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How to Fund bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

Bitcoin wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive Bitcoin. Most cryptocurrency have an official wallet or a few officially recommended third party wallets. In order to use bitcoin you will need to use a bitcoin wallet. I will suggest you use an official (or officially endorsed) wallet for any given coin.
There are so many bitcoin wallets you can find on the internet but I will recommend to blockchain wallet because it is the most popular and trusted. Blockchain is just a wallet while bitcoin is a digital currency you store in the blockchain wallet.

How to Fund bitcoin wallet

After creating a bitcoin wallet with blockchain, the next is to fund your wallet. How can you fund your bitcoin wallet?

To fund your bitcoin wallet,
The first step is to create a bitcoin wallet with blockchain and buy bitcoin. The best way to buy bitcoin in Nigeria is to buy from someone you know either within your vicinity or anywhere as long as you know the person very well. This has been the best practice for me to avoid internet scammers and service charges which the wallet services are imposing on every transaction. Sequel to this, I created cryptocurrency exchange whatsapp group chats for buyers and sellers for this reason. This has helped me a lot. If you want to join the cryptocurrency exchange whatsapp group, contact us.

You can also buy bitcoin online through online e-currency exchangers. There are a lot of legitimate, reliable and trusted e-currency exchangers online and the best ones I have used and will recommend to you are the following:
• Nairarex
• Localbitcoin
• cryptopia

Before your order for the bitcoins from any online e-currency exchanger make sure you check their minimum purchase. Most of the exchangers online have a minimum purchase of $50 worth of bitcoin.

The second step is to get the bitcoin into your wallet. If you are buying bitcoin from someone you know. All you have to do is to send you wallet address to the person and the person transfer the coin to you. I will show you below how to locate your wallet address.
Warning: You have to wait for the transaction to be completed or confirmed before you send the money equivalent to the person. This is because if the transactions is not completed it can be forged, fake or reversed.

If you are buying from e-currency exchangers, you have to register with them and decide on the amount to want to purchase.
3. Now log in to your blockchain account, and click on Request in the dashboard,
fund bitcoin wallet
4. Then copy the wallet address. It looks like this in the picture below.
fund bitcoin by copying your wallet IdB
That is the address you will have to send to the seller that will fund your account for you. The wallet address is just like your bank account number you use in receiving funds. Send it to e-currency exchanger you registered with. That’s it! You are done.

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