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How to Backup Your MTN & Glo Mobile Contacts Numbers

Do you know that someone can mistakenly delete your mobile contact numbers? Do you know that your phone can be stolen or got spoil? And what happen next? Your entire well saved mobile contact numbers will disappear in a twinkle of an eye. This is what happens when you don’t backup your mobile contact numbers. So, the only way to save yourself from this embarrassment is backup your mobile contacts.


Now, let’s start with MTN Backup

What is MTN Backup?

MTN Backup is a service that offer MTN subscribers an easy way to keep their phone and SIM contacts safe on a secure MTN online account
Unlike other MTN services, MTN Backup enables you save the contacts on your SIM and those on your mobile phones. You can backup at least 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your handset or mobile phone. So, no matter what happens to your MTN SIM or your mobile phone; you can always recover those contacts on your SIM and mobile phone.

What are the things you can backup?

With MTN backup, you can:
• Backup SIM Contacts
• Backup mobile phone Contacts
• Backup tasks
• Backup calendars/notes
• Have personal online account where you save your contacts with login and password protected.

Things to do or know before your mobile phone Backup

• Pull out your MTN SIM Card from your mobile phone and look at the back of your SIM card. There is a number at the back of that SIM card that ends with K. The numbers look like this; 32K, 64K, 128K. If the SIM Card is NOT 128K SIM, then you need to buy a 128K SIM pre-loaded with MTN Backup.
• Do a SIM swap, (that is transferring your line and data to the new SIM Card). If you don’t know how to do SIM swap, visit any MTN office or connect store close to you to help you on that or you can call me I will help you do that online from my end.
• Check if your phone falls within the compatible categories of phones. The compatible categories of phones are ; Alcatel
• Arima
• LG
• Motorola
• Nokia
• Panasonic
• Sagem • Sanyo
• Samsung
• BenQ-Siemens
• Simbit
• Sony Ericsson
• Vertu

   How to do the Backup
• Put your new SIM card into compatible Mobile phone; if you have done a SIM swap (i.e. if your old MTN SIM card is NOT 128K SIcard).
• Go to “MTN Services” on your mobile phone, click on it and you will see “MTN SIM Plus” and then “MTN Backup”
• Click on “MTN Backup” and then click on “Backup SIM Contacts”.
• You would be asked if you want to synchronize (i.e. update) your SIM phone book now.
• Click on OK and Wait for a while for your SIM contacts to backed up.
• After completion, you will receive an OTA message from MTN Backup service containing your MTN backup web address, your login (your mobile number e.g. 2348012345678) and your password.
Visit; MTN backup login/register page to login to your MTN backup online account to be sure that you have successfully backup your contacts.. You retrieve your contacts from this account any time your phone got missing or spoilt.

What is the Cost of MTN Backup?

Your initial MTN backup costs N100 naira while subsequent backup cost 50 naira. These costs apply regardless of the number of contacts backed up

How many Numbers can you backup?

You can backup up to 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your mobile phone.

GLO Mobile Backup

To backup your Glo SIM contacts,
Simple visit Globacom’s Unified Mobile Directory ( to sign up for a Backup account. You would need to fill in your Glo number and the verification code on the website. After that click on the ‘SMS code’ button, a code will be generated and sent to your mobile phone. Put the code on the box provided on the website and your back up account would be created for you.
You can always visit the same website any time your phone got missing or stolen to restore your MOBILE PHONE CONTACTS.

Other Backup mobile phone Contacts Services
There are other secured internet data server where you can store your mobile phone contacts for free in case your phone is stolen or damaged, you can always visit those sites to restore your mobile phone contacts; there secured storage server include;

Mobical – Mobical is a service that stores your essential personal phone data in a secure place – for free. You can visit mobical webpage for more information

Bloove – Bloove is web-based mobile phone management system. With Bloove, you can edit your contacts, send SMS messages or work with your bookmarks using your favorite browser. You can also Back-up and restore your data and copy SMS messages and contacts between different phones.

Anywr – Anywr is is both web and mobile system that offers simple management system, yet powerful services for managing contacts, events and communications intelligently from virtually anywhere using browsers, mobile devices or any other of the 750 million compatible devices.  For more information on Anywr and how to get started, visit Anywr.

For more any question on MTN Backup, visit MTN Backup FAQ

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  2. Good evening I tried to login to my Sim backup account,, I clicked forgot password and a password was sent to my phone. In the password there is l, it look like small “L” and big “I” or “1” I tried them differently and I was told I have been locked.
    Help please I need to restore my contacts. Thanks.


    Good afternoon. For long I have not been using my GLO line.but because the bonuses on their data,I have started using it but could not get any internet connections from them. Backup have been done on the line but still no connection. Please what can I do on my phone. Thanks.

  4. Hi… Uhmm, I didn’t backup my contacts and my phone was stolen. So I just welcomeback the sim. Is there anyway I can retrieve my contacts?

  5. Pls i nee your help my phone lost and use to backup my glo contact,after my welcome back i try to backup my contact again but is not going

  6. Dear Sir,
    I lost my two sim cards on 08/12/2015. I have done sim swap/welcome back but could not retrieve phone numbers and i have some important numbers, how can i get those numbers back?

  7. I have tried mtnbackup,but to no avail.can u help retrieve d numbers on my phone contact,although I backed p earlier b4 d phole got stolen

  8. Dawulo Abawiera Stephen

    please,I lost my contacts due to the some interaction between my phone been conected to my pc,help me to recover them because am on back up

    1. Hello Stephen,
      I’m sorry not to have respond to your request very fast, we took a break but we are back to work.

      If you sure you’ve early backup your contacts I can help you retrieve them. So, let me know if you did.

  9. My phones were stolen but i didnt back up my contacts. Is there some way to retrieve them. Please i need your help. My network is globacomm.

  10. My phone was stolen, and i lost all my contacts. How can i get them back? i have tried backup but i failed to get them. My number is 0777746187…………………….Help me please

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