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4 major Challenges of getting Sponsorship in Nigeria

Getting sponsorship for business ideas, events, education, program, to study abroad etc. in Nigeria can be a very difficult task if appropriate steps are not taken. Many have tried but failed because the challenges involved overwhelmed them.

Getting Sponsorship in Nigeria

Here are the 4 major challenges of getting Sponsorship in Nigeria you need to tackle if you must a sponsorship for your project.

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Challenges of getting Sponsorship in Nigeria

  1. Ability to craft a strong value proposition

One of the major hindrances to getting sponsorship could often be traced to ability to craft a strong value proposition. In drafting your proposal, you have to ensure you include offer that will give sponsor a good return on their financial investment. This is what every sponsor will like to see in your proposal. You proposal will remain vague or obscure to your prospective sponsor if this is not included.

  1. Problem of Getting  attention of sponsors

Another challenge of getting sponsorship in Nigeria is the problem of getting the attention of the sponsors. Sponsors are often busy with too much sponsorship and when you don’t have an already existing relationship with them, they will find it difficult to give you attention. However, in such a condition you don’t have to relent, you just have to persist in your request with follow ups

  1. Ability to recognize a potential sponsors

Sponsor abounds! However, there is often the challenge of recognizing them. A sponsor who sponsors an athletic event may not likely sponsor food events, radio program, books etc. So, researching, recognizing and getting hold of a potential sponsor of your project can be challenging.

  1. Huge disappointment from sponsors

There is no doubt that you can be disappointed as times as possible from prospective sponsors. You just have understood that it is part of the hunt for sponsorship. Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them

Finally, it can be challenging getting sponsorship in Nigeria but these challenges are your strength.

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  1. Irene Esoso,07030752891,08121205535 WhatsApp number

    I am an ambassador of little Miss Abuja beauty pageant and I want to use my crown as a queen to run a petty project raged the girl child and please I need a sponsorship to raise funds for the poor

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