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How to underline with double colour lines & uncoloured lines in MS WORD

Sometimes you may want to emphasize on a particular word that is very important to you when writing on a topic; you think of using either double coloured or uncoloured lines rather just underlining with a single line. You can achieve this via 2 ways:


1. Highlight the word you want to double underline, go to tool bar as show above
Click on the point the red arrow is pointing. A dropdown window will be shown, from the dropdown window, click on double line and hover down to the colour palate and choose your desire colour for double underlining. That’s all!

2. Another method of double underlining with colour line is to highlight the word you want to double underline and right click.
A pop-up window will be shown; click A-FONT Button on the pop-up window and you will be taken to the window below.

Choose double underline lines as the underlining style as shown on picture above and the underline colour you wish to apply.
Click on ok and you’re done.
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