How to link your BVN to your Firstbank account

I forgot to add First bank BVN linking to the initial banks BVN linkers I have shared here. 24hours to go for BVN registration! If you are a First bank Customers, you don’t need to stress yourself going to bank to link your BANK VERIFICATION CODE (BVN). You can do this at comfort of your home or office using your phone. Just with First bank BVN text code, you can do this.

Here below is a simple step to check your BVN and link it to your first Bank account;

• To check your BVN, dial *565*0#

• Once you have your BVN, Send an SMS to 08076664444, using BVN#youraccountnumber#BVN code. This will  link your BVN to your account.

That’s all! Expect your BVN to be link to your account immediately after sending it.

NB: Use the line you use in receiving bank alert for this.
24hours to go for BVN registration!! However, with this code; you can still link your BVN to your account after 31st October; if you have register for BVN before.

To buy airtime from your Firstbank bank account using code through phone; read this, how to buy airtime from my first bank account.

Updated! you can visit ; to fill in form for linking or use the code above.

I hope this helps!

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53 thoughts on “How to link your BVN to your Firstbank account”

  1. pls Admin I lost My BVN sim Card and I Alreadu Bought New Sim And Do Affidavit,so Now i am Receiving Alert On my New Sim But I Want to Link the New Sim with My BVN with The Code Above Work

  2. Good morning.. Pls I want to know if it safer to link through this procedure u given.. Cos i haven’t seen any testimony from people saying thank you it work and without any form of scam along the line.. They all ask questions nobody says it works out.. It seems something is wrong or maybe after they send there information through this link you block them from reach on here back to say either they are scammed or it work out… Hope you get me . Am only trying to secure my life.. Thank u.. I will be waiting for a reply

  3. I have gotten the BVN registration from Fleet Street ,London but unable to link to my bank account in Nigeria is there something am doing wrongly. I have attempted it three times now but unable link it to my account with the hysteric full name which I have duly completed but the same result

  4. Admin
    I registered a bvn with my other name without includin my surname and I want to link it to my gtb account which comprises both my name and surname,jst want to know if it possible I can link it…I did the bvn registration at firstbank and is it possible to apply for bvn again in other banks…thanks

    1. Hello ogede oladimeji babatunde,

      There is No need applying for another BVN. You can link that initial BVN (I mean the one registered with Firstbank) to your GTbank account.

  5. Pls we take my mum death certificate to the bank to collect the money in her account almost 2yrs now and notin has been doing, Admin is their any way we can use the BVN to withdraw from her account?

    1. Hello Midey,
      you can’t use BVN to withdraw from your late mum’s bank account. Your Mum’s bank (if it is firstbank) should be in a right position to direct you on the procedure involved in claiming the money in her account. Bank has no right to withheld your mum’s money.

  6. Please am out of the country am in Malaysia and i need to link by Bvn Number to my account how do i do that?

    1. Hello Yetunde,
      Have you register for BVN with any bank before? If you have, then you can easily link you BVN to your bank account even as you are in Malaysia using the code in the article above ( this is for firstbank customers).

  7. My Bank is first bank and i have done the registration here in India and i have my bvn number so what will i do next?

  8. Which one is BVN code?…is BVN number different from BVN code?..if yes wat then is the difference?..because we are told..BVN+AccNumber+BVN code.

    1. Hello Femi,
      your bank verification code (BVN code) is the same as your BVN (BVN number). There is no difference.

      In the firstbank BVN linking SMS code above (BVN#youraccountnumber#BVN code), what you are expected to do is first, type; BVN follow by your account nunmber and then your BVN NUMBER OR CODE as you may wish to call it.

      Example; BVN#3010415632#23300045345 and then send to 08076664444

  9. Pls mr admin, I got this sms from my bank as well. But im kinda lost, coz I have all d necessary info except the BVN code. Pls whats that?

    1. Hello Yanju,
      I don’t understand your question. Where is the SMS your bank sent to you. If you don’t have BVN code, use the code on article above to link your BVN to bank account

      1. Bro you’ve really help me a lot with all these codes, is there a way I can get your number to ask for help with more detail to put me through? #goodworkman

    2. I think Yanju is confused because of the ‘code’ after BVN. So I’ll rephrase as follows: Once you have your BVN, Send an SMS to 08076664444, using BVN#youraccountnumber#yourBankVerificationNumber

      I hope this helps.

        1. Hello Oree,
          Have you register for BVN with any bank in Nigeria before? If you have, then you can easily link BVN to your Firstbank account even as you are in abroad using the code in the article above.

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