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How to integrate Voguepay payment gateway into wordpress blog/websites

voguepay WooCommerce wordpress plugin to websites and blogs



VoguePay is Nigeria payment gateway that allows blog and website owners to receive payment for their goods and services on their site without any setup fee.  it is among the  Online Payment Processor Platforms in Nigeria which every online business owner can use in receiving payment of products and services online
With Voguepay Woocommerce Payment Gateway you can accept payment on your Woocommerce store via Visa Cards, Mastercards, Verve Cards and eTranzact.

Several tools have been created to make voguepay integration into websites and wordpress blog a snap. Among these tools are wordpress plugin for wordpress blog. If you have wordpress blog, you can easily integrate voguepay into blog using Voguepay wordpress plugin. A reliable Voguepay wordpress plugin is Voguepay Woocommerce plugin

How to add Voguepay Woocommerce Plugin into wordpress blog

  • Visit your wordpress blog dashboard
  • Locate the plugin button on lefthand side of your wordpress dashboard, click on add new plugin
  • Type in Voguepay on the search bar on the right side of the plugin pagehow to integrate Voguepay on wordpress blog


  • Voguepay Woocommerce plugin will be displayed among other plugins
  • Click on Voguepay Woocommerce plugin install Now button
  • After installing the plugin, activate it and finally locate the Voguepay Woocommerce plugin setting. Set the plugin to your desire.

Before you can start accepting payment on your site, you will first create on account on voguepay website,

login to your Voguepay Account go to Account Preferences then API Settings, then set Enable notification API and Send Transaction ID to Success and Failure Return URL to Yes. Then click on Save Changes for the changes to be effected.

It is very important that you do this before you start accepting payment on your blog site.

To integrate Voguepay on websites

1. Visit voguepay website and register
2. Login into Voguepay Account
3. Go to voguepay on home page>other settings and select Generate Buy now buttons
4. Copy the code generated shown on the right hand side of the page and paste it to your website’s html code and you are done

5. Ensure you paste exactly where you want a “Buy Now” button to be shown. Your customers will then be able to click the button and pay online

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