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Top 10 computer applications every computer business center owner should learn

As one who is going to run a computer business centre; there are some vital computer programs and applications you can learn to facilitate your success of running the computer business centre.

These computer packaged program are important especially when if you are going run a computer training in conjunction with the business.

Though, you may hire specialized instructors but it is necessary you should have these  basic knowledge of the computer applications and programs.
If you ready to start a business centre in  Nigeria now, I will suggest you read these 10 helpful tips in starting a profitable computer business centre

These computer applications and programs are mainly Microsoft Office®-based computer training which includes;

1. Word Processing package
2. PowerPoint Presentation
3. Access Database/Customer Records management
4. Excel Spreadsheet/Invoicing
5. Publisher Desktop Publishing/
6. Graphics designer
7. Outlook E-Mail/Calendar/Scheduling Software
8. FrontPage Web Page Development
9. Internet Online Technology
10. Web development/design
Being fully equipped on these computer applications and programs will increase chances of your success as computer business centre owner.