is to visit websites like Odesk, Freelancer, etc and register with them.  Starting designing graphics for them and get paid for it. Apart from offering graphic services to such other websites, you can build your own website and offer such graphic services on your own website.

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Who can start graphic designing?

This is online money making business opportunity for with Artistic skills.

  1. Become a Social Media Consultant

social media consultantMany businesses owners are now realizing power of social media in creating brand awareness and product sales.  The number of job openings for social media marketers have been on the rise which goes to show you can depend on this for income.

As a social media expert, you can manage social media accounts for big brands or small businesses owners.

  • Who can become social media consultant?

Social media consultancy is online money making business I strongly advise those with communicative skills to start.

In our online business training, we will teach you all you need to know to become social media consultant. Some of the things you will learn include but not limited to;

  • Different known social network sites
  • How to create social networking marketing plan
  • How to chose the right social media for marketing campaigns
  • How to develop huge fans of your social network
  • How to convert your fans into clients
  • How to build facebook business page
  • How to develop twitter networking marketing strategies and plans
  • How to make money on social networking sites
    and many more……
  1. Start URL Shortening

shorten URL and get paidStarting URL shortening is an easy way to make money online. I pretty sure of you’ve not heard of making money online through URL shortening. Yes, you can make money shortening URLs and ensuring they get easily clicked.

There are different kinds of link shorteners out there but you can never make money from them. Here is just one of the URL shorteners-WWW.SHORTE.ST that one can make money from.

WWW.SHORTE.ST is connected with many advertising network, you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on that link.

  • Who can shorten URL?

This online money making opportunity is best for people who have a blog, Facebook page, twitter account and website.

  1. Start sponsored/ paid review site

get paid to reviews websites, gadgets etcBuilding site that offer sponsored post and paid review is a great way to make money online.

However, before embarking on paid review or sponsored post; your must ensure that you site have earned a reputable and royal readers.

  • Who can start sponsor/paid review site?

This online money making business is for those with already exist website.

  1. Other Online Money Making Businesses in Nigeria

become an internet marketerInternet marketing  also called online marketing is the science and art that is involve in promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet marketing a pretty broad term that include a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, and more.

Many online business owners and companies spend thousands of dollars on monthly basis to improve their website search visibility, drive traffic, leads, and sales.

If you have the knowledge internet marketing, you can make money online by offering such service to these companies and online business owners.

Who can start internet marketing service?

This online money making business opportunity is best for those who have through experience master the science and art of internet marketing

Opt-in for online business training now, we are ready to give you first hand training on internet marketing.

  • Start Networking Business

In conclusion,

You’ve seen the new ways of making money online in 2018. In fact, these are opportunities that should not pass you by this year.

Start any of the above online money making business in Nigeria I listed above for your passive income. I quite sure if you leverage on the online business opportunities you have above that you will start making money online.

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Please, don’t let anything hold you back. If you have any question concerning how to make money online, you can use our comment box below. If you want to get an in depth knowledge of any of the above online money making business ideas, you can register for our online business training and learn how you make money in dollars starting a blog.