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How to Activate GTBank Token before first time Internet Banking

Do you recently acquire a new GTBank token and you wish to activate it for the below reasons.

Reasons for activating new Token Device

Transferring money from your account to another GTBank account or to other banks.
• Generating secure codes for online payment
• Conducting FX transfers
• Processing Cash/Draft In transit
• Adding more service options on our Internet Banking platform (add service)
• Making FX Sales
• To replaced your old token that stopped working.

If this is your first time of using the GTBank token, below are steps to activate the new GTbank TOKEN


• Your token becomes active after 24 hours of acquiring it.

• To register it, log on to the GTBank internet banking platform or page using your user name-old account number and unique password.

• Go to the settings and help menu on your left.

• Enter the token ID without hyphen (-). (e.g. 1247138043) in the space provided, tick “Acknowledge” and click “Continue”. The numbers is at the back of your token- white panel.

• You will receive sms from GTBank, thanking you for completing the GTBank acknowledgement process.

• You can now proceed with your online money transfers via the GTBank mobile app or internet banking platform.

What Happens if you don’t Activate the New GTbank Token before using it?

If you fail to activate it online, “internal server error” will keep appearing each time you try to make transfers via the GTBank mobile app. Although, you will be able to add beneficiaries with the token but you can’t make transfer.

For questions and comments, you can use the comment box below or visit GTBank official TOKEN webpage