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10 helpful tips in starting a profitable computer business centre

Do you want to start a computer business centre in your town or locality? Are you looking for the pros and cons of this business to help you ascertain the chances of your success in the business? Do you also still doubt how profitable the computer service business will be?

Yea, those questions that run across your mind now and those doubts you entertains are quite understandable.

This is reason why you have to seek for helpful tips on how to succeed in the computer services business.

Now, if you have actually mind up your mind to start a computer business centre on your own locality, the following tips will be of great help to you in maximizing profit out from the business.

1. Assess the competitors in your locality before opening the computer business center
This is a very smart way to begin. In every business, there is always a competitor unless the business enjoys absolute monopoly on a life-essential products or services. Evaluate your position amongst those competitors.
What do you have to do here?
• Identify your competitors
• Analyzing Your Competition
• Defining Your Competitive Position. By doing these you can ascertain how far you can go in the business within that your locality

2. Evaluate the major challenges you may have to face
There are lots of challenges which every prospective business owner will like have to face. Among such challenges include; choosing the right business location, target the right market or customers, raising funds for the business, and how to advertise your services

3. Time Management
Unlike other business type, computer service business requires high level of dedication and good time management. Ability to work under pressure and sometime, you may likely have an increased demand to serve customers on time and remain at their disposal.

4. Get necessary training and managerial skill.
The reason why many businesses crumble today is as a result of poor management. In order to maintain and grow your computer business centre, you need to have sound managerial skill, training or hire someone that is well equipped in managerial skill.

5. Think of starting a computer training school
Diversification is one of the success principles in business. Do restrict yourself only to providing computer services, build and start a computer school; after you have acquired all necessary certifications and permit.

6. Form a joint computer business center and training school
You can partner with other companies that are in the same or related business with you. This will help you reduce the risk burden in the business. But you have to be careful when forming a joint business, seek for right company.

7. Build your company website for your computer services
The internet is a global village. Putting a business website is a way of telling the world want you do. So, this is NOT just the people in your locality that knows about your business but the entire world. They can easily find your company website and know the services you offer. People who need your services can call you at any time.

8. Advertise your services online
It is not enough to build a website; you need to advertise your website. When you advertise your business online spread across the globe and people gets to find if your services are good.

9. Register you’re your computer business centre with local online business directories
Registration your business on business directory is another way of advertisement.

10. Consult experts
Do you need explanation for this too?

The above tips will be of great help to you if correctly applied. You can become a successful computer business centre owner if you can follow the above instructions and implement them. Start now; apply these tips to become a super computer business centre owner.


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41 thoughts on “10 helpful tips in starting a profitable computer business centre”

  1. This is very nice information. Thank you very much for this insightful enlightenment. In fact, I would like to see you one day.
    However, may I quickly ask how much would it cost to start only computer business center? I mean the basic requirements only.

  2. In my own case I own a business centre, the internet section is not moving faster as before, due to many people using andriod phones to browse. What step will I take concerning this issue. Reply via my email.

  3. Wow! this is real good stuff… please send a business plan to me.. would love to revive an already mismanaged computer center.. Got to fix it in 6months, thanks.

    1. You have to get approval from the school internet service provider before you can use their Wifi unless you are permitted to do. Check around your school those that offer internet services.

  4. thansk alot but i dont know much about computer but i intend opening a business center with cyber cafe and printing of recharge card and cash withdrawal and deposit please can you give me guide vai email thanks

  5. I want to make an offer to attract the customers as I m the co-owner of my computer Institute. Like Now Christmas/New Year Offer for the customers. So suggest/advice me to make plan.
    Plz reply me on my email.

      1. what you are saying is true but it’s more better for your to have your own personal hotpot because other May fail at any time

  6. Nice tip, but my question is that; how can a person attract more customers to his business centre apart from serving them well?

    1. 1. Reduced the price of your services as against other business centre close to you.
      2. Be honest and truthful when dealing with your customers.
      3. Always seek means to improve in quality of your services.
      4.Try to include all services that your customers are demanding.
      5. Sometimes extend your time of services, let they see that you are at their service.

  7. This is very good, I like the tips but how can partner with other related companies and what other daily income making small businesses to attache to the computer training center ? Please respond. Thank you

    1. Hello Christopher
      there are two (2) ways you can partner with other related companies
      1. you can start a company as a joint company or partnership.
      2. two companies can start differently but later merge together or partner because they share a common related product or service line. You may not even have a company but you can introduce a New product or service to an existing Company that will accept your partnership.

      Small businesses that can be attached to computer training centre include;
      1. Cybercafe business
      2. photocopying, printing and laminating
      3. software and desktop installation
      4. printing and publication business
      5. typing and project research E.T.C

      1. I love this. but have problem of electricity and always maintaining generator.
        Moreso, I discos I can’t leave the business to staff only… Tired of going always!

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