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CAC NIGERIA online business Registration; creating account & Name search availability

Are you interested in registering a business name online on CAC in Nigeria? Do you want know how to create account on CAC for post incorporation file changes on your business? If Yes, then I advice you read on….

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is Autonomous body responsible for regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. Ever since its inception, the commission has worked hard to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive in Nigeria.

One of the major achievements of CAC is the introduction of its online registration portal. Before the introduction of the online portal, business registration was done manually. Business owner who wants to register a business name have to travel all the way to Lagos (head office) in other to apply for a business name registration and getting reply from them usually last for a very long time.

With CAC online registration portal, prompt registration of companies and post-incorporation filings is now achievable online without any hassle or difficulties. According to the stakeholders sensitization workshop of the commission in conjunction with the Nigerian Bar Association, Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL held in Lagos recently, it was stated that with integration of the online platform, Start-to-Finish registration of companies had started in Enugu, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

CAC is also collaborating with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to integrate e-stamping module into the Company Registration Portal to fast-track registration process.

I have shared with you before how to register Business name on CAC but that article was based on physical or manual registration. So, today I share with you a guide on how to create an account, search name availability and register your business or company name online on CAC website portal.


But before I proceed further, it is good you know why you have to register your business name on corporate Affairs commission (CAC).

Reasons to register your business name on CAC in Nigeria

• Your businesses can only standout of the crowd if it is registered.

• It will prevent someone from using your business name to produce fake product tomorrow.

• It will also prevent someone from claiming your business tomorrow.

• Someone will not go before you and register your business name when he sees your business progressing.

• It will help you business to stand the test of time.

Having known why you have to register your business on CAC, let’s dive into how to create account, search and register business name on CAC portal online.


 To Create a new account on CAC, visit;
Fill in the short form on webpage to create an account on the portal. Ensure you use a valid email address as your portal login details will be sent to the email address you provide. All fields marked in (*) are compulsory.

 To Create registered company account
This is for Companies, Businesses or Trustees that are already registered with the Commission and who wish to obtain their login credentials for Post-Incorporation Processes. Fill in the short form on webpage to create an account on the portal to create registered company account. Visit;

After creating an account, your account details (username and password) would be sent to the email address you entered.
Once, you receive your CAC account details; proceed to conduct a name search for the business you wish to register if you are for pre-incorporation.

How to conduct a business name search on CAC online portal

To conduct a successful Name Availability, click on Name availability search. This requires
• name(s) to search; a maximum of two options
• Your CAC account access (username and password)
• N500 Naira fee
• Other required information about the type of business (Please use an accredited agent if in doubt).

Once your business name search has been processed; you would receive an email notification in your officially registered email address; login to your CAC account, look at the status of your application as well as the generate name availability approval/disapproval form. If your business name search is approved, proceed to register and incorporate your business online on CAC.

How to Register and Incorporate your Business Online

 For registering and Pre-Incorporation of your business online, visit this link; register and incorporate business Online. Login using account detail (username and password) Fill in the form appropriately.

 For Post-Incorporation of your business (that is to File Changes to Your Existing Business). Visit; post-incorporation of business online on CAC and make changes where necessary.

All payments are done online using debt/credit card or via internet banking. For Nigerians; bill or invoice can generated on site and then pay by bank deposit

For more details on how to create account, conduct name search availability, register and incorporate a business online on CAC Portal, you can download CAC user complete guide pdf at


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  1. registering a business with cac can be quite stressfull due to the name issues but this was a well detailed explanation on how to register ones business…

  2. Thanks for the information, however, I seem to have run into a brick wall (not surprised).
    I did all that is required for online registration of business name, but my business name hasn’t been approved for over a year now. Can you please give any advice

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