5 Factors that Affect Carrot Farming/Production

One of the Agricultural farming businesses is carrot farming. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when going into carrot farming in Nigeria. These factors affect the growth of carrots. Some of these factors pose a challenge to a carrot farmer. So, you ‘re going into carrot farming; you need to take into consideration these below factors because if not properly managed can adversely affect your carrot farming.

Factors that can Affect Carrot farming in Nigeria

The following factors Influence Carrot farming in Nigeria;

  1. Species

Choose species that can yield more. Example of such species is Nantes. Smaller seeds may have better flavour than the rest but hybrid seeds have higher yield and enough flavour.

  1. Planting space

When the carrots are tightly spaced, they compete for nutrients making them yield less. Carrot seeds are tiny so you can sow by mixing the seeds with a ratio of 100 is to 1 and this ratio equals length with a quarter cup of sand and a quarter teaspoon of carrots.

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Tips for Vegetable Farming in Nigeria

  1. Planting period

You are advised to sow it by the end of May in order to prevent fly.  If you’re going to use irrigation, then adequate water to the farm will require.

  1. Soil type

Carrots thrive well on soils that are loose than other soils. Carrots need loose soil that have no obstacles. The land should be well cleared since carrots do not thrive well with weeds. You can use a stale seedbed method which lets you add SOE organic solution where there is preparation and clearing of beds which are left for the seeds to grow.

  1. Water

Carrots need adequate water supply in order to perform. You can use irrigation when necessary. Irrigation water is the best if you’re on commercial carrot farming.

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The above is some of the factors that can adversely affect carrot production in Nigeria. These factors should be properly be take care off before or during carrot farming/production if you want make money in carrot farming.

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